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  1. @berman Do you think you could share the colour you used on the swift, that looks so good! Small possibility I have some shells on the way again! Thanks nick
  2. @TamiyAddict362 the GT1 looks great, I really struggled with rear arches on mine, I’m quite tempted by another at the moment to use as a runner, I really like the decal job and silver colour it works so well. It’s a great bit of inspiration to have another bash at one!
  3. If you have a search on here for custom car colour you’ll find som good examples of similar colours. There was also a thread not so long ago of an Alfa with those similar colours to yours, which may have copied mine originally 😉 I must admit I’m quite taken with the one badcrumble shared, I really like these multi personality cars!
  4. I’ve also got nothing to add on the tyre front, I’d be tempted to stick with the gold rims though, I think they look great together as seen here with a gratuitous shot of the Evo!
  5. Never seen or heard of this before so looking forward to getting into tonight and not watching reruns of Tamiya Legends!!
  6. Pinion gear and motor mount go together and should match up, motor windings will make no difference to the fixing of the motor to the mount, so it’s correct as you have it.
  7. I'll add another option to the mix then, how about a TA03 available for almost the same price as a TT02 and a way better on road chassis, belt drive and oil shocks as standard! I've found the 03 much easier to set up than the 06, too much adjustment for my skill level. Possibly the only downside is it's only available with the Porsche body that I know of, although I'm reasonably certain you can make a GTR body fit if you prepare Japanese. The cheaper price than the other TA's also gives a bit of money left for some carbon or blue bits 😁😁
  8. Both the shelves up, probably will add one more with a smaller gap for the Ferrari and Porsche and give me a bit of room to add some more cars!
  9. Decided to bite the bullet and fix the brakes on the 1:1 today, ended up with one caliper carrier looking like this with a sheared slide pin and the opposite side has a totally seized one! Cue an additional £200 and a few days of walking everywhere, 100% they needed doing as the pads are really uneven, only issue is to wait on parts delivery now, and a reminder to get those pins greased up every year!
  10. I've got a couple of these up now, although mine are fixed into brickwork I don't think there would be too much issue with it into plasterboard with correct fixings or into the studs if you can. Width is great for all the cars, LB has a little wheel overhang but still sits nicely, I think they are great for putting cars on, and pretty cheap as well! I'll try and get a picture of both shelves later.
  11. My thoughts would be the motors, 13T is well under the recommended 23T (I think) I'm running a 10.5T brushless on a TBLE02 with an ESC fan, on road it's fine, take it off road on dirt tracks and it's pretty much cooking after 10 minutes or so, now switched back to a sport tuned with the TBLE02 and upgraded (maybe) to a hobbywing xcar 60a which will also run sensored brushless and for £16 a fair bit cheaper than the tamiya options. I think similar to the TBLE it will run brushed and brushless and comes ready to go with a fan, is programmable with a usb lead £4 as well, maybe worth a look!
  12. Has the TA04 got twin belts as well? I thought the first one with twins was the 06? I've really enjoyed driving the TA03RS ran so nicely out of the box once I'd changed the pinion on it, runs perfectly straight and much less inclined to roll over compared to my TT02. The TA06 is another story though, I've only run it twice and just seems much less planted than the 03, I think I need to strip all the turnbuckles off and re measure them all as it goes pretty much any direction except straight. I do enjoy the noise the 03 makes as well, the belt running sounds way better than the shaft driven cars. I'm tempted on getting an 05 as well for no other reason than to add it into the collection, and also another 03 to keep for a runner.... #Tamiyalife
  13. @yogi-bear Do you have any recommendations on some reasonable quality vinyl to create stickers onto that would work well and stick well? I picked up a new printer earlier in the year and it's on my list of things to attempt, but I've no idea what sort of vinyl would be best really. It's nothing like you have there and I'm absolutely no designer it's more things to keep me out of trouble for an evening! I know I'm limited due to the whole can't print white part but I think most of what I'd like to do I can do some work arounds. Thanks
  14. Light kits available on eBay for about £10 - 15 depending on how many LEDs you want. I've found amain hobbies a good source of scale parts, i.e the intercooler and also mesh sticker, exhausts etc.
  15. Just about got this finished up, a couple of wheels left to do and tidy up the inner arches with a blue Sharpie and I'll call it done! Had this one for about 4 months now so was time to do some work on it, tried out the water and washing up liquid for the stickers and found it much easier to position and adjust, now need to get a hairdryer and will be good to go!
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