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  1. Perfect thanks, that's some really useful information! I'll definitely give the ESC a try and see what the deal is with that and be very careful with the battery!
  2. Hi, thanks everyone for your responses. I have used the car for a while now since Christmas and the battery is about 6 months old so I think it's most likely some debris in the motor like El Gecko says. I'm assuming the motor is completely destroyed nonetheless, is there any hope for the ESC? Thank you very much for the offer Fabia, I'll most likely be in touch about that combo soon if that's ok? I think the body has escaped unscathed luckily.
  3. Hi there, As you can see from the title, my Tamiya Audi V8 set on fire this evening whilst out for a bash and I'm at a loss as to what caused it I had just turned the car on and found that the steering trim was out after driving a few meters so I adjusted it so the wheels were central and pressed the throttle to which there was no response. I tried cycling the switches on the receiver and checking the throttle trim was still at 0 but the car still wouldn't respond to throttle input. After trying this I turned the car and transmitter off and after a few seconds the wheels started turning slowly. A few moments later smoke started coming out the car so i quickly disconnected the battery and blew on the end of the motor which was glowing. I am running the stock ESC which comes with the torque tuned motor with this kit. Has anyone got any ideas as to what happened? Cheers, Seb
  4. Im not sure what type but I think I should be able to take it apart pretty easy thanks for the advice. Yh I'm sure hes using them for RC cars
  5. Hi, I started running my car on gravel today having converted it from road going and after two runs the switch has become very difficult to move from the dust. Is there any way to get rid of the ust in there and also is there anyway to prevent that? My car is a VW Golf Mk1 with the M-05S chasis. Thanks in advance, Seb
  6. Yeah at least on my two cars with digital ESCs do
  7. Have got the rally tyres and CVAs on the Golf and now it looks like it actually has some ground clearance. I'll take it out on the gravel once it dries up here. Thanks so much for your help guys! Seb
  8. OK cool yh I'll stick with them then. OK thanks that makes shopping for them a whole lot easier 😂
  9. Okay thanks a lot. Would the standard wheels work with the rally tyres or would I need a new set of those?
  10. Oh okay yh I think the golf has got the slicks on it atm but they're quite slidy so I'll probably invest in the rally tyres at some point.
  11. Yeah the Mini looks like its got some good clearance. What tyres are you running @Fabia130vRS?
  12. Yh for sure I'm going to get the CVA springs as they seem like a good upgrade and I will post some pictures here once they're fitted.
  13. Cheers that's very useful 🍻 Many thanks, Seb
  14. Hi there, I have recently built the M-05 chasis with the Mk1 golf on it. The roads around where I live are really busy so I am thinking abt converting it to run on gravel. Does anyone know any shocks that will fit and make it sit a bit higher off the ground? Seb
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