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  1. Only thing i regret is that i cant buy more, i enjoy building them and i get a personal attachment to them in the process, and that is what i care about, not so much bling or rare mint condition parts and that stuff. Started this hobby again with The Grasshopper (i had a Blackfoot as a boy but i always liked the look of TGH), the plan was that my 5 year daughter should drive it but it was far to fast for her and i did not want the perfect looking Pearl white TGH getting scratched, i was personal attached to it :). Think Santa will need to make a cheaper Nikko car she can practice on this christmas
  2. For me i thought the first car i built pikcing ut this Hobby again recently (The Grasshopper ofc) was just fine with the 380, i was suprised how well it was going with stock (did a BallBearing upgrade). I bought a 5000 mah NimH battery that last up to 40 min, the old battery that Timetunnel sent with The Grasshoper was a 2000 mah and is only giving me 10-15 min (i get the feeling the RC is slower to on that battery but that can be just me), thats why i bought a new 5000 mah NimH battery. So the problem with not enough driving time can be solved by bying more rather cheap NimH batteries (especially under 3000 mah). So im trying to find a balance in my RC hobby and not just buy hop ups etc becouse i can, so i want to make sure that the phurchases made are actually worth it. For my new Agrios Txt-2( that is now ready) runs fine on my NimH battery it seems and also fast enough for me, but i have only tested it inside for a short time, if i get 15-20 min on my NimH 5000 mah i will stick with NimH setup for some time to come. On Agrios the ESC i have support both NimH and LiPo, and the SkyRC B6 mini charger i ordered can charge about everthing, but my conclusion is that if im happy with NimH i will not upgrade just yet.
  3. Thanks, i will test. You do also lubricate o-rings, im thinking thats the main thing i missed out (even though i se Gazzaline over hear did that to but with same result as i have).
  4. Thanks Both for help, i will get to work
  5. They realy should be plastic covered on the ends like the ones girls can use in their hair. What you are saying is that you put Neoprene rubber "tape" on the inside of the body or you jus set a piece of rubber on Snap on pin (sharp en ofc) itself after attaching it?.
  6. Im quite new to the hobby and those RC i drove as a kid did not have Lexan body. What i saw today was those **** Snap on Pins for the Lexan body that also goes for holding the battery in place have scratch the paint from the inside of my Top-Force!, suddenly today i could see right through some parts of the Top-Force body, and it was the exact placers where the snap in pins for the battery was, i have probably attached the Body snap pins with the sharp end out and i tid not know ther was a wrong way setting them on. So hate them even more than before now as they also is not very practial to handle + they have a razer sharp end. I am sure there are alternatives but i do not know of any, do you?.
  7. No, i did not lubricate the o-rings so that can be the problem i have, they will not get lubricated when used?. I believe i pulled the piston all the way down. Thanks for the tips, very helpfull.
  8. Hi, I try to do exact the same, assemble the Oil damper itself correctly ofc then i fill the oil all up, then i slowly push the pin up and down until bubles are gone, then i attach the rubbe cap that has Oil all the way up to the cap. Then when the Oil damper`s is complete there is always some that will kick back right away and go back right back all out, while some pins go slowly out and many do not go completely out again. So what is the correct reaction for oil damper?, and if they do not do exaclty the same should i open them and do it again?, i presume that the correct is that the pin kicks right out again all the way (?). I am finishing up the Agrios build and that seg have 8 Oil dampers :), not a kit for beginners i must say (specially this is not for "kids" to build like The Grasshopper etc) ...
  9. As i wrote: I have ordered it today so i do not expect to have it before 2-3 weeks, but it does not hurt to learn the Basics around charging before i start But it is this one:
  10. Easy, the one and only -> The Grasshopper
  11. Thanks. So you would not suggest that the first thing i do when i get a proper charger like this to run the Cycle program you would start with Auto to see what setting it lands on?, sounds logical i did not know it had a Auto program from the youtube videos i saw. I have ordered it today so i do not expect to have it before 2-3 weeks, but it does not hurt to learn the Basics around charging before i start
  12. In Manual i could only find howto on LIPo battery. How to i best check if the NimH is actually 5000mAh?. one suggestion i found was to charge it safe and see how high it charge?. Here is the NimH charge modes from manual: That Cycle progam seems usefull ?
  13. More like pure mid-life therapy if you ask me, thats quality time right there.
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