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  1. Yes, it depends on discharge rate called the C rating, mine has 3000mah 40C but there is only so much A silver Can can use either way so i belive a Silver can would be fine with 20C as well. What the discharge Rate is on Nimh i do not know?. edit: so sincer 1 Silver can not draw/use more current than 20C - either way i believe the main punch in my example is Max Volt starting to use battery (but as mentioned Nimh volt dropp as a Rock ) ..
  2. Just got 2s Lipo 3000mah 40c mainly for use in my Top-Force. I have not tought about it before but at it is 2 cell the Balance charge stopped the Lipo @ 8.5 Volt wich is 4.25 Volt for each Celll so that should be correct. But when charging Nimh the charger often goes up to 9.2 Volt as this is 6 Cell its 1.5 Volt each cell wich ofc is correct. So the potential starting point for Nimhn 6cell is actually higher than 2s Lipo, though most Nimh dropp very fast from 9.2 they still have a higher starting volt than my Lipo. I Noticed right away as my Top-Force did have less punch than my best Nimh battery in the start. Ofc Nimh battery dropp fast as fast you start to use them while my 2s Lipo continue to have the same high punch until cut-off. Still, this was new to me so i thought maybe it was new to Some of your other newbies in here to.
  3. How easy can you make this?, well:
  4. No siggestions, its pretty straight forward actually
  5. @lentner3 i saw yours now but this is not the same model, should be easy now though
  6. Hornet?, dont know about the first picture though, is in Honey cubes?
  7. Those Cheap produced shocks will do nothing at all as they do not even hold the oil. They are so bad i now installed the stock springs again. Only positive thing is that they look better
  8. Well new Tamiya kits are now pre painted, pre cut Lexan and even some are now pre-built, pre cut stickers as well then you could just buy a pre-built body for RC car?. For this takes away the very idea off buying Tamiya kits that for me is to build it and, paint and cut. There are so many Tools that i bought that are useless if Tamiya keep this up. So i will not buy a kit with anything Pre- in it ...
  9. Bought these for my Top-Force since this will at some point be a problem: Could only find them in blue, RcDamper had some others in Alminium but i went for the blue ones ...
  10. Finally got some screws so i could attach 3 Fans where i did solder 3 fans into one jst contact, also made it very short to avoid more cables to hide. I also bought a Fan controll but it will only work with 1 fan, so i did not install it. It should be ready for the hot Summerweather now
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