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  1. I imagine that would be marginal gain, if you even notice it at all.
  2. I imagine the Turbo Scorpion would be more stable with longer wheelbase and wider track. I would consider Ultima re-re instead. With my Beetle, I have been thinking if I should get the parts to convert it to Turbo Scorpion's long wheelbase and wide track.
  3. I got HW 1080 ESC and a 13T brushed motor. I think it has great speed with the 31T pinion I just bought a set of "eBay special" 4300k brushless motor with 60A ESC. I want to give that a try, maybe pair with the smaller pinion and see. For hop ups, I am upgrading to 2.2" tires, that's it. The next would probably add a turbo scorpion wing when the spoiler on the body is toasted. If I can the parts, I will consider upgrading to the wider front end and the 10mm longer wheelbase from turbo scorpion as well. I also want to see if there is a way to upgrade the front to 7mm hex.
  4. Good price from RC Mart, but then they charge USD$100 for shipping ...
  5. I have a Hobbywing Quicrun 1080 in my Kyosho Beetle re-re, it runs great, and you can program it the way you want.
  6. This thread answer a lot of my questions. For now, I have used dry teflon bike chain lube for metal gears, because I have tons of them for my bikes. But I will be looking for lithium based molybdenum grease, will it work for both metal and plastic gears? I didn't buy the Tamiya grease because I knew there has to be cheaper option out there. haha.
  7. Man, and I just bought a set of Orange can 4300kV with 60A ESC ... I guess I would have to see how long they would last .. haha
  8. Got my Kyosho Rage 2.0 delivered and took it for a test "bash", I think its one of the best bang for the bucks out there right now. It got decent speed, plenty of suspension travel, seems tough so far. My complain for now is the servo feels slow, and I am only so-so about the body. I am trying to add a wing in the back and see if I would like it better. [
  9. I have a beetle re-re as a basher. I wonder, the ESC and battery are pretty covered and enclosed. I wonder if I need to add cooling to them somehow. I haven't done it yet, but I am thinking of adding some motor cooling fin as well. My next mod is 2.2" wheel as well. May have to get 2 sets for off-road and on-road. Another things is the beetle body, its holding up ok, considering the number of flips it had. LOL But there are cracks close to the base of the spoiler. I am thinking when the spoiler gives way, I would need to trim it off, then convert it to Scorpion wing. Thought about the carbon fiber parts, but just couldn't pull the money for them. Plenty of scratches, no major repair yet.
  10. ops, never mind, found it. http://kyosho.com/eng/support/instructionmanual/legendary/legendary_index.html
  11. Anybody know where I can download the instruction for Beetle and Scorpion Rerelease manual in pdf? Thanks.
  12. So what if I also throw Top Force into the mix? TS vs BigWig vs Top Force as runner?
  13. I know some mod has been done to the suspension to gather clearance, but would the build be ok without the suspension mod? Can the TT-02 chassis be set to "high" ground clearance without those mod? Can I get the rims and tires for light off road use as is? I *think* the Subaru Monte Carlo '99 kit also uses TT-02 chassis. I am wondering if the stock Porsche TT-02 kit be set up that way for a "lazy man" safari build?
  14. This is such an awesome build! I wonder if there are option to put a Porsche 911 body on a lifted rear motor RWD chassis?
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