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  1. Thanks 87lc2. That manual really helps dissect some of the pieces I need acquire and then move forward. Is it safe to say that the clod buster is probably the most highly modified rc vehicle in existence?
  2. A few more pics . I love the tires that this thing came with
  3. I just researched the hobbywing dual 880 and it looks like a great option for this. My hope is to bring this clod to life at some point . Because this is my first one, I will probably end up purchasing an original or a re release that is stock and learn from that. I’ve taken apart and put back together the original Fox so many times that I could probably do it blindfolded. This clod will probably end up as an interesting modified clod with a fusion of new and old technology. I’m guessing from this pic that he also had a two battery setup too. Not sure how I’m going to dissect this clod.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. So is it safe to assume that it is an original clod buster vs a super clod buster? I will continue to dissect this vehicle and see what direction I will go. I will most likely convert to 2.4ghz with this one although I have, so far, been more of a purist.
  5. Hello, new to the forum and looking for advice. I recently purchased this clod buster chassis and need some direction before I start dumping gobs of money in to it. First off what model is this? I assume it’s the super clod because of the aluminum bracing but the red shock towers threw me a bit. The shocks also spear a bit strange as there are two springs on 4 of the shocks. Is it worth trying to find a manual speed control unit and replace the vintage Novak Rooster or just convert to 2.4ghz etc? Are these Kyosho motors worth saving if they run vs stock ? Do re re parts fit for a majority of the parts ( I’m missing two wheel hub spacers if that’s what they are called)? anyone know how to reduce your image mb size to post more pics( could only post 1 pic)? Also how to rotate the pic so it’s not upside down?
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