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  1. Ive only been reading about the C rating and its about the current discharge rate, if you drive on silver can you will not need a higher discharge rate than 25c (i was reading futrher )
  2. My first kit as a boy was BlackFoot :), my first kit taking this hobby up again not long time was The Grasshopper, main reason that this kit was glued to my brain from childhood. Its an easy build and a fun kit to have for reason given, but it it is really terrible to drive and jumpy as ****, so the name suit it well. As my closest place to drive is the woods/hils i bought Agrios that i love to drive around in the woods, but the build itself is not for beginners (for several reasons) i believe and that kit also need the juice from Lipo batteries. A beginner kit that looks really fun to me is Konghead and it seems to handle the terrain better than BlackFoot does. If yoy prefer RC Cars that actually look like cars you can take a look at CC-01 kits but i have no experience with those. Why not end it with a picture of a jumpy legend that had a huge part in starting all this:
  3. I had to test the Top-Force rear damper setup on The Grasshopper so i took one off my daughters out with me for a spin, on the picture she is spinning on Ice. After driving Agrios and Top-Force (with hop-up dampers) i now really see hos terrible the «Hopper» drive, and just Hopper is a name that suit it well. The Hopper can hardly handle anything it is also terrible un-stable on asphalt, also very «angry» with the Torque motor i have in it. Im thinking The Grasshopper is best on a big Lawn or on wet sand at a beach or very fine gravel fotball field etc.
  4. I heard (did not test the difference myself) propper bearings actually does a lot difference regarding tracktion in those kits with plastic bearings
  5. Stock Top-Force damper seems to fit Grasshopper pretty well, if i had 380 stock motor (on top, its much smaller than it looks on picture as you know). A bit suprised by it. Much better than the «Bronze» dampers on Ebay even if they do not get full strech, i think i will keep them on.
  6. Yes you stil have that as a general thing in this group off ppl, but the ppl in that group naging about that we should not play with Toys is dying out (for the most). But yes its always been that big group off observers, i remember in my 20’s that group off ppl was knowing more about what i said and did on a night out than i did myself, i on the other hand i often did not even know they where at the same party because i didnt talk to them or interact with them, still they needed to go on and on on about what happened and what was said, i always thought it was because they where boring ppl that had no fun themself so they had to «breath» trough others, for the same reason i also think they jugde others very fast and want to «bring them down» to their lvl and understanding off life. Thats why we have Religion, to controll the sheeps (us). Must be the same group that is very in to Reality programs like Big Brother, i could Never care less about what ramdom douchbags does and say...
  7. @Badcrumble Did you use Pearl before Black on that lexan spray job?. I also recommend the Scotch tape method for applying bigger decals (found on youtube), to get a perfect finish you can melt in the decals with a hair dryer (this is very good tip) which also remove air bubles, just do not melt them to much ofc
  8. Sellout in a Norewgian RC webshop, got all the stuff in the picture for 430kr shipping included (think it would be 39gbp) and thats amazing prizes for a Norwegian webshop which is in general very overpriced. They did not have Rear Mono 2.2 wheels so bought that and medium Tire glue from RcMart, i was very suprised to find out you must glue them on as my plan was to change Tires depending on surface, i need to re-think this it seems. They will fit Top-Force wheel directly, but again if i must glue them on im not sure..
  9. As i just got a bunch of Tires and Wheels from JConcept i was login in to ask just that, i was really suprised ppl superglue the tires on as i never did that with my stock kit builts, so then you cant change Tyres but must buy new Wheels for each Tire pair, not very economical. My plan was to change diff type off Tires from the surface i was going to drive on.. Had to order Rear wheels from RC mart (Not in stock when local store had a sellout) and then bought Medium Tire glue, im not sure how strong it is but would prefer another solution
  10. edit: Went a bit to off topic there so i removed it again. But regarding RC i will say like Samantha Fox « Nothing Gonns Stop Me Now». And good night
  11. @svenb - as Metallica would put it - Sad but True - Seems all generations have their «thing»
  12. Ok, so then i suggest whats done in the Video and add a balance Bord with usb in, so you can charge like you would a phone. Or as originally suggested use the 2xBattery box and change to thicker silicon cables only. Then charge in li-ion charger as Lentner first wondered and suggested, have not tested but it should work. I would also use Xt-60 plugs as in the picture and not Tamiya plugs, when we are talking safty
  13. If you want to keep these boxes what you should do is shown in this picture with thicker Silicon cables. This so you can charge with a propper smart charger ofc
  14. Hmm its just the same as the powerbank suggestion, so i only showed you how to build them yourself. The cables in you solution would melt with so much Current, same as i have in the picture:
  15. Thats me to, because that was accepted and what you where suppose to do. i wonder how many Kits i was drinking up in my 20’s, i was working as a Chef and was drinking hard, probably 2 decent kits every weekend, right down the toilet hehe
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