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  1. Got my Christmas build finished up and had a quick blast with one of my bashing shells on it, it’s running a sport tuned at the moment but will get the TBLM 10.5t fitted when I find a little time for the soldering and cabling on it, it’s had plenty of hop ups added including a lot of carbon reinforced parts, carbon shock mounts and all the blue ball connectors added and blue and titanium turnbuckles, pretty certain very few of them make any difference for me too notice but made for an enjoyable build, other than realising half way through I’d used one standard and one carbon A arm and had to pull it apart a little 🤦🏼🤦🏼
  2. Great to see you back on here! I look forward to some more custom paint discussions very soon! I’m pretty sure there was a Cosworth of some description waiting in the wings?
  3. I’d highly recommend a reamer for doing the body holes, works a dream, I picked mine up for about £7 from Amazon. Professional and Expanding Reaming Knife Drill Tool Expanding Hole Opener Reamer Universal Metal RC Car Body Shell Hole Opener for RC Model Body https://amzn.eu/d/6lwWGEC
  4. Ignore my idea, way too many subtitles, it does look very similar to another video I saw on YT where someone put some weight up high on I think it was a TT02, it was discussed a bit on here at some point as well, I’m sure someone will remember it!
  5. It’s bit of a pain to do it this way, but I took a screen grab and then used google search to find the words and translate.. The second set of captions are ‘I’ve tried a variable damping valve’ Would be easier to find someone to translate it but if not it’s an option!
  6. I think all the parts have arrived for the XV-01 build that can start next Tuesday when I officially finish work for Christmas, it’s mostly a lot of blue connectors some random Fluorine coated connectors and some odds and sods of turnbuckles that where in stock at PJ! Big bags contain CF parts for the build as well, I’ve honestly no idea if most of the blue bits will work as they where all ordered in a bout of insomnia I seemed to have had a few weeks ago, regardless I’ve got 7 days over Christmas to figure something out and with the body 60% done already I’m quietly confident I’ll have a runner of some description by NYE!!
  7. @Busdriver Don’t give up hope yet, mines not quite as bad yet! AliExpress order of 1060’s and a new GT5 controller for the little one! It would appear to have arrived in Essex on the 1st of December and has been sitting there ever since, it’s quicker to travel from China to the UK than it is to travel 15 miles from the main sorting office to the local one! I can only see this getting worse in the run up to Christmas, time to avoid RM like the plague! I’ve had parcels with RM show the same tracking info as your being prepared again, I think all the RM systems are bit dodgy!
  8. Just to add to this, here’s the email I received from FedEx, when I paid it it’s on release on payment only regardless of delivery service requested by sender. I put a lot of items through FedEx weekly as our work account is with them, my driver said he was surprised it had been paid so quickly! He rarely delivers to me but collects a lot, and checked to make sure it was correct before delivery, I will say his service is impeccable, he knows where left packages go or collect from if I’m out, always gives me time to run down stairs from my office! Off topic a bit so here’s the offending demand! Paid Sunday, delivered Monday!
  9. Thanks, I wasn’t 100% sure and it’s one of those bodies with two sets of dimples 🤦🏼 Body first is much harder than I thought it would be!
  10. As the title really, for the first time ever I’m doing the body before the chassis, saving that for my Christmas break, which set of holes needs reaming for the front body posts, the front or back set on the bonnet, I want to be 100% certain I do the correct ones and with no chassis to line them up on I’m nervous! Thanks!
  11. Another side to all of this is I would prefer when possible to support a local business, generally I use TTM, not local exactly I’m in Essex and they are in Scotland or Modelsport, I like that they will solder the desired connector on many items for minimal charges! I would hate to see them close so buy as much as I can through them especially kits and save PJ for hop ups and random Japanese stuff!
  12. I ordered n XV01 and all the hop ups they had plus some other random stuff from PJ and 2 sports tuned motors, total was about £200 plus £30 shipping, got hit for £50 customs charges on Sunday making £280 in total, Uk price is between £205 and £240 for the kit and I imagine all the other bits are around £130, I think I saved around £50 and ordering to delivery took 8 days by FedEx, I’m pretty happy with that. I guess I could have ordered it all separately but I think the delivery charges would be double still and potentially still get some customs charges! i did notice it appears to have been repacked by FedEx as there was no paperwork from PJ either attached or in the box, all the items I’d had before contained some form of PJ paperwork!
  13. Well, I made a hatchet job of the paint job, annoyed at myself for not keeping it simple! I’ve not put electronics in it yet, that will have to wait til August and then find somewhere to run it as well! i’ll pop a picture up of its awful paint job shortly 🤣🤣
  14. Thanks, possibly a bit out of my league sadly! Hopefully if I can get to Japan this year I can get on the hunt for some, I’ve never seen those before and they are beautiful dampers 😍
  15. @Juhunio Can you share where you got the dampers from please, I think my TA03 would like them a lot! Thanks
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