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  1. Tried this product today which can be found online in USA or in stores like the Home Depot. It works ! No clouding on the Lexan and it removes 2 layers of polycarbonate paint pretty easily.
  2. It’s the exact same as the kit version. As for the process of building them, I’m not sure about that part. I’ve only had 1 other Tamiya XB and it was assembled great. All the plastic leftover from the trees were removed, screws were tight, all electrics neatly organized.
  3. I went with the XB. I got it for under $200 NIB. The kit was going to be $140 + servo, + esc + receiver + paint for the body and driver. I have others kits in pieces right now that I’m waiting for parts in order to finish so didn’t want to add more pieces to the mess I have. I’m going to take apart and install ball bearings as well as the ampro battery cover and transmission brace as soon as they arrive.
  4. Man, no love for the XB 😂. The XB actually cheaper than getting the kit and putting your own stuff in it right now.
  5. Deciding on either the kit or XB version. If I get the XB version, I'm still going to take it apart and install ball bearings prior to running.
  6. It’s actually Spaz Stix Candy blue backed with silver metallic. My first time using Spaz Stix paint and it’s pretty good. I’ll get some more shots today in the sun and you can see the nice detail.
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