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  1. lol yea. cant tell 100% for sure but definitely looks to be. along with the same colorway of the original astute.
  2. yea the white writing on body even seems to say "astute". towards front end of cockpit.
  3. Odd how they have released this info without the td4 even being out yet
  4. Is the Fantom just an updated version of this or are they different?
  5. Yea if you run stock novafox shock setup with no sway, it’s terrible suspension. It’s way too low of stance and side to side is extremely loose. You have to set shock setup from og fox if don’t want to run nova sway. That way, the side to side movement slop is all but gone until the shock is compressed.
  6. Nice ! Just add x3 shock clips on the rear collars as that’s what the og manual calls “normal”. No shock clips on front, 1 x3 on each rear shock collar.
  7. Installed runner white wheels on the nova fox. Got another body coming as well that will be getting painted box art blue.
  8. I went og front set up in rear too so no internal spacers, just the external black rubber 4mm spacer like the front. Yes the old fox sway will fit the nova
  9. Thanks! It seems like limited options to get that part tight then since its a big machine screw that goes into the plastic and after a bit, just spins around.
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