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  1. Yet another trip out with my daughter and C.Avante, first run with new Oil dampers so ofc its now more balanced(+ 2 off the stock dampers needed new oil when i replaced them, that did not help either). I tried to take some action shots while she drove, thats not easy.. Its run great with 2s 5200 mah 60c (seems like 60c helped a bit on accelration, my old Lipo 3000 mah had 20c). I miss some adult time with Top-Force :), but its better than nothing though my daughters prefer to play Tag with it rather than drive it, either way it was a bit Tamiya Quality time
  2. This one from Ali is Ok ish, its got a adjustable light and a quite heavy base so it will not fall over, but i wish the arms would tighten up more.
  3. Today i looked at my plan for this Summer, well before i did realise how much work there was to get married in Aug. So this project has been a statusQuo, and do not even ask why i bought some off those hop ups but i do remember having a lot off plans. I will for sure wait to next summer wit paint jobb as i have no suitable space inside to spraypaint without getting a devorce right away. Here is what im looking at:
  4. Only thing is if you want to charge more than 1 lipo at the same time @ a board, each cell need to be exact same volt (or very close) so you need a display to check that before charging. I also like to check now and then if each cell is Ok (if Volt are to low after long storage)
  5. Hope Willy dont think mine its to small though
  6. Took my Daughter out with «TheGrassHopper» today. Later just now i did a litle Damper HopUp Nice dampers
  7. Tired off thinking «hmm what was the best CuttOff again» so i made this note for myself on the lid off my charge Equipment today. Its not only that im getting old but i do not get the time to drive as often as i want to either so i tend to forget
  8. New 60c 2c 5200 mah batteries just had to be tested in the woods today where the snow was almoast gone now. I think she was spinning around for a good 20 min + and the volt was stil over 4 v so i used my ISDT Discharger for the first time, wich has very good quality an can discharge up to 6A, happy with that one. First my daughter spinning around in the Woods, she had a very good time today actually: C.Avante got a much better punch out off the 60c, i know silver cans are not supose to pull much so 25c that i had before should be the same but im quite sure there was more punch now. She had a great time. And my Discharge setup:
  9. @Badcrumble all abaut that kit is Sweet as Jesus
  10. More Hop-Ups from Plaza Japan i ordered under Corona isolation, for my TT-01 Subaru build. Dont even know why i ordered most off this but main plan was just to have a bit fun because that what all Tamiya boys realy want!.
  11. Think i Enjoy this part a bit to much, like a 12years old on X-mas: I promised myself to not buy Hop-Ups, you can see how that went during my corona isolation, more are comming from PlazaJapan . Actually look most forward to painting this one early this Summer (no room for spraypainting booth and to cold in basement, found out the hard way), this Rally car is the one i drive the most @ my Sim Rally PC setup and i love the look off it
  12. @Nikko85 its not always what appear perfect and is most expensive that bring most joy and you get closest to your heart, which this is probably a good example off. Love the sceptical «Kumamon» in there gehe
  13. Last Day in isolation *WooT* this was splendid reading material and its was very interesting to see what build & what you where most pleased with (or among them for some off you). Thanks for sharing all!
  14. Try to stick buble with very thin needle then heat the area up again and press…
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