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  1. The only things I have to compare to are a TT and ST and a different league to those, I took it out in the summer to do some completely over the top rallying in the TT02 and didn’t manage to get it to thermal, although a good combo I’ve found the TBLE02 a little restrictive in regards tweaking compared to some of the ESC I’ve picked up from hobby king for C.£20
  2. I ran my TT02 on BL all Summer, it’s got a TBLE02 and TBLM01 10.5t on it and a fan on the ESC running a 23t pinion, it’s plenty fast enough with the timing set at 0 and I’ve actually filled it back a bit as it was a bit much on the TT02, I’ve taken it off road a few times and given it a good 15 minute run and the motor is hot to the touch, plan was always to transfer it to the TA03RS but never got round to it over summer, if I can’t get the TA06 running nicely (in a straight line) then maybe I’ll stick it in that. I got mine from Plaza Japan a fair bit cheaper than anywhere in the UK and am quite happy, I’m sure there is better faster motors bout for less but it was what I wanted to get, even though it’s sensored there is some cogging on it, not sure what the cause of that is but generally it’s not driven that slowly to make a difference. As a combo they seem to work fine and never had the ESC cut out in it either.
  3. @Ferruz The Manta Ray is one of the best combos I’ve seen, looks really good, if I happen after another TT01 truck this is the colours it’s getting!
  4. @Qed296 If it’s a static model then it probably will be ok, my understanding is the auto paint doesn’t flex well so when it gets bashed it will crack, if it’s sitting on a shelf then it should be ok and maybe easier to get the correct colour in auto paint.
  5. i did a test with some Auto paint, I found it stuck fine but as soon as a bent the test bottles I tested it on it began to crack, for a shelf queen it probably will be fine, if it’s being run then from my experience I’d say not.
  6. Tamiya legends on you tube did an install of lights On the 037 last week! ive done one with a 12 light setup from eBay which cost about £15 and works well enough!
  7. @Qed296 Love a Cossie! That looks quite similar to my Yaris in the second post on here, I did mine with translucent red and then anodised silver and backed with black, the anodised silver could probably be swapped for normal silver to bring it closer to that Ford colour. Might be worth getting the translucent red some silver and black and popping some tests down on some drinks bottles or off cuts to have a practice, I’ve done 4 bodies in translucent now and all have come out slightly different due to the amount of translucent applied and also the backing colour, I haven’t backed a red one with white yet but it would produce a less deep and rich colour and would be moving well away from that one you’ve got! I’ve also seen on here pink backed with red which produced quite a similar colour! I’m no colour expert just enjoy the experiment so I would wait for someone more knowledgeable to come along! Good luck be be sure to show us the results!
  8. I haven’t run mine much, the only upgrade I’ve done on it is swap the pinion over to a 23T I think as the kit comes with a 13T or something equally mad and dropped in a sports tuned, it’s more than quick enough for me and I run mine in the street outside my house, the actual road is ok but it leads to a parking area that is mostly loose gravel type stuff and the cars drag some onto the road, no issue with the belt or anything but does bounce occasionally on some of the bigger stuff! It’s a great runner and is really too quick for my bit of road, my TT01 truck is actually about the streets limit with a torque tuned and standard pinion! I’d say go for it, they can be picked up cheap enough and it’s a nice build as well, and you can go street or full on racing with the body shell!
  9. Best statement I’ve seen all year! Those interiors look amazing and so detailed, I could only dream of them! And let’s not get started on the garage!
  10. I’ve got an HTRC T400 Duo, it was around £50 from BangGood when I got it earlier this year, seems to work pretty well, useful touchscreen and all pretty intuitive as well, I’m pretty happy with it although it is a little noisy when the fan kicks in and runs.
  11. I do it a bit now on my shells, that’s not to say it’s right to do it! I use a selection of revell aqua and Tamiya XF colours and always try to do those colours hand painted only in areas that won’t sustain huge hits from my poor driving, if it’s for a shelfer then no worries at all, and once it’s backed by a few layers of PS something all will be fine imho. I’m sure there are better paints to use but these are cheap, readily available and low me a big selection of colours for minimal outlay, I would like some better chrome colour than that offered in the above ranges but can’t really justify the extra outlay for Something I don’t use much of. You can see the back of the TTO1 truck I did by hand, it’s not amazing but from a distance looks fine and it was my first proper attempt at hand painting any kind of detail. I am absolutely no expert but it’s worked for me so far. Good luck with it
  12. Cleaned up the shelves today as the TA06’s diffs have been leaking oil! I kind of like my collection it’s something like my 1:1 garage would look like if I was rich!
  13. Put another couple of hours into this today, only 4 more decals to go before it’s done, then comes the fiddly bit of all the double sided tape and getting it lined up properly. I’ve just realised how bad the roof decal is as well 🤦🏼
  14. Have a look on YouTube for a channel called Cageman.CH they do all sorts of tests using motors, etc and other electronics all on a TT02B might be worth a watch to see what they’ve used for those speeds, there is a Chinese (I think) and English version of each video and they are all 2-3 mins long so can get through a few them quite easily. I’ve found them quite a good watch to look at some new upgrades.
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