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  1. Interesting. but what I am afraid of is would it put more stress on other parts, and some else might break more easily?
  2. I already got the BlockHead HotShot II. It will be a runner. But I am thinking if I should consider Boomerang or Thundershot as a beater. Or they are too "close to each other" and I should consider something else (TT02B?)
  3. Whats the difference between the re-re of Boomerrang, Hotshot II and Thunder shot? They are all mono shock up front, independent shocks in the rear, the drivetrain seems to be the same?
  4. Sounds like Kyosho is pushing the limit to make as many parts in plastic as possible. I am still on the fence for this one vs the Genova and BBX. I am actually leaning towards BBX thinking it may have more ground clearance for bashing.
  5. i just wanted to try something new Inverted Shocks: The New RC Trend Explained! - YouTube
  6. yes, the up side down shocks are intentional. some say this would reduce weight up high, better turn in , but add unspung weight. I will just try it and see. I will carry on with the build as is (factory spec high clearance) and see. If the outcome is weird, then I would try to mess with high-low setting, filing down the tabs, etc. Thank you all for the response.
  7. humm. then does my front looks right? it has factory high clearance configuration but it seems a lot taller than the factory rear suspension.
  8. From what I see, it seems like the lower tab is limiting the travel. Looks like I would have remove those tab. Wondering why would Tamiya has those tabs from factory?
  9. do you have picture? which part to cut? I read the manual but it didn't mention anything about cutting.
  10. Thank you! I have seen hex hub with different thickness. Looks like 5.5mm works from the link.
  11. I am building a TT-02 kit, I want to build it with the higher ground clearance configuration. But the suspension doesn't look right. Its too "low". The arms look parallel to the ground. What did I do wrong?? Picture shown are the rear suspension as low as it would go with the high ground clearance configuration.
  12. Can I convert re-re HotShot to run hex wheels to have more wheels option? Thanks.
  13. For TD2, is the a mod so that the front would hit the ground first when the front suspension is topped out?
  14. Its just for bashing. thanks for the heads up. I will save my money for my next Tamiya kit then.
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