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  1. Just been able to order PS1 from Eurocarparts for collection tomorrow which seems to have been out of stock the last 5 - 6 weeks so hoping some of my backorders might start to show again soon.
  2. In need of PS1, it's the only RC related item I need right now and my usual go to Eurocarparts is out of stock! Put the final coat of red on yesterday and now waiting on white to back them both.
  3. Still a work in progress but the latest to the custom collection is this blue Evo X. It's had 3 coats of translucent blue, 2 if translucent silver and then bright blue to back and would be finished with a coat of white except we've run out, couldn't wait to get more white so unwrapped it and then will remask it once we find some white. Bonnet and roof had a coat of flat clear to see how it looks. Overall I'm pretty happy with this colour, still need to work on masking and the hand painted details a bit, but practice, practice as I tell the little one 🤣
  4. Painted the Evo X yesterday at last, it had been looking at me for about two months unloved, now the 599XX to start on! And so predictably ran out half way through of white paint to back it!
  5. Finally got this to wheels on, have jumped ahead a few steps as usual but it's about 90% done. Has in insane amount of shims and screws compared to the TT02 and requires another level of concentration to get it built, looking forward to giving it a run though, and deciding what colour to do the body in Ferrari red or yellow seems to be the choices!
  6. @snakehands I don't think so either, the work is amazing on the 911 and the wheels on it look really good! Personally not really a box art fan and much prefer to do my thing, however it actually ends up, although I have a dilemma with a Ferrari 599X in that really it should be red of some form, but I quite like the colour of the TDF F12. If I can figure out a red that's slightly different I'll go with that, it's on a TA06 so I don't think like the 911 it will get much running until the summer, I'm quite nervous of the belts on them both. My totally non box art selection!
  7. I've swapped over to a few bit of matt as well, mostly on the mirrors and spoilers just to try and break it up a bit, it's a good choice I think, but I'm no expert just wing it a lot, and have a few disasters along the way for sure 🤣 I'm planning on a Matt Evo X at the moment but getting a decent day to get it sprayed is hard at the moment, I plan to cut the outside protector and then give it a blast, it'll be blue of some description I think! These are the ones we've done so far,just gone with colours after a bit of testing and hoped for the best. Going to take the Yaris out for a bit of off roading this morning so swapped over to the rally wheels on it for a while!
  8. Looks good so far, what colour is the GTR going to be? I did one recently loosely fashioned on the Katsura orange colour that is available now, it was supposed to be the same colour as Usain Bolt's gold one! It might be worth getting a reamer for the body post holes as well, I've found it way easier than drilling as well! Available pretty cheaply from Amazon etc. Looking forward to seeing it finished. Nick
  9. Compass cutting has been a game changer from my previous attempts and had only ended up with square shaped wheel arches, it was well worth the very small investment to get round arches. The score and snap works reasonably well for me, and then a trim in the hard to score areas with curved scissors. I've found they have improved the more I've done and taking a bit more time on them gives a better result.
  10. This came during the week, still undecided what to do with it though.
  11. Me and little one (age 5) violated all of these in one thirty minute session, the lunchbox took a clean frontal to my car exhaust at top speed, and the GTR has a sever case of grip roll going on, not helped by new HPI tyres and swapping over to LIPO on it today!
  12. Had my first delivery from Euro RC today, ordered about 10 days ago and arrived today. Paid for delivery via GLS and came in a box with just the address and no invoice and unmarked, I was expecting to get a demand from Royal Mail for the VAT and a phony set of charges, but Postie handed it over and went on his way, not sure if I'll get the charge through the post later but if not I'm pretty happy with my delivery. Ordered a TA06 kit, set of wheels to make up the minimum order and the delivery charge and paid £140 for it according to my statement. Still expecting to get the charge but no idea where it will come from as there was no invoice with it.
  13. Only had good experiences ordering from Plaza, only paid charges once and I think that may have been because I ordered some tools at the same time, all the RC parts I've ordered have taken about 7-9 days to be delivered using the express option by Japan mail, and generally had some good savings, I try to split what I buy between the UK and Japan and used to use Tamico but not at the moment as they aren't sending orders under £135. I'd say go for it with parts, for full kits I'm not sure the delivery charge makes it worthwhile.
  14. @Willsls1 Just seen the almost finished version, looks really good, can you pop up some pictures of the front and back, as I'm retested to see the different options for the grille etc. I'm still undecided on the colour and whether to go mica red or stick with the blue! I've painted the mirrors and spoiler so far and that's it! Also finally managed a test run with the brushless, got 22mph out of it on my road and maybe isn't quite hitting top speed in the short space it's got, it's on the stock gearing so maybe will order a couple of new pinions a 27T and 29T and see how that goes in it, did you get the high speed gear set for it?
  15. It's the second time I've seen velcro cable tidies, such a smart idea and saves on the zip ties, did you get them anywhere in particular or just using regular shop stuff? Thanks
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