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  1. okay thanks. how cap holding up on yours?
  2. If you had to order those plugs again, is there a size you think would fit with no trimming needed ?
  3. Thanks, I picked up 5000+kv trackstar combo for $35
  4. You have to maneuver the battery out or you can just pop off the servo turnbuckle real quick. The 2 screws to loosen the damper assembly are easy to do. With this steering, the servo flex is gone, less slop, and you don’t have to worry about those 2 additional hinge pins to work with.
  5. Modified TD4 steering, thanks @matisse !
  6. What flysky is it ? I’ve heard the range complaint about fly sky before but then others have no problems with them
  7. What do you guys think about 25t pinion with the 79t slipper spur ? That’s a ratio of like 8.216
  8. Okay thank you. I’m gonna do different scheme than Joel Johnson car but using tomahawk body. Will see how it turns out !
  9. Thank you. Have you used the tomahawk body on yours ? How hard is it to make it fit the the ultima ?
  10. Anyone know which bits were used to mount the wing like that?
  11. Body looks pretty good with those cut lines !
  12. In search of super Sabre red shocks
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