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  1. Oh okay, no worries. You have steel pinion or stock aluminum installed ?
  2. I don’t understand your view. If it was the trump tariff, other countries wouldn’t have the vanquish for an overpriced amount, only USA would. That’s not the case as every country has the vanquish at an overpriced amount.
  3. Thanks ! Yours is nice too. Do you have videos of it running with that motor ?
  4. It’s the China virus, not the trump tariff.
  5. That’s awesome ! I don’t drive mine much but will test out 2s Lipo on it soon.
  6. No, I found the listing but not interested. It has non stock parts on it and I don’t buy prebuilt cars from someone else often because I end up taking all apart anyways to make sure it’s all put together right. Which takes time so for me, I’d rather buy new and build it once myself but that’s me. Everyone has their own thoughts on it.
  7. That makes no sense. It’s auctions or buy it now? If auctions I’m sure it’ll be very close to price of new
  8. How much price you talking about ? You can still buy brand new bigwigs so no point in getting a used rerelease version.
  9. I’m sure you’ve all seen or dealt with the battery/esc wires hanging out of the side of the Fox/Hotshots. Anyone ever heard of a way to reduce or fix that ? It sure doesn’t look good and the wires are pretty close to the ground.
  10. Hornet and Zahhak hopping with my new ramp I built FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  11. Dt03 Racing Fighter Black Edition Stadium Thunder Stadium Thunder Manta Ray Super HotShot Novafox Zahhak TRF201 Super Levant Falcon Hornet Desert Gator
  12. Bought a 2nd NIB stadium thunder from tamiyausa !
  13. Actual experience! The weakest parts are the front c hubs for sure.
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