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  1. @Ferruz holy smokes ! I’m still adjusting the settings on the brushless combo for the hornet and I think I got it too fast earlier today. I ran it without the body and the car had to of been going 40 mph +. When trying to keep it straight, it rolled over onto the street. Thankfully, it looks like the rear body posts are so high that it protected the electronics from getting scuffed up.
  2. Yes it did! I’m surprised too because mine is from the 04 re-release so the plastics getting old now.
  3. What motor/esc do you have in yours ? I had a scare earlier.. I used a tx that had low batteries unknowingly and the hornet took off full speed by itself right into a real car.
  4. Put a 13.5t combo in the hornet 🤣 what you think @Ferruz ?
  5. Drove my new super astute ! This thing is pretty sweet.
  6. Awesome ! Enjoy it. I have many cars and the hornet is just as fun if not the funnest to drive.
  7. Let’s see a pic of your finished hornet !
  8. Now the owner of a like new rtr super astute! Fitted with a Tamiya tble03s esc and Tamiya tblm 10.5t brushless motor. Also came with extra wheels and tires and brand new body set, servo, tx and rx ☺️
  9. Thanks ! This is it with the actual SHS body. And how hard was it to do that switch mod ?
  10. Right on man! Here’s mine. Certainly an interesting build. Sucks having to take apart the top chassis cover to get to electronics so mainly a shelfer for me.
  11. Holy smokes ! Was the SHS new ? I was lucky to get mine for about $200 USD brand new few years ago. Been close to selling it a few times but have decided against it each time lol
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