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  1. It’ll pop up. Probably won’t even need to preorder it. Just keep eye out for when they’re released! What cars you got nowadays ?
  2. I’ve contacted Tony at tonytamiyaparts who is an actual Tamiya dealer and he says it’s pure speculation. He hasn’t heard anything about the falcon. Could always change but that’s where things are right now.
  3. You don’t trim it off. Just make it wider. And the body is tight but not because of that, because of the black plastic cover that goes under body
  4. I already have 2 but will definitely get a rere !
  5. I’ve been away from home for 5 weeks due to work and don’t have access to my cars. Haven’t been on here at all since then but I had some time to get back on today and check it out.. how’s everyone been ? I’ve preordered the thunder dragon and top force evo from tower. falcon rere possibly coming too? Awesome
  6. They’re more coveted now because this is the first time they’ve ever be rereleased.
  7. The price is going to be BIG but will pick one up. Same with thunder dragon
  8. Definitely want the top force evo, thunder dragon and the rx memorial
  9. Rere of the 92’ original. Very rare but going to be very pricey
  10. Coming 2021, just announced by Tamiya Japan https://www.tamiya.com/japan/featuredreleases_early2021.html
  11. The Egress is for sure coming, it’s been confirmed. The question is, what else.
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