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  1. Back in the late 80's I received an original Monster Beetle for Christmas. That started a life long interest in RC models. Thanks to the Tamiya re-release of the MB, this Christmas, some 30 years later, I have been able to repeat the process with my son. Suffice to say the MB was built in a couple of days and put straight to work at the local park. We also soon learnt that the MB and skateboard ramps are great fun until said MB becomes airborne and lands wheels up - Doh! I have patched up the shell and I am sure it will be fine once smoothed and painted, but, it did highlight that another shell might be a good idea (not at all that I wanted something to use myself!!). Rather than buy a 2nd MB shell I wanted something different to mix and match - a Blackfoot body being the obvious choice. However, while scanning through the Tamiya back catalogue I came across the Land Rover Defender 90 (Item No: 58657). While based on the CC-01 chassis the wheelbase is very close to the MB - 242mm vs 247mm and at 200mm wide a close fit to the MB. I took the plunge and ordered the D90 body set which arrived today. I have attached a few pictures but in my view it is a very good fit with the MB chassis, and could almost pass off as a scale D90 with a lift kit. Once painted and detailed (there are many detailing parts with the shell) and fitted with LED lighting, it should look great. I will post updates here as the build progresses. Having searched the forum I am not aware of anyone else putting the D90 shell on a MB/BF but if there is please do post a link below.
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