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  1. Been slow lately... I bought a 2s lipo 50c battery and cut the chassis to accomodate it. The car feels about 40%+ more powerful with this battery, so I guess it was really current constrained on the NiMH. I still need to mount the new battery properly... The newly found power shredded the carbon propeller shaft lol. Not that surprised I guess. Not sure if I will attempt a version 3 now or not. Bunch of other parts came in as well. I'll assemble, take pictures, report, and post eventually. I also cut out and painted the Lancer body... turned out to be a disaster lol. The paint can warned me not to paint in cold or humid weather... I painted in cold AND humid weather. Hopefully when I paint it again in warm dry air the disaster will be fixed lol.
  2. Looking through the manual for the TL-01 LA (long arm) kit it appears that kit also had long lower arms with shorty upper arms. Is this the desired geometry then? Seems strange to me since this results in large camber changes as the suspension travels up/down.
  3. Oh wow that is awesome thanks!
  4. Is that a brushless motor on there? Do you get heat issues with it? chassis melting or motor over heating?
  5. Shocks mounted: front shocks rear shocks I used 6 mm axle nuts instead of the stock 5 mm to gain some extra track width. There is some free play on the half shaft that needs to be shimmed out. I ordered some shims tonight. 6mm axle nuts wheels mounted after a test run
  6. Hmmm... I'm being limited to only 1.08 MB file upload now... Is this a bug? Did I hit some daily/user/thread limit? : ( Edit: found it. there is an attachment limit per user. I'll find a workaround... Edit 2: anyone know how to embed pictures into posts if I am posting them via link hosted on dropbox?
  7. Suspension arms installed. The upper arms/tie rods are a mish-mash of parts since I didn't know what lengths to order or what my preferences would be for materials/style. I had to cut the front ball ends shorter and drill the thread hole deeper to fit the turnbuckle nicely. I have since ordered titanium turn buckles of the required lengths and some nice Tamiya ball ends of proper size. You can see the front upper arms are super short. This kind of destroys the suspension geometry since the camber changes aggressively as the front suspension travels. I think the longer lower arms actually worsen this. There isn't really any room on the chassis to drill holes further inwards to mount the upper front arms. The root of the problem is the location of the mounting holes on the C-hubs; you can see how they are maximally inwards instead of outwards.
  8. Assembling the rest of the chassis core and front gear box.
  9. Neat, thank you. Looks like same dimensions as stock?
  10. Hah, I watched that video just about a week ago! What suspension arms are those? Thank you! That information is super useful : D
  11. Good to know! That is a crazy setup. I wonder if that was even top speed you hit there, or if it could have gone quicker with more room to run.
  12. Tamiya adjustable steering tie rods. I think they are steel turnbuckles - maybe I will switch them for aluminium. New steering rack (w/ servo saver) vs. old steering rack. Definitely worth the weight to be able to adjust toe and to remove the steering slop!
  13. Hop up servo savers. 3 Racing on the left, Tamiya on the right. The 3 racing one was really cheap so I bought it just to compare. The plastic and metal bits feel very cheap, but the design otherwise seems identical to Tamiya. I went with the Tamiya one. I am worried about the steering head in this servo saver being shorter than the stock one. Not sure if the stock one was tuned for its particular length or not, but assuming it was, the ackerman is going to be way off now with the shorter head. Maybe I can glue the old head to this new one somehow.
  14. 10 regular screws (left) vs. 10 titanium screws (right). Not a huge difference but it all adds up! I think i have used 36 of these across the whole car, so maybe about 10 g in savings?
  15. Old servo (left) vs. new high speed servo (right). The new servo is significantly heavier. Not sure if this is normal for high speed servos? This one was fairly cheap at $15 so I think I will look for something better/lighter.
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