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  1. Stickers are also from TBG... Project done and ready to run...thanks for reading!
  2. Hi I'm back with the lexan body in progress...body from TBG! I'ts time to paint! Last layer, the backing.
  3. I'm starting to design the new bumper! 2D version 3D version (Solidworks) Let's go for the machining. Programming in progress Machining simulation... CNC machining!
  4. The body will be from TBG... Here...small problem, I'm not happy about the original bumper...It's not deep enough... Same probem with the front body mounts, too high!
  5. Chassis is now complete, it's time to mount all the electronics! The servo is a Savox and brushless combo Hobbywing with a 10.5T motor! The lexan body coming soon...
  6. Hi Ready for next pics... Now I need 2 bushings as pic... They'll be done with the trick At the left is the original one!
  7. Now I need for the spur gear an small reduction ring, it was made in Delrin.
  8. It's an CNC milling machine from Sorotec (German) Assembly continues! Here under, both bushings from T-bar in bad shape! Why bother to replace it...a little refresher on the lathe, looks better now!!
  9. Next parts, the T-bar Assembly can be started! For the next step, I need a lower profil nut...but problem, I only have a self locking nut! It's not a problem, I'll do a little machining with the lathe! Hey hey... looks like a real... Here a small repair on the upper arm mount!
  10. It will be installed above the engine, as body support.
  11. Here, the big part will be for my F103GT...
  12. It's Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) Like compressed wooden panel. Here we go! First, some pics during carbon panel millings!
  13. The cleaning has started, I'm going to draw all the parts to be able to machine them if needed. The prototypes are done.
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