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  1. Many places this has a VERY nice price compared to the qality and what you get included with it (Lipo Battery, 3 channel receiver), it i quite small so i think this is the one for children i you ask me (have not seen anything smaller):
  2. How did this work out for you?. I have a Soldering set now and but i have not gone brushless as for today but one day i know my new Top-force will end up with it (i to have a ready Tamiya esc for it). I am also new to soldering (execpt from me messing around as a kid but that do not count as Soldering). I think the best way would be to melt tin on the wire, it will get stiff i seconds, then hold the wire where you want to solder and melt it carefully, as fast ast it melt move the solder iron away and keep it still. i THINK that is the way to go as i seen som clip on youtube etc but i have not tried myself, which is the reason for me to ask how it went for you ...
  3. Also found this kit at a local dealer just now - Suzuki Jimny lol
  4. I cant find any picture on the Comical Avante, are there any?
  5. Got that JIS Screwdriver and new screws so i could finaly finish my Red Top-Force, so proud of it i had to post some pictures here in General chat :). No i will sit and wach my for for the rest of the evning ...
  6. Some typos here and there but you get the idea. I cant edit on this page, when i trye the hole page start to shake
  7. hehe yes, on screw went out when i used a rubber band on topp, the other was stuck but i removed everthing on front so i could turn the sylinder the screw was attached to, then i could finaly remove it and put everthing back on place (everthing including the servo needed to go off again). I ordered new black screws on Ebay from TonysTamiyaParets, a very helpful seller! (thanks good for ebay)
  8. Just finished Top-Force, only upgrade on this one is real Ball-Bearings i fast learned that noe of the things you should upgrade is just that, other than that there is Red Nuts :). I am quite happy with the Oil dampers as the work as they should as far as i can tell (so far). Colours: Metallic Red - Gun Metal (back motor parts) - Gold Metall - Clear Pearl (over stickers) - Black (under and inside the body).
  9. Oh, got to check that out also, thanks for the info
  10. Avante would be much later my daugher is only 5 but i want to introduce here to RC now. Avante would be my High end car, if i one day should find a nice price etc :), but I know there is a cheaper Avante version out there, but it is not a Comical version i think(?), maybe thats the one your thinking on. I checked the other RC andi think the way to go would be Mad Bull and Comical Grasshopper (also as i already have The Grasshopper it couild be fun driving those togheter). I already tought about Lunch box but actually i think that would be a more fun car for me?. Thanks for all the suggestions, i will start looking for a good price on those .
  11. Hi I would like the next kit to be something my daughers would like, i would really like to se them get interested in RC, i just made a "The Grasshopper" (can see it in the Vintage section) but i do not want my kids to ruin that one as it was the kit i always wanted perfect as i kid as i saw other kids had it (i had Black Foot). I belive i have to paint it pink with pearl clear and i was thining directly at Wild Willy, but what abut the Commical ones?, i believe they very simmilar to how the Wild Willy works?, also the Holliday Buggy?, or the Tractor versions maybe?. Suggestions for a fun kit for my kids? (it has to suit pink hehe).
  12. The price is not a issue no, for Top-Force i bough a complete set for under 20$ So at the end i will give the Grasshopper the love it deserve, take it appart and put inn bearings like this in the gear box and the wheels. Thanks for the information and tips
  13. Yes, as i wrote this is my first kit so when i ordered from Time Tunnel i had no idea what i needed. But this time around with Top-Force i bought i full bearing set for the kit. I will probably buy bearings for the Grasshopper to now and first just change out the one on the wheels and change out the rest later. But yes, you see the plastic ones. Thinking about it the Top-Force had "bronze" plates instead of real bearings, but i ques those are better than The Grasshopper plastic ones, i may try to use those ....
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