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  1. Bought a like new neo fighter 🀐 too good of deal to pass up. Already upgraded with ball bearings, aftermarket tires, and servo.
  2. I started a return. Then about 15 min later, it was approved by eBay and they sent the refund. Go to the order then more actions, then return item.
  3. your tire tread going to be gone in 5 min lol
  4. eBay is losing out but the seller should be banned from creating new account so it’s a 1 time scam I think
  5. Ebay refunded mine within 3 days and $ is back in my account.
  6. My favorite transmitter! Have 3 of them now. Cheap and good performance. Can get 2 of these for the price of the futaba rxs that I have for my futaba model memory tx.
  7. how much extra weight you think? i just picked up some sticky weights
  8. Placed an rcmart order for new wheels/tires, shocks, and neo fighter body for my dt03 black edition. going to change the look around
  9. It has a bushing or bearing? The rere
  10. yes they're acrylic. that must be my issue lol
  11. awesome! you going to tint the cockpit or just leave clear ?
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