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  1. Hi Yes, an Pan Car rim needs two flanged bearings, but the boring is same...only the length of axis changes, diameter is same!
  2. The stickers are from MCI... Project done... Thanks for following me!
  3. Body in place and adjusted... Now, ready to paint! Backing done.
  4. New bumper machined! Same for the rear carbon plate The diffuser is from ABC Hobby
  5. For the body, I'll have to fix it, for that, I'll need to replace the existing carbon plate by a new one because it's not wide enough! First, I had to make a MDF prototype to know where to install the body mounts. I also made a new front bumper Lexan body in place just for the fun...from Protoform...P905B
  6. Assembly pics... I think will be better with a low profil self locking nut! New front axis + bushing Now the chassis have at the rear 235mm and 210mm at the front!
  7. Parts done... The next step will be the assembly!
  8. And here, the wheel adapter... Now, ready to machine! I start by a surfacing
  9. I'm now in charge of the front axis...I should be 210mm wide! -In blue, self locking nut -In purple, the both flange bearings -In yellow, the new bushing (8mm) that I should make -In bues, wheel stub from 3 Racing -In red, new rim axis (to be made)
  10. And why not install Pan Car wheels to get 235mm sounds good!! First, go to the drawing board with AutoCAD to find a solution to get Pan Car wheels integration... I begin by the rear axis, I would like to make an adapter to easily install a Pan Car rim on a F103 diff from 3 Racing. -In green, is the rim -In yellow with purple hatching, is the new adapter
  11. Hi I had the idea of modifying my chassis to do something similar...But it's very complicated to find this kind of wheels!
  12. Stickers are also from TBG... Project done and ready to run...thanks for reading!
  13. Hi I'm back with the lexan body in progress...body from TBG! I'ts time to paint! Last layer, the backing.
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