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  1. SPOT ON thank you thank you. what a superb forum this is. I think I’m going to try it and see how it goes. I’ve used cars with one way fronts before and I like the way they handle.
  2. Hi all I’m trying to find a one way front diff for my DF03 53953 seems to be the item but is like rocking horse doo doo can anyone tell me what a 53954 front one way bevel is (is that a part from 53953) and what is a 53931 CENTRE one way set and how that is different from the above item/s the latter two seem to be available youre answers are received with great thanks!!
  3. Hi Mark I didn’t because of the lockdown which was very badly timed. But I’m looking at deerdale rc eventually just to have a practice / play with my rs 200
  4. Agree with all the above!! This forum is absolutely top draw no doubt and a superb source of information. No reason why both cannot co-exist. But I don’t see a DF03 section but perhaps that’s my bad? Facebook is definitely easier for pics and video uploads.
  5. I have set up a Facebook group for the Tamiya DF03 cars Dark Impact, Avante Mk2 and Keen Hawk. i would be delighted to have new members to share knowledge and experiences! https://m.facebook.com/groups/283542279468638/?ref=group_browse DF03 Tuning
  6. @junkmunki good advice right there sir! I do enjoy it, yes they were / are temperamental and always will be. Still great fun to drive. Addicted to the smell of nitro fuel too , so.... Ok so here ends my RS200 diary. Great thread and thanks for starting it man. The memories are ours. Forever.
  7. Unfortunately I can’t post the video so you’ll have to take my word for it
  8. I’m am sure you were waiting for the next instalment so here me goes.. good progress after tons of trial and error. I noticed the following. The ebay glow plug starter is actually useless rubbish. The original glow plug starter is great. leave the glow plug attached for 30 seconds after starting stars easy now and idles ok. But is still really laggy despite loads of tuning backwards and forwards. Noticed fuel coming from the glow plug. Undid it to clean the surface and noticed there were two washers on it. I took one washer off and replaced but now it wouldn’t crank. Quickly checked the glow plug in this engine to my other one and it’s a few mm longer and has a u shaped part on the end of it. Refitted the two washers and started again . In the attached video something really strange happened. All of a sudden the car kicks up a notch in revs and it starts running great! i check the engine and the pipe from the exhaust manifold to the tank to supply pressure has completely popped off. So the car runs loads better without that pipe!? What gives ?? It was too rich I hear you thinking... but the needle valve at this point is only about a single turn open. Proper confused 🤷‍♀️
  9. Ok I received my new engines .. so tried the OS 10 of course first .. looks in good nick turns nicely .... installed it all... and I just can’t believe it’s exactly the same as the last one.i.e: - takes a while to get started - only starts by chucking a ton of fuel into the carb and opening the throttle to about 60 percent - once started have to leave it throttle wide open, even leaving the glow plug starter attached as soon as it closes it stalls. But the engine is already red hot after just a few seconds flat out SO... because the problematic running seems identical could I then establish that the engine / carb is not at fault and it is either my rubbish eBay glow plug starter, fuel tank and delivery of fuel thereof (ie not enough FT pressure) or the fuel itself ?? (16%) any helpful guesses I would be massively grateful , I don’t want to spend unnecessary money
  10. :-) lol - throttle or steering? I have just taken up an offer of a gs-12 and an old OS 10 fp from a Facebook post I made earlier so I’m going to give those a try
  11. What’s the best way to secure a servo in here? (I’m on the mid now while I wait my battery and other bits to come in the post)
  12. I have an old acoms servo with the end cut off , does anyone know if you can buy the plugs on their own?
  13. Got into it today a fair bit. Thats it for now until save for an ESC battery servo and receiver. Would love to stick a fresh body on here.
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