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  1. thanks, yours looks good. And it is areas that are rubbing against a screw head but the tamiya ps painted bodies i have, have not rubbed off. So i defintely dont think the acrylic is as durable as the tamiya ps which sucks because airbrushing is a lot cheaper than ps cans and more options for detailing. anyways, ill try to keep searching for a way to toughen it up
  2. Recently started airbrushing bodies with proline airbrush paint... the paint is scratching off in some areas just by taking the body on/off. Anyone else have this issue and know of a way to make the airbrush paint more durable?
  3. Been pretty disappointed with proline. the paint scratches off just by putting body on and off. have you heard of people sealing that proline paint with something? also, any idea of a non acrylic airbush paint for rc cars? i just dont think the acrylic is as durable as other paints
  4. Speaking of tomahawk, just painted this up today. For LWB Ultima ☺️
  5. Sweet cars ! Working on vintage mid of my own
  6. So it’s tt02b ms with some extra stuff ?
  7. you just spray the maf on and let it sit for few minutes then wipe off?
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