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  1. @ThunderDragonCy @TurnipJF Update.. 13.5t surpass motor installed with 17T pinion and truck tyres all to great success so far, only a small run in the dark car park so far, but it does seem to be a large step up in performance, it seems scary quick,
  2. Thanks Turnipjf, I ordered the surpass v3 13.5T, I'm hoping it'll work ok with the 17t, i'm sure it'll be interesting to find out, the dt03 seems made for the bigger wheels from a fun factor point of view so here's hoping this will work out nicely.
  3. I like the look of the surpass v3, and price isn't so bad at roughly a 1/3 more than the generic blue type, I guess these are very similar spec to the blue bottle type but with some adjustment to play around with? Think I'll give it a go
  4. Great thanks for your replies, I think I'll give the 13.5T at the cheaper end of the scale a go, can't seem to find anyone with stock of a speed passion 13.5T. I like the sound of the special offset 8.4 hump pack, this could be the next step, before lipo!
  5. Just wondering if a 13.5t would be a worthwhile upgrade for my neo fighter? Currently I have blitzer wheels, Schumacher truck tyres and sports tuned motor with 17t pinion fitted and it goes great, but just thinking a brushless 13.5t would be a nice step up in performance, possibly a speed passion, but I'm using standard esc and battery so I'm thinking a 17.5T brushless might be a better option?? Anybody have a similar set-up with a brushless?
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