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  1. @futureworks Are these the ones, quite possible they came out of the TA03 kit we just built, if you want them I can pop them in the post tomorrow for you? Nick
  2. I might have the two BD18 parts you can have, I'll have a look in the spares and grab a picture if they are.
  3. Thanks, I used PS37 translucent red about three coats, 1 super light one then 2 normal coats, then the PS48 two light coats to cover completely and the backed it in black all over, it darker than I was looking for. Having taken some advice on some other colours I've tried I would be tempted to try PS37 as above then 2 super light coats of PS36 maybe back it with some form of red and then finally back it in white. I'm sure someone will say the second option potentially doesn't need the red PS60 or whatever you red you choose, I'm no expert and just wing them with a lot of advice from people here. I try and do testers with old drinks bottles and the old PS cans, or new ones!! And see what combo's I like and what works, DONT let any 5 year olds "help" I'm sure mine mixed the testers up we did last time! I've done another one since in a green of some description used Translucent yellow, translucent silver, florescent green and then white, it came out much lighter without the black, and is my favourite so far. This morning we did some form of orange using translucent yellow, translucent silver, camel yellow and we obviously ran out of white on a Sunday!! The very knowledgeable @Ryz82 has been particularly helpful. I was thinking of starting a custom colours topic keeping it simple with a couple of photos, list of paints used and a brief overview, I'm not massively into box art as I think that's probably harder than my freestyle!
  4. Finished up building the new dampers and fitted them on the TT02, I've got a strange feeling we built the car a little incorrectly as it sits higher at the front than the back, but anyway they are fitted. Then we ruined them in the snow!
  5. Neither of these two! Yaris filled itself up with snow in about 30 seconds, although the rally block tyres are pretty good in the snow and it's drifts nicely it's not really got the ground clearance for it! Lunchbox just had a sport tuned fitted this morning and probably didn't do it any favours, it's a handful generally and in the snow should be renamed as a comical! Definitely need 4wd and good ground clearance!
  6. As a retired chef, still working though but in my home office now, this struck a chord and something I have and always will struggle with is the obsession over perfection, I love to cook and did it purely for the food,it was never work and never for the money, making something from nothing is one of the best things you can ever teach or learn, unless you seriously make it the money is garbage generally, you do it for love and the team you work with, somedays it's like the army, somedays it's spring break! But that mentality sits with me and a lot of things I do, I want my tamiya bodies to look amazing, they don't, I could do better sanding, painting and basic trimming, but to a point I'm obsessed and find it quite frustrating when the picture in my head isn't quite what sits in front of me, just the same way I picture a plate of food in my head and the disappointment when I finally plate it and it's not exactly how I picture it is immense! As I've got older I've realised I need to let it bother me less and move on a bit, but I don't think you can ever change some of that really! I'm wish I had some of the engineering skills I see here, but I'm relatively content to buy some body shells and practice, and as I tell the 5 year old a lot, practice can make perfect!
  7. At that price shouldn't get any charges, my latest delivery from Japan was £30 and no charges, the one previous was £60 and got charges on that, I think £15 is under the limit from what I remember. As regards postage the pack I got was taken in at Langley Heathrow 0730 on the 13th and delivered to me 1000 on the 14th so the UK side seems pretty good, I do look after the postie though as he's pretty good and brings all the stuff to my side door for me! I normally use the standard air registered from Japan which is a middling service and price, I would presume that £3 postage is potentially surface mail and may take some time, shipping if that's how it comes appears to be massively delayed, most of our containers at work seem to have a 3 -4 week delay on loading and unloading currently. I'd be tempted to go with an £8 FedEx charge currently it sits middle of the road for me! Nick
  8. Got these from Plaza Japan today, they were pretty cheap about £30 including postage. I think they will go on the TT02 to replace the standard pogo sticks.
  9. Got a turnbuckle wrench to bulk up an order from Plaza Japan, was a little money well spent to be honest, really useful and saved my hands a bit! Also got 2 JIS driver's and they are much better than the Philips ones I was using previously, other than that and some curved cutters most of my tools are just stuff from round the house!
  10. It's this authentic hop up, I was going to go with the killerbody 10 light setup but this was the same price for 12, less is always, always more!! It took all of 30 seconds to plug it all up, would be better if I had a 3 Ch TX as then I could've switched the odd set of lights! Definitely sticking with the original ish colour, even though I wrote down the amount of coats and notes on the tests Ive found it very hard to match them sometimes, hopefully I'll get it masked today and maybe lay the first few layers down 😄😄
  11. I don't think anyone stated either have been or will be in the EU! I am sure that some of these businesses will start changing the CN22 forms to benefit the customer, if it's sent as a $5 gift there is more chance for it to slip through customs,compared to the packages labelled with $100 dollars of RC parts or JP¥. Is it an opportunity for some of them to sell more, absolutely, there is next to no availability of parts or kits from the EU currently and those that will sell can't find a courier to move it. I think it's a great opportunity to grow a business and word soon travels that so and so is sending items "undercover" and so people potentially put up with the longer delivery time. I generally receive 4 -5 bits of post from Japan a week, predominantly of samples and order quite a few bits to come each month as well, my point was more about whether the forms would still be completed correctly or not, because if I'm not having to pay as many charges every week then it's happy days!
  12. Ordered some stuff from Japan a few days ago, the only thing about it so far is the tracking info just says unknown sender, all the other items I get from Japan have always stated the sender, I receive a lot both personal and work related from there and it's the first time I've seen that, it always has said the sender before. I'm quite curious now to see how it comes. On another note I'm after some items from Tamico and can see a nice earner for someone willing to forward a few packages from Germany to the UK, a little beer money always helps!
  13. Finally making some progress on the GTR, lights are fitted into the buckets and tested, should have gone for a set of 10 rather than 12 so made some amends to the buckets to fit, not sure on the cop car rear lights still but the blue ones go out whilst running forward and I wanted maximum forward lighting so it is what it is! Body is cut but not sanded and test fitted into the TT02, all looks ok so far and used the new reamer as well, takes a bit of time but got much better results than drilling . Definitely going to invest in some form of circular cutter for the wheel arches as that's definitely an area to improve on. I've also got some carbon decal for the spoiler and mirrors, going to give it a little test run later just in some water and see how I get on with it, still waiting on the decal fix and softener for that, I think a GTR deserves a bit of carbon, hopefully the 3d mesh sticker will be here next week along with the intercooler ready for test, I'll try and wash and mask today and hit the spraying tomorrow.
  14. Authentic hop up came this morning, 12 light set up for the Nissan GTR body. Had a quick test run earlier and would appear I've managed to kill a servo whilst plugging it in, or it had already died, so now have that to investigate later as well.
  15. Carbon decal arrived yesterday for the GTR's spoiler and mirrors! Absolutely no idea where to start as yet but pretty certain YouTube will point me in the right direction, I've got some Vallejo decal fix coming next week, anything else I might need other than a miracle?
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