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  1. So I did this today. It’s going to take me a while to get that throttle and brake setting sorted out. Took its time starting. Threw some penetrating oil down the barrel then it started whether or not that was a coincidence.. I think it’s running rich because i took it outside and it was REALLY REALLY SLOW even at full throttle hardly moving with loads of blue smoke, and when I pull back on the stick to engage the brake it just stalls. Turn the carb screw anti clockwise a quarter turn? Or something more sinister is afoot? Pull cord got snagged (the plastic runner hole at the top keeps coming off) and needs resetting so abandoned play for today as spent no time with family all day. Might get a short play tomorrow.
  2. Thanks will do. I’m going to go to the next meet at one of the local clubs and see how it all works. Would love to get back into it.
  3. I’ve found what I’m looking for on BRCA website. Super!! seems there is quite a lot going on. :-)
  4. I was just browsing the Internet looking at clubs and so on and wondered are there any clubs that actually currently race nitro cars “off road” in the UK either 1/10 or 1/8? If so what would be the best scale / starter model of car to use?
  5. Thanks Junkmunki , I was very close to giving up I have to say, I was absolutely stoked when it fired up. Now the fun part, hopefully. Getting the mixture right will be the next challenge.
  6. 523B7A28-596A-4F39-A1E7-44B7746E34B5.MP4
  7. SHE’S ALIVE!!!! 1. Removed and blocked up the second prime pump as advised 2. Tightened on the fuel line to the tank 3. Found some old ear defenders in the garage attached to what looked like the correct diameter cord. Used it as a pull cord. Worked a treat and I think was the clincher. Could now ‘pull’ with a good stroke and a degree of confidence. 4. Blew through the fuel, tinkered with the carb settings, unscrewed the idle screw fully. She ran off at first and then I messed around a bit and could get it idling. I couldn’t understand why the gear was running round then stupidly realised that if i just lightly sat a screw driver on the pinion gear it would stop it and the clutch would do its work. I do remember it would never just idle without moving slightly, clutch likely needs slight adjustment. I also remember the black drops that used to drip out from the bottom of the pull start case lol. If I figure out how to post a video I’ll do one of it running. Thanks for your advices I couldn’t have done it without you guys help - mainly you WillyChang! I have been barred from playing with it for the rest of the day but can’t wait to get it built now!! Will post more pics once I get it fully going.
  8. Well, it’s definitely not ‘spraying’ out of anywhere when I blow. I can see fuel there though when I pump the primer.
  9. New glow plug starter, still zilch. So disappointed. New hoses check oil down the cylinder head check new fuel check engine is pulsing air check I would even settle for a little start and stop lol Should I be getting some fuel on my finger holding it over the manifold ? Cos it is dry
  10. Yes brand new , the one you recommended , fits perfectly. One thing I forgot - the carb screw I wound all the way in then 1 &1/2 turns out BUT the idle screw - I have no clue if this affects anything for starting When throttle is shut I have just a small crack showing in the inlet - exactly as is required in the manual. Is there a way to ‘set’ the idle screw?
  11. Hmm I made a reply but it isn’t showing up I’m pretty sure there is compression I can feel it though the manifold and I did try with the oil as well. I really think it’s the glow plug starter this old thing is not really making the plug glow all the way through and that together with the fact that some of the surface has dulled on the cylinder head through cleaning and it probably isn’t generating enough heat. The new plug starter will be the last throw of the dice :-)
  12. Hi yes I am pretty sure there is at least some compression there, if I hold my finger over the manifold I can feel air being expelled. I did do the oil method as well. So now onto the plug, when testing the plug out of the car it is not glowing hot all the way through and add to that the fact that the cylinder head has lost a bit of its coating in the cleaning process I think it could be retarding the current. These connections and croc clips are too old and corroded up and this is 30 year old tech. So I’m going to try the new glow starter when that arrives and then I am out of ideas.
  13. Still won’t start. :-( next I’m ordering a proper glow plug starter and today I’m putting on some new fuel pipe that arrived yesterday and doesn’t look the right size. I’m not using an air filter I don’t think that should be a problem.
  14. Thanks man, it’s currently sitting in an eggcup of acetone , is that a no-no? New hoses and pull start start cord should arrive next week. No excuses then. There is a black ‘sheet’ is the only thing I can describe it as, in the fuel tank. Not sure if attached to anything. Is this to prevent fuel splashing about?
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