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  1. Those tires are the w5031. They came with the Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid Special. Nearly impossible to find these days.Turbo optima was fitted with the OT66 tires.
  2. If all of us did our best to find those bargain vintage nib kits, soon there wouldn’t be any left.
  3. This is a good read. https://www.rccaraction.com/understanding-differentials/#visitor_pref_pop
  4. The red ones have two o-rings but no plastic shock collars between them. There’s nothing stopping them from sliding up the shaft in to the cylinder. The original gold’s are of a different construction, much like the CVA:s. Never had a problem with either of those shocks.
  5. I love the original Turbo Optima, but this re release just doesn’t do it for me. The tires and the threaded shocks spoils it, I think. In a perfect world a re release should be an exact copy of the original. I don’t know why Kyosho makes their rere:s with “improved” shocks and tires. What for? To make them race ready? No one’s gonna race them successfully, except in “nostalgia classes”. Why not offer these shocks and tires as hop ups like they always have? I think most of these cars will be purchased for nostalgic reasons by us who was kids when the originals was released, and many of us (I think) would love if Kyosho released the original gold shocks and OT-66 tires. They would sell like hot cakes. This is just my personal opinion. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.
  6. It’s a three lead cable. Thanks for the answers and the welcome👍 Whatever it is I will most likely not use it. I like tinkering with things but this seems to complicated.
  7. All the electronics is removed. The cable is cut. There’s a “gapped aluminum disc” attached to the other motor as well. It looks just the same but there’s no sensor with cable on that side.
  8. I recently bought a used Super Clod Buster and this mod caught my eye. What is it? Some kind of rpm meter?
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