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  1. Go figure 🤣 I reached out on fb Rc groups a year or so ago about the 1060 brake problem and the feedback was that yea the brakes aren’t good but everything else is. But I’ll play around with it some more and see if I can get some improvement. The radios I’ve tried with are digital trim radios and standard trim radios.
  2. Stock gearing on ultimas and rc10s. I’ve tried with nimh and lipos, the brakes still are bad. It rolls to a stop basically. I’ve tried with different radios (futaba and flysky) but they’re still the same. New brushed motor and old vintage motors as well
  3. ive tried it with different radios and motors and they have all terrible brakes.
  4. Have too many Tamiyas and feeling out the interest for some of the cars I’ll be selling soon… located in USA New built Bigwig (rere) New built super hotshot (rere) New built super astute (rere) New built tt02b Ms New built Vanquish (rere) New built terra scorcher (rere) New built manta ray (rere) New built dt03 neo fighter New built fire dragon (rere, heavily upgraded) New built super storm dragon (rere) NIB stadium blitzer (rere) NIB Baja champ NIB Super clod buster (rere) NIB Thunder shot (rere) NIB fire dragon (rere) NIB td2 (pre painted edition) NIB top force evo (rere)
  5. I’m getting the -200 error when trying to send pics as well but only when selecting “medium” for the size.
  6. Thanks! Never got around to posting finished but here it is.
  7. I think it will be much cheaper in USD. Probably $350 usd
  8. Kyosho will be releasing a Joel Johnson Ultima kit for their 60th anniversary. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/kyosho-ultima-87-jj-replica-2wd-110-kit-60th-anniversary-limited-1352493
  9. There were 2 different types of standard length ultima pro chassis… America had a graphite chassis and outside of America had the aluminum chassis. Here’s the graphite one.
  10. Nice, those are good wing buttons and I would use Traxxas 2362… comes with 4 modern orings so you need 2 packs if you’re going to rebuild all 4 shocks.
  11. I have way too many but always down for another ultima 🤣
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