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  1. Well, I made a hatchet job of the paint job, annoyed at myself for not keeping it simple! I’ve not put electronics in it yet, that will have to wait til August and then find somewhere to run it as well! i’ll pop a picture up of its awful paint job shortly 🤣🤣
  2. Thanks, possibly a bit out of my league sadly! Hopefully if I can get to Japan this year I can get on the hunt for some, I’ve never seen those before and they are beautiful dampers 😍
  3. @Juhunio Can you share where you got the dampers from please, I think my TA03 would like them a lot! Thanks
  4. I can’t add too much to the question on foams as I don’t use them in mine, but out of the box it’s my favourite driver, it’s balanced and runs perfectly straight as is, completely stock except for some CVA dampers, I’m quite keen to get the full fleet except for the Buggrya as the body just doesn’t do it for me, I guess it would handle bit better due to less weight up high, but it’s certainly an enjoyable drive, I’d highly recommend adding one to anyones fleet!
  5. I get the feeling that will be a royal PITA to cut out, but I’d still get one as it does look amazing!
  6. I think it’s this Tamiya 51544 Ferrari La Ferrari, it’s my best google searching answer, no clue at all with Ferraris though, but I know I like the gold and black!
  7. I kind of forgot I’d ordered this, turned up Friday! Chassis is built and body trimmed but having a bit of a dilemma with the colour, generally I like to mix things up a bit but I’ve seen nothing but silver IRL and I’m not a great fan of silver really, and I’ve none in stock, I’m quite keen on champagne gold which I’ve buckets of or getting some PS13 and going full on gold like the picture, no idea why really, just kind of like the idea of something gold! I have got some gunmetal I got for the CC02… Any ideas on suitable colour that isn’t silver?
  8. We’ve got you’re a range of Lego in our house, mine is mostly Technic from the last 5 years and my son prefers sets he can build me play with,so anything from the city range is popular with him police,ambulance & fire trucks that kind of thing. He also has some Harry Potter kits but doesn’t play with them, he’s not a fan! we built the ISS over Christmas which I really like and having seen the new space shuttle and Hubble I’m massively tempted by that, if I can hold off until maybe it gets a sale price I’ll take a closer look.
  9. Translucent green or blue paint PS44 or PS38, from my limited experience they aren’t the easiest to use to get a consistent even result and worth a test before doing it! could be worth looking for a small piece of cat window tint if the shape of the window isn’t to bad, no expert in that area but they Would be my choices I think.
  10. All present and correct! I can’t wait to get it on some good flat tarmac, our bit of road outside has a few lumps and bumps which upsets it a bit!
  11. Thanks for the advice, shocks will get a look over on the weekend, I’m guessing they have leaked or are gunked up with mud, we built them completely stock, if it happens again I guess I’ll have to look at some upgrades of some form! I think the steel rod likely got caught on something and then we tried steering it, it’s got a Corally 20kg varioprop fitted now to replace the BG special, I don’t think it’s from a crash as we have it set for just faster than walking pace, it’s on about 35 -40% running a 33t Tamiya torque tuned and is about right for a 6 yr old to drive, at that speed when he runs into a tree it’s not such a big deal! The upgrade steering parts will be ordered from Plaza Japan on my next order! Overall I’m pretty pleased with the CC02 the upgraded tyres, Tamiya rock block are a lot better than the kit ones, and I think I just like the slower pace of life with it generally!
  12. After refitting the returned 1080 and upgrading to a shiny Corally servo we finally managed to get some proper miles on the G500, a strong possibility we did hit some way to deep lakes, streams and mud pits but we did have a lot of fun! On return and clean up it appears we have some issues firstly a bent servo tie rod, I’ve seen Tamiya hop up 54929 stainless tie rod set, is the best option to replace the bent arm, or is something else better available? Second issue is the shocks seem to have lost nearly all rebound both front and rear, I’ve yet to strip them to see what the issue is, previous lot this trip they had been great, they are just standard shocks, I’m wondering if they got contaminated with grit and water, and causing them to bind, they just don’t seem to be able to push back up to the original height, any advice on upgrades or how to stop this happening again more than welcome! Regardless me and the little one had great fun with it and now considering another so we can run them together as the just faster than walking pace we have it dialled back to is perfect! Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the above! Nick
  13. I’ve got a body kit and some pinions on economy air currently, I ordered on the 25th and shipped 27th, I’m expecting it to arrive around the end of next week or the weekend, never had a problem with economy before and only ever had charges when I ordered some tools with my parts haul! Shan’t make that mistake again! I find them pretty reliable with both methods of dispatch, I managed to get my T3-01 body and two set of pinions with postage for the same price as available in the uk, been after some fluoride coated pinions for ages so 4 assorted is a nice bonus!
  14. Finally got this fitted with electrics this evening, final painting done and a few additional stickers! A really nice kit purchased from @Busdriver and a pleasure to buy from! Had a little drive round the house with it and looks like it could be a lot of fun out on a track, only issue I’ve had is the 66mm batteries I got for it are more like 76mm and just about fit if forced in, probably need to find some around 55 -60mm to make sure they fit nicely. I have another body on the way from Plaza Japan and just need to figure out what colour to do it, in hindsight should probably have ordered two extra bodies!
  15. Not Deltas but for all the non box art fans!
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