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  1. We’ve got you’re a range of Lego in our house, mine is mostly Technic from the last 5 years and my son prefers sets he can build me play with,so anything from the city range is popular with him police,ambulance & fire trucks that kind of thing. He also has some Harry Potter kits but doesn’t play with them, he’s not a fan! we built the ISS over Christmas which I really like and having seen the new space shuttle and Hubble I’m massively tempted by that, if I can hold off until maybe it gets a sale price I’ll take a closer look.
  2. Translucent green or blue paint PS44 or PS38, from my limited experience they aren’t the easiest to use to get a consistent even result and worth a test before doing it! could be worth looking for a small piece of cat window tint if the shape of the window isn’t to bad, no expert in that area but they Would be my choices I think.
  3. All present and correct! I can’t wait to get it on some good flat tarmac, our bit of road outside has a few lumps and bumps which upsets it a bit!
  4. Thanks for the advice, shocks will get a look over on the weekend, I’m guessing they have leaked or are gunked up with mud, we built them completely stock, if it happens again I guess I’ll have to look at some upgrades of some form! I think the steel rod likely got caught on something and then we tried steering it, it’s got a Corally 20kg varioprop fitted now to replace the BG special, I don’t think it’s from a crash as we have it set for just faster than walking pace, it’s on about 35 -40% running a 33t Tamiya torque tuned and is about right for a 6 yr old to drive, at that speed when he runs into a tree it’s not such a big deal! The upgrade steering parts will be ordered from Plaza Japan on my next order! Overall I’m pretty pleased with the CC02 the upgraded tyres, Tamiya rock block are a lot better than the kit ones, and I think I just like the slower pace of life with it generally!
  5. After refitting the returned 1080 and upgrading to a shiny Corally servo we finally managed to get some proper miles on the G500, a strong possibility we did hit some way to deep lakes, streams and mud pits but we did have a lot of fun! On return and clean up it appears we have some issues firstly a bent servo tie rod, I’ve seen Tamiya hop up 54929 stainless tie rod set, is the best option to replace the bent arm, or is something else better available? Second issue is the shocks seem to have lost nearly all rebound both front and rear, I’ve yet to strip them to see what the issue is, previous lot this trip they had been great, they are just standard shocks, I’m wondering if they got contaminated with grit and water, and causing them to bind, they just don’t seem to be able to push back up to the original height, any advice on upgrades or how to stop this happening again more than welcome! Regardless me and the little one had great fun with it and now considering another so we can run them together as the just faster than walking pace we have it dialled back to is perfect! Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the above! Nick
  6. I’ve got a body kit and some pinions on economy air currently, I ordered on the 25th and shipped 27th, I’m expecting it to arrive around the end of next week or the weekend, never had a problem with economy before and only ever had charges when I ordered some tools with my parts haul! Shan’t make that mistake again! I find them pretty reliable with both methods of dispatch, I managed to get my T3-01 body and two set of pinions with postage for the same price as available in the uk, been after some fluoride coated pinions for ages so 4 assorted is a nice bonus!
  7. Finally got this fitted with electrics this evening, final painting done and a few additional stickers! A really nice kit purchased from @Busdriver and a pleasure to buy from! Had a little drive round the house with it and looks like it could be a lot of fun out on a track, only issue I’ve had is the 66mm batteries I got for it are more like 76mm and just about fit if forced in, probably need to find some around 55 -60mm to make sure they fit nicely. I have another body on the way from Plaza Japan and just need to figure out what colour to do it, in hindsight should probably have ordered two extra bodies!
  8. Not Deltas but for all the non box art fans!
  9. The little one and I took the G Wagon out for a walk today, gave it a little drive through our forest spring and would appear that we’ve semi killed the 1080 ESC, still has power to it but no drive, motor is fine and receiver does the steering on both channels! It’s in the airing cupboard drying out right now, as you can see the stream isn’t up to much, was enjoying the walk up to that point! Now wondering if I’d imagined the 1080 being waterproof or not!
  10. Is the dual rider still available please?
  11. Perhaps Tamiya - San read this and thought it’s time to mix things up! I’ve little idea on CG but found this quite interesting, and enjoyed the video so much I ordered a new Yaris body to do as box art it looks so good!
  12. It’s shaft drive! Now I’m not so sure, when I heard I was drawing the money immediately, now 🤷🏼
  13. I’d love to see a 6R4 no Picture I’m afraid but a proper mentalist car! My real vote would go for the RS200 there was one in our local Ford garage for sale when I was a kid and used to drool over it whenever we went in there with my dad, it appears his cars where in the garage a lot, I spent a long time as a child back in the early 80’s aged 7 maybe 8 trying to convince him to swap his bog standard 2.0GL Sierra estate for a 2.8 4x4 Ghia estate and later a 2.9 one, he wasn’t buying it, and now as an adult I kind of get lol the reasons why, apparently money doesn’t grow on trees! We also spent a long time in the Fiat dealer, that also dealt in Lancias they had a huge amount of Integrales sitting in the showroom and some beautiful rally prepped Evo versions as well, the garage name was John Whalley, I believe both he and I presume his father where both rally drivers, although I’ve moved away from my home town now I believe John Whalley garage is still going strong looking after those Lancias and one of the few people that do the Evo conversion from LHD to RHD, I never realised at the time how lucky I was to get dragged round all those garages with my dad, he had zero interest as far as I remember in the cars, but as a child seeing row upon row of integrales, Evos and RS200's, anything from that crazy time would suit me. At some point I’ll get my act together and build an XV01 Lancia with an EVO yellow road going shell! Apologies for the rambling but bought back so many memories!
  14. I don’t think you can make a purchase under £135 at eurorc, so all purchases from them are over the threshold and liable for tax on delivery. my CC02 got stopped and ended up costing me about £220 slightly less than it was available for here but included the TBLE04S so not too bad when most Uk shops are selling without an ESC, swapped it for a 1080 so now have a spare esc. the orders I made pre brexit got delivered within 5 days via gls for a reasonable €4.99 or whatever it was then. I like them but I’m pretty certain as with Tamico they won’t send any order to the UK under £135, which is a shame as if have blown a huge amount of money at Tamico last year! I just don’t think that crazy bit of them having to pay the tax to our us works really, more hassle than it’s worth for them and better to pass the buck onto the couriers/HMRC in some form! I think the co.Uk site is the only one that will allow you to place orders to the UK, the main site won’t allow it.
  15. I’ve really enjoyed reading this, thanks! ive got a hopped up TT02 and actually prefer driving my totally standard TT01, it seems to handle way better and I wonder if all my hopping up actually made it worse, I must admit I wish I hadn’t spent so long on the TT01 truck body so I would drive it a bit more. This has given me a bit of motivation to grab another TT01 and give it a little hop up, alloy centre shaft, bearings and oil shocks and make a runner truck!
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