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  1. @Re-Bugged That's my Porsche! I think I've got one car of nine in almost box art colour, and that lunchbox, got chrome yellow! Looking forward to seeing this one finished, I really enjoy the shells you can get from mixing up some of the translucent paints! We did no model building last year as we built a 1:1 campervan, currently got my eye on TT02 McLaren Senna, a little bit of hopping up and a candy lime green shell as I've seen a very nice 1:1 one I'd like to copy. Good luck with it!
  2. So here's mine! Bambu P1P with AMS.. It's an upgrade to the Ender 3, which needs to find a new place in the home office! In Tamiya world it's the difference between a TT02 and any TRF! It's has WIFI built in so super easy to setup and get printing once a Bambu account is opened, the slicing program is easy to get to get to grips with, a little different to Cura I had been using on the Ender but straightforward enough, we have the Automatic Material System sitting on top loaded with my favourite silk pla! It's super easy to set up and makes swapping between filaments a breeze, if you load it with Bambu filament on the RFID enabled spools it will set up the correct filament temps, speeds etc for you, I use mainly generic overture or similar filament, however have just got some CF for printing my first Tamiya spares. I'm currently printing 3 containers for our campervan shelves, finally made everything in matching colours, printing is on silent mode and they will take about 18 hours on silent mode which is about 50% speed. The Ender is probably about 10hrs or so to do the same print and needs some pretty careful watching, it's much more prone to stringing than the P1P. Swapping to Ludicrous speed drops the total print time to about 5hrs as below. Slow and steady seems always best for silk filament to get nice shiny results. It also has some other great features, if the front cover of the hot end pops off, unlikely but possible it will stop and warn you and allow you to put it back together and start up again, on the Ender it will just carry on going until forever it something falls apart! Downsides, if you decide to do multi colour printing using the AMS be prepared for potentially quite a lot of poop (those little nuggets of excess filament from the colour change) to be firing out if it's back end! If you get into multi colour it's possible to recycle the filament and turn it into new one..I believe it's quite expensive to do this. The Ender is easier to load filament onto for a single print when not suing the AMS the filament holder on the back is a bit of a pain to get at. I can highly recommend the P1P for a first machine, it's way easier to get great results out of the box compared to the Ender, however it's nearly £1k Vs £250 for the Ender. As you'll see ours has an enclosure on it which is not standard but that's about it on upgrades, none needed, the Ender had a reasonable amount of upgrades including auto levelling bed which in my opinion is a necessity. One other thing, I'm awful at designing anything, I mostly print things I find on Printable or Thingiverse, I don't think as yet I haven't found something I've wanted for the house, camping or the campervan! I will however make some effort in 2024 to design and print at least one thing! Probably a 10 switch plate for the campervan with all the switches named so someone other than me can turn the correct items on and off 😂
  3. I hope this doesn't send you down a rabbit hole but how about one of these, it appears to tick a reasonable amount of the boxes, space for batteries, space for some tools although possibly making a bit high COG. Would look completely awesome walking one of these, we use our CC02 for walks, a couple of packs allows us a decent walk in our local woods, it's not massively far but with an 8yr old in control often spends a bit of time stuck and head first into trees etc! I've been following the walking threads quite closely, it's something I'd like to do some more of. Completely agreed on some form of handle or something although I'd prefer to have a form of retaining straps for my backpack to avoid carrying at mess up my COG 🤣 I'd also like an easier to use one handed control than our GT5's I find two handed controlling a bit awkward on anything more than some light trails, maybe I'm just not able to do more than 1 thing at a time!
  4. What's the tiny model on top of the fire dragon box, they look very similar to two models I had as child back in the 80’s, I loved them more than life itself, and the sonic fighter that replaced them in 1988 ish! I'd love to find some again but no idea what they are or even who makes them, the 80's where a long time ago!! Nick
  5. Settled for now! The missing dual rider shell and the new pinions on the way! Only in Japan would this happen!
  6. I just went back and had a look at the email details, all appears ok, correct sender and reply to all my other PJ emails, good spot on the email address, let's see, thankfully I just sent a reply with no address change and nothing else. Hopefully all ok, but emailed them to check anyway. Thanks Nick
  7. The Japan Post has finally resumed service after 2 years and we have your order ready to ship!!! Plaza Japan is reaching out to you to ensure your address has not changed since the time of your order Our team has been holding your package for a VERY long time now! It has been over 2 years since the unfortunate and unexpected change in the world that caused so many troubles, but on a positive note, the Economy Shipping services that your order was originally purchased with has now, finally, after a very long wait been resumed! This means, that the items you purchased from us many moons ago are ready to be dispatched! There is no additional fees or shipping to pay, we are just simply looking forward to clearing out the packages that have been sitting in our warehouse for such a long time waiting for a new home! We do need to confirm the shipping address though, if you have moved home since the time of purchase (basically 2 years ago) then we need to update the address. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL AND CONFIRM THE ADDRESS HAS NOT CHANGED AND WE WILL DISPATCH YOUR ORDER TO YOU If you need to confirm the order details, you can login to your Plaza Japan account and view the order history, but please note if it was a guest checkout, then it will not be on the system, in this case or if you have any other questions regarding the order, please contact our support team in reply to this email or at info@plazajapn.com and we will assist you.
  8. Did anyone else receive an email today from PJ saying good news we are going to post your order soon? About two years I ordered a new body for the dual rider from PJ delivered by Japan Post economy shipping, I guess about the time they stopped it, I always thought it was just lost and kind of forgot about it completely.. Anyway, they've cleared it out of the warehouse and it's incoming, no idea if I ordered anything else as like a fool I ordered it as a guest. Good on them for keeping it and honouring my forgotten order! Now I've something to do again on the dark evenings 🤣🤣
  9. Got my Christmas build finished up and had a quick blast with one of my bashing shells on it, it’s running a sport tuned at the moment but will get the TBLM 10.5t fitted when I find a little time for the soldering and cabling on it, it’s had plenty of hop ups added including a lot of carbon reinforced parts, carbon shock mounts and all the blue ball connectors added and blue and titanium turnbuckles, pretty certain very few of them make any difference for me too notice but made for an enjoyable build, other than realising half way through I’d used one standard and one carbon A arm and had to pull it apart a little 🤦🏼🤦🏼
  10. Great to see you back on here! I look forward to some more custom paint discussions very soon! I’m pretty sure there was a Cosworth of some description waiting in the wings?
  11. I’d highly recommend a reamer for doing the body holes, works a dream, I picked mine up for about £7 from Amazon. Professional and Expanding Reaming Knife Drill Tool Expanding Hole Opener Reamer Universal Metal RC Car Body Shell Hole Opener for RC Model Body https://amzn.eu/d/6lwWGEC
  12. Ignore my idea, way too many subtitles, it does look very similar to another video I saw on YT where someone put some weight up high on I think it was a TT02, it was discussed a bit on here at some point as well, I’m sure someone will remember it!
  13. It’s bit of a pain to do it this way, but I took a screen grab and then used google search to find the words and translate.. The second set of captions are ‘I’ve tried a variable damping valve’ Would be easier to find someone to translate it but if not it’s an option!
  14. I think all the parts have arrived for the XV-01 build that can start next Tuesday when I officially finish work for Christmas, it’s mostly a lot of blue connectors some random Fluorine coated connectors and some odds and sods of turnbuckles that where in stock at PJ! Big bags contain CF parts for the build as well, I’ve honestly no idea if most of the blue bits will work as they where all ordered in a bout of insomnia I seemed to have had a few weeks ago, regardless I’ve got 7 days over Christmas to figure something out and with the body 60% done already I’m quietly confident I’ll have a runner of some description by NYE!!
  15. @Busdriver Don’t give up hope yet, mines not quite as bad yet! AliExpress order of 1060’s and a new GT5 controller for the little one! It would appear to have arrived in Essex on the 1st of December and has been sitting there ever since, it’s quicker to travel from China to the UK than it is to travel 15 miles from the main sorting office to the local one! I can only see this getting worse in the run up to Christmas, time to avoid RM like the plague! I’ve had parcels with RM show the same tracking info as your being prepared again, I think all the RM systems are bit dodgy!
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