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  1. Which motor you guys going to put in yours ?
  2. Just waiting on my order of hicaps and mci repro decals to start mine 😊
  3. How has the build been so far ? Pretty straight forward ?
  4. Fixed the falcon steering with some parts I had laying around. No more bump steer, sharper steering and better alignment ! Also made a custom battery holder because this runner didn’t come with one.
  5. The pactra line was re-released, it’s available. https://www.amazon.com/Pactra-RC-Paint/s?k=Pactra+RC+Paint
  6. Spaz Stix ! The pactra is good too, don’t mix paint brand though on bodies
  7. For sure, that’s not the first time I’m hearing that though about their kit assembly. Some report no issues like you and some report issues with them I guess I wouldn’t know until I started mine. If I end up getting one, it’ll probably be the top cat but that new Mardave looks interesting 🧐
  8. Sounds like consistency is an issue with their kit quality. I’ve never had a Schumacher and the only thing making me hesitate is that fact.
  9. Ordered the rere hicaps for the vqs and mci repro decals. Mci decals 25% off for the next day !
  10. Awesome!! I’ll be getting the next batch in feb. enjoy ! You going to run?
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