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  1. You will scare the 💩 out off Dogs/Cats with that one
  2. Yup, im doing the wheel thing on my BBX
  3. I wonder because i believe we normalise many hazards like another example storing propan Gas for Barbecuing inside (many use Propsn Gas in kitchen stove also), this is crazier to me. As long as i handle the RC Hobby Lipos as you suposed to i feel safe with them, the propan Gas on the other hand not so much, with good reasons. Maybe many is so sceptic because its a rather new “thing” i wonder edit: and yes i had a couple Propan Gas and Gasoline accidents in my life :), one pretty bad also
  4. I just stated in my small amount off text that it was Not statement but a question, in other words i wonder
  5. Not stating anything its more a question, can you consider Gas any safer?. I believe that Airplane accident often are related to Gas leaking or human error handling it, biggest accident that comes to mind is Concord
  6. Using Ammo box you should remove rubber seal on lid and maybe also make ventilation small holes. If its sealed and on top off that have many batteries in there you made a bomb if 💩 happens. But then again when 💩 happens its usually while charging so bat 🦇 safe have hole wit rubber sealing for charge cable so you also can charge them when they are in the box
  7. Fast rewind to a 12 year old version off me: First around 7 month sleeping with Tamiya catalog under pillow and whenever i had the opportunity i would stand and watch the Tamiya shelf for hours at the local hobby/toy store, trying to decide which kit to get. I finally landed on Bigfoot :)… All those pictures and box arts from that catalog is burned into my memory
  8. incl Vat Tamico is darn close to your given price, but you must add Shipping. But then again Tamico will not accept order under 280 Euro to norway, but it seems UK get away with 160 Euro so it might work for you. if you meant 225 GBP incl shipping i got nothing ..
  9. https://tamico.de/Tamiya-58696-Super-Avante-TD4-4WD-Bausatz-110
  10. Same batteries are used in close to everything Electric you have in your house, so if you really have paranoia for it you should put all from your Switch, Laptop, phones etc etc in a fire proof basement each night. Just charge them as you suppose to do and do not use cheap equipment or batteries, they are here to stay. Not sure about UK but in Norway the entire 1:1 Car park is also changed to Electric cars, and bikes ... the list goes on.
  11. More BBX for me today, no issues at all so far. Big Bonus is also this can take a hit (especially compared to the vintage kit’s), so a modern quality Buggy with the Tamiya Look i like, what more can you ask for: i see now they are quite similar to earlier pics, so sorry for that. Wish i had another adult with me so i could get some proper pics while in action
  12. I bought a MO8 R and plan was to join the Post Racing on this very Forum. The Quality of the kit seems superb and a more modern kit when it comes to quality of the plastic & screws (much like the BBX) , no need for any Hop-Ups here (but ofc i could not resist as they had a lot available on P-J), and with a Savox & SuperStock its tight and fast. But the Main problem is that this chassis need not only Tarmac (in my experience) i would also add preferably newer Tarmac that is smoother than old (probably not everyone agree on the last part). The one Tarmac spot i found where i live is not only old and bumpy but roots is starting to press up here and there and my MO8 can not handle it (not even great for my hopped up TT-01e, but it can handle it ok). So if you have lot off that condition close by i believe this would be a great one to have. I will keep on looking for a better spot for the Post Racing ...
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