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  1. As simple as the title suggests, I've read a few different thoughts on trimming first or painting first, as a relative novice I was wondering what the best/ easiest option is? Any thoughts and advice more than welcome, it's for the street sleeping Yaris we will be doing similar to this and has lots of stick on and screw on attachments so bearing that in mind as well! We are going for this look! Thanks Nick
  2. This came today, along with some paint, a few blue bits and other stuff!
  3. Thanks for the great input! It's much appreciated, so we've that's me and the 5yr old decided to go with some PS colour, specifically 37, 48 and 5! We saw a couple of cars using those colours except for the 48 which I've thrown in randomly but it looked amazing, I can't wait to get started on it when it arrives and do that great reveal to see how badly we've done! Nick
  4. It's old and they appear to be mixed to order ones, I've had them a couple of years now sitting in the shed! They have different lids to some of the others I have. I thought I'd give it a try and see how it lasts for a couple of weeks in the last of the sun.
  5. Yes, it's the plastic paint version, hence the testing on the bottles, I'm presuming (something I don't generally do) that it will be ok on a tamiya body? I've sprayed a few bottles on the inside last weekend, and then used them as stress toys this week, bending and generally abusing them to see if the paint is ok and as yet none of it has come off so I'm hoping it's ok. I quite like raiding the clearance paints in Halfords, always some good colours available in there! I did think I'd test it on some offcuts as well to be 100% sure it sticks nicely!
  6. Hopefully tomorrow a new addition will be order a Gazoo Yaris, a few shiny blue bits and a selection of tyres. I've decided to paint non box art and go with a pearlescent Volkswagen Pacifica blue, cheap in Halfords! I've tried it out on some coke bottles and it looks pretty good, however I'm not sure what I should back it with to get the best from it, I've given it 3 lightish coats on the test bottles and you can still see light through it, when held up to a light but it's fully covered. So any ideas on best colours etc to back it with are much appreciated. Apologies for the badly lit picture but to get an idea of the colour. Thanks Nick
  7. Well it got done! It's definitely not exactly as imagined, but I'm pretty happy with it and as the soon to be 5yr old will be running it I can live with it, thanks for all the great advice and definitely will be ordering some more bodies too practice on!
  8. Silly question, but flat and polish? I presume rub it down with something and then polish with? Everydays a school day! Thanks.
  9. Here she is so far, a totally different colour to the 1:1 above but I don't mind, we have just started to lacquer it and isn't perhaps as great as I'd hoped for, I'm not sure if I should have rubbed it down a little more or not, but anyway it's on its way! We have also visited Halfords bargain bin for some more tins of paint and maybe will pick up a few more bodies when they become available and have another go 😁
  10. That's Halfords for you! Says on the lid to use grey primer!
  11. That sure is a great wagon! I can't imagine you see many of them anywhere! So far it's primed and coloured, I'm way to impatient for spraying though and so it's getting another night in the airing cupboard to bake and then will get rubbed down and lacquered tomorrow afternoon, I'm not 100% certain on rubbing down the colour but I'm going to do it I think 🤷 It currently looks much darker than the pictures I've seen of it but it may just be the light indoors and its lack of lacquer. I'm not too worried as my 5yr old will be let loose on it soon so I imagine it will be ruined after about 5 minutes of him running it.
  12. After building her 2 months ago finally we managed to get some paint, straight out of Halfords bargain bin so this is what we have! Going to get a coat or two of primer on it tonight whilst the little one is in bed, he wanted it yellow but that wasn't in budget so here we go!
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