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  1. Hi TC Members, I had recently got a hold of a TL01B chassis, which I plan to turn into an inspired Icelandic 4x4 Formula Offroader. I figured the simplicity and versatility of the TL01 chassis would be ideal for this project. Currently the TL01 is mostly stock, friction dampers, stock gears, pinion and possibly plastic bearings (not sure as I’m yet to open her) Im looking to be using this truck as a beach basher, I’ve never setup a truck for specific beach use so I’m hoping some of you can help point me in the right direction. I’ll be looking into running some paddle style tires (F/R), but not really sure how to setup the differentials? Locked? One way? Or open? Any thoughts on this would be extremely helpful. dampers, what oil wt/cst would you guys recommend? I will be sticking with the standard gearing/pinion for the torque as the speed tuned gears just won’t cut it. what else can I do? many thanks!
  2. Hey Guys! I have just made a YouTube Tamiya specific channel, where I plan to upload my RC journey. ie; Builds, custom projects, upgrades, setups, run videos, tech videos, etc. I have re-uploaded my first video on the channel of an old project I originally uploaded onto my gaming channel, I am just looking for some ideas for the video Title to catch attention and also after some feedback to help improve the future videos, etc. (Mind you this video was recorded 4 years ago so please be gentle LOL) Here is my video title TAMIYA FIGHTER BUGGY RX DT-01 BUILD/UPGRADE SERIES EP1 - What do we think on it? Should I change it? Keep it? I am unsure here is the video link: Many Thanks!
  3. I just had a look through both the manuals and I can definitely confirm that the chassis rails itself are much longer on the Tundra compared to the Hilux models. Also had a look around for spare Tundra chassis rails and cannot seem to find any currently. Which leaves me know to possibly got for the Ford F350 Body on the chassis rather than the Hilux. I heard the F350 has the same wheelbase as the Hilux, can someone confirm? I hope so! Still ironing everything out before I move onto the building phase. Considering making a YouTube channel to share my build experience and share some trail runs too! Tundra sits on the High Lift chassis, where the Mountain Rider sits on the Bruiser chassis. Both chassis are very similar, using the 3 speed transmission (Same family tree) the Mountain Rider is an older chassis whilst the High Lift is a baby chassis. Both though are quite limited in terms of out of box performance and even upgraded they won't compete with like TRX4s or SCX10s. I got a HG P407 for my birthday which is a Bruiser clone (same as the Mountain Rider) and was popping wheelies with it lol, theoretically when built right with Loctite where needed jumps shouldn't be a problem but I would not over do it - abuse these, especially as the Bruiser chassis as the axle is made of cast alloy and can be brittle. Also these trucks are designed for slow trails, for jumps I would go with something more made towards that area like a stadium truck, etc
  4. That's a good shout! Don't know why I didn't think of it to be honest lol. Compared the 2 manuals and it looks like the only thing I would need to change to extend the wheelbase is the rear prop shaft. Which the JunFac hardened steel prop shaft set adds adjustable size range (35mm) in both front and rear. The only thing I haven't been able to find in any manual is the length of the chassis frame on both kits. Can anyone confirm if they are both the same or is the chassis on the tundra longer?
  5. Thank you for answering my question! I am bumped! As I have my eyes set on the LC80 body now but I purchased the Hilux Highlift (Nooo!!) Would I need any extra parts to covert the WB to LWB?
  6. Can anyone tell me what the wheelbase on the High Lift is? I've been looking on eBay for some ABS Bodies and came across the Land Cruiser LC80 at a fairly decent price point with interior also available, but the WB of the LC80 is 313mm
  7. That is a beautiful build! Are those axles from the high lift? Looks like this would be the way to go at building a tribute blazer, clod body (possibly chopping off the cab) and replacing it with the proline CGR rollbar frame and 3D printing and blazing roof to finish off the look? But that is the stance I am looking to build! Amazing!
  8. Hey TC! HAs anyone tried converting a Bruiser to a Blazing Blazer? I have a spare Bruiser chassis (P407 "Clone") that I am looking into turning into a lower stance 4x4 vehicle much like the Blazing Blazer. Essential bother the 3-Speed & Blazer chassis are identical from what I can tell (apart from the rear water resistant electronics box on the blazer). Also, for body shell (as I doubt I would find a Blazing Blazer) was thinking either the Ford F150 Ranger / Clodbuster or possibly even a Power Wagon body. Something to fit that era. Unfortunately I don't own either of the bodies so not sure how the wheel base compares to the standard Hilux RN36 shell on the Bruiser. Can anyone help with some measurements / side-by-side pictures for a comparison? Would greatly appreciate it (PS- I know the bodies will most likely need some cutting / filling to make it fit but I don't really mind that) Thanks guys in advance!
  9. Very nice Tundra! Starting to get a little jelly of all the Tundra builds lol. Although I was thinking of changing my Hilux body for an ABS Land Cruiser LC80. Who knows, still in the planning build phase
  10. That is a sweet looking Tundra! What tire size is that? Looks really good! I got mine with the Hilux body, but because I have a Bruiser I am looking to get something else. Was thinking either the Tundra and make turn it into a replica of the UK TopGear Polar Hilux build or maybe a powerwagon build.. Honestly I am having a hard time choosing I am hoping that high lift owners who had some experience with this chassis could shed some light at which mods / upgrades to do, including setup. ie - shock oil weight etc
  11. Hey TC Members! How are we all doing today, during these unprecedented times? So, I've wanted the Tamiya High lift since its release but couldn't afford it at the time. But finally bit the gun and bought myself the High lift and awaiting its delivery! I have been doing quite a fair amount of research on the chassis, to try and build the "ultimate" high lift spec (on a budget - if possible). I know its not a very capable trail truck, especially with its standard transmission placement (getting caught because of low ground clearance, etc) but this is where the upgrades come in to improve this truck! Also, I will be ditching the stupid 4-wheel steering setup on the chassis, not needed at all as its not a monster truck and looks ridiculous. (don't know why Tamiya thought it would be a good idea) What would your top upgrades be, that you would suggest? (I am aware of the JunFac 4-Link suspension link upgrade for the High Lift, but I would prefer to stick with leaf springs due to more scale look and personally I'm not a fan of the 4-link suspension on the high lift - just doesn't suit it in my opinion) Whilst I am still waiting for the delivery man/woman, I have been busy making a pre build upgrade list for the chassis (listed below) BODY Shell: Undecided between F350 / Tundra or Something else that fits the standard wheelbase ELECTRONICS ESC: Quicrun 1080 Motor: Tamiya TR Torque Tuned 33T (For scale speed and although motor was intended for 1/14 Trucks, the motor was built for specifically Tamiya 3-Speed Transmission) Servo (Steering): Hi-Toque Waterproof Metal Geared (Not sure which yet?) Servo (Gearing): N/A - Will be locking the Transmission to all time 4x4 Low Pinion: Steel (Standard Metrics) WHEELS Rims: Standard Tires: Undecided (Looking for something a little larger that fits on standard rims?) Foams: Stiffer foam for the rear UPGRADES GMADE TS01 90mm Alloy Scale Shocks (Shocks do not require oil but will test) - Mounted upside-down Shock Oil: Front - 200 to 300CST (Piston 4-hole) Shock Oil: Rear - 300 to 400CST (Piston 3-hole) Leaf Springs: Either removal of 2 leaf springs or upgraded to RC4WD red super soft AMPRO High Lift Front Motor Kit AMPRO High Lift Transmission Lift AMPRO High Lift Central Battery Kit AMPRO High Lift Battery Retainer AMPRO High Lift Spring Perch Gmade/JunFac 1 Piece Heavy Duty Steering Knuckle Arms Gmade/JunFac 1 Piece Heavy Duty Straight Axle Adaptor Gmade/JunFac Hard Carbon Steel Universal Shafts Gmade/JunFac Front Servo Steering kit (My concern would this interfere with the AMPRO Front Motor kit??)
  12. Hey guys! I am currently looking into rebuilding and modifying my old Fighter Buggy RX for some track use (obviously wont be competitive) and for some general light bashing too but i am too unsure of what tires I should use? (Sticking with standard buggy tire size) The surface would mainly be some pavement, light grass, gravel / dirt. I was looking at the Proline tires Front : Proline 4 Rib M3 Compound Rear : Proline Holeshot M3 Compound Or Schumacher cactus / others. The problem is, the DT01 chassis isnt great.. And I just want slightly better grip tires for her to handle without constantly rolling over from having too much high grip, what do you guys think / recommend? Also, i should point out Im not a fan of the carson tires.. I know they are decent and all terrain but the look is 🤮.
  13. Hi TC Guys! I am currently looking at getting my hands on the Tamiya Mad Fighter 58275, Ideally the body shell with the rear body mount would be amazing, but a complete kit is also welcome at a reasonable price! I have a Rookie Rabbit / Fighter Buggy RX shell in a used state that I bought on eBay (If you would like to trade), but now looking into turning my DT01 chassis into a TRF variant using the Mad Fighter shell (would need some attention to look nice) Thanks in advance, S
  14. Thank you! The thread is now basically complete! Hopefully it will help others Many thanks to all that have contributed.
  15. Thank you! Link helped finding some info regarding the motors. I have also done some further research and practically finished the motor guide! I am missing only 1 motors info, which is the Tamiya ACTO -Power TRF Tuned. Has anyone got a box or some info for this motor and what its been designed for? I know it will be a competition motor, but is it for On or Off Road? Or for both applications? Thanks, S
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