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  1. Even if i can not shop with them i just recieved E-mail regarding Super Saver Club & Coupon’s, so if they stopped with this it seems it started again(?)
  2. I know very little of Wild Willy other from that i was ready to die for one as a 11 years old Boy, currently Tamico want 105 Euro (not incl Vat). Maybe worth mentioning?.
  3. Always a blast driving this “Dude” in the Snow, so i was looking forward to this, hoping for more Loose snow this week
  4. Mostly Humbug in Norway, The American Black Friday linked to Thanks Giving (?) became Black week (grey month or whatever) of course to have more days to Sell out stuff (even though Norway ofc do not have Thanks Giving). Several has been taken with their pants down shoveling prices up before Black Week and then set it back to normal price during Black Week. Its quite hard to find a good offer, and i can see most off the RC Webshop`s in Norway seem to drop Black Week (did not check today), the only Norwegian shop with Black Week Banner only had normal priced Tamiyas, so nothing to report here so far....
  5. Traditionally back in the days Tamiya kits was built sitting on a pillow with steel chop sticks in Japan, a Sensei built them in Lotus position with their mind only sitting on a spike mat.
  6. Top-Force 2017 - First only with the High capacity damper set (the best set got my hands on so far, an that is a few now). Today with much more Bling :). Its insanely nice to drive (even though i still suck at driving)
  7. My overall feeling is that TD4 is doing quite poorly but not a complete disaster, the BBX on the other hand i have a feeling is doing quite well. I would pick a BBX over TD4 myself. Edit: Yes, they are quite different buggies performance vice, and a rougher buggy handling rougher terrain suits the Terrain where i live better, so that has a huge impact also.
  8. Yes, @Willy iine for sure is the Forums Beetle Sensei, gorgeous stuff
  9. Postman brought My new Tools for Cutting Lexan Bodies: Well to be honest i now have a short brake regarding RC related Purchases, but i missed you Guys and then wanted to show you my new Chef knifes, i used to be a Chef, just a hobby today
  10. I stopped my Gaming Hobby after the price jump on Hardware during the pandemic that is still not back to normal so its on ice stil, 1 high end graphic card cost the same as 5 high end Tamiya kits, so its no problem at all throwing money on the Gaming hobby. If you just own 1 console and buy 1 game a month i would not exactly consider this as a Gamer (then you just like to relax with a game now and then), that said this tag "Gamer" varies a lot and depends who you ask. If you take on Gaming and building Gamer PC that you then Over Clock etc etc its very expensive and VERY time consuming, so my old hobby do not go together with kids at all. I learned to prefer the RC Car hobby more and more to the Gamer hobby for several reasons, i manage to keep this hobby much cheaper then my previous gamer hobby also.
  11. Well, it snows pretty bad in Oslo right now :(, im still looking for a good Tarmac spot for my M-08 though, not so easy to find a free spot for more than 1min in a City
  12. Con Grat to the winner but Kowalski86 impress me with 3 on NimH and Silver Can i must add
  13. I took the 5 year one out for a spin with C-A in Autumn 🍂 , still runs great and nothing so far is broken or cracked so this kit do have more modern durable plastic ( broke everything on TGH before i shelfed it for good, even the bathub). She enjoys running after or be chased by it more than driving, but i take what i get Edit: The last hop-up servo stay & guard helped a lot on getting this kit to finally run straight without constant adjustment, the Damper hop-hop up been great
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