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  1. @Badcrumble all abaut that kit is Sweet as Jesus
  2. More Hop-Ups from Plaza Japan i ordered under Corona isolation, for my TT-01 Subaru build. Dont even know why i ordered most off this but main plan was just to have a bit fun because that what all Tamiya boys realy want!.
  3. Think i Enjoy this part a bit to much, like a 12years old on X-mas: I promised myself to not buy Hop-Ups, you can see how that went during my corona isolation, more are comming from PlazaJapan . Actually look most forward to painting this one early this Summer (no room for spraypainting booth and to cold in basement, found out the hard way), this Rally car is the one i drive the most @ my Sim Rally PC setup and i love the look off it
  4. @Nikko85 its not always what appear perfect and is most expensive that bring most joy and you get closest to your heart, which this is probably a good example off. Love the sceptical «Kumamon» in there gehe
  5. Last Day in isolation *WooT* this was splendid reading material and its was very interesting to see what build & what you where most pleased with (or among them for some off you). Thanks for sharing all!
  6. Try to stick buble with very thin needle then heat the area up again and press…
  7. I am doing Ok but Kids are getting totally nuts after isolation for 8 days, oh well 2 more days . Thanks for asking. Yes i did just that but i find Lipos better for all tests also as the Volt is so much more stable. And its the Space issue(yes, its that bad). So i take them to basement now and then to closest store that will take my used batteries when out off isolation
  8. Today im saying goodbye to all Nimh batteries as i also like driving my RC cars ;).
  9. I love this Monster Truck and had so much fun with it, it was «expensive» to get it where i wanted it with help from this forum. Main problem is lack off both parts and hop-up options, and i have no clue what the original tyres does on it
  10. @Nicadraus - Like it a lot! As i wrote earlier i have the Subaru kit waiting in a box that is my first RC Rally kit, i peomised myself to wait with hop-ups but 1 week in isolation killed that plan fast and i ordered 3Racing dampers & YR «blue parts» , oh well :). Either way very tidy and clean build, like it a lot!. As for the corona i was most worried about the kids ofc as they do not get the Vaccine, but as they handle corona better they both had mild influenca symptoms only. Think Wife got it worst even if she had 2 Vaccines. But yeah it must be Omikron we got to but we did not get this confirmed
  11. @Bwaaatch Thanks, we are all getting there now I know this could be a litle like «swearing in church here» but my lord those custom themes you come up with looks much better than box art . Looks Amazing!. Recently saw i TD4 in my favorite Clark Finest theme (Grand Prix Legend) on TC that was super sweet, im sure you have seen it. If not mistanken it was Busdriver’s creation I know i will end up with a Avante or Egress kit someday
  12. For me its the Sand colour as in my head that is the most authentic one and this seems like a authentic truck (im not a pro). Looks very nice
  13. According to info i got the test will continiue to show positive for you atleast 3 more month’s, so since we all got it now in this house the kids do not need to test for that period, others at school/kindergarden must do new tests every week. For me this is like Vaccine 3 so i do not need to take the third now. As the kids does not get Vaccine i was very worried how bad it would get but as kids can tackle this better it seems they get away with just a bit fever and other mild influenca symptoms. I think we all are off the hook on We or Th. As im not able to start tu build my new kit i did order a lot off not planed Hop-Ups, it does not seem i can resist
  14. Great work! I love the theme you got going there!. And the Wheels are Badass. Egress is a stunning Buggy. Hope you and your son can keep on sharing the fun i this hobby, thats quality time right there
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