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  1. Hi Jonathon, I will start the racing season this year in March for the first time. The circuit is outdoor and I'm preparing one TA07Pro (with 10.5T motor) + one TRF419XR (with 13.5T motor). Since I never run before in a circuit, I was wondering to learn circuit with TA07 Pro and then to race with TRF419XR. Probably for my purpose the TA07 pro does not need additional upgrade... but with jazzrider and exotek kit it should be possible to transform it in something very close to TA07 MS but with a lower price. (------ and I like hopped up ) I also checked the RS7 conversion kit but it is slightly more expensive than jazzrider and also with RS7 kit the chassis comes very similar to TRF419XR. Of course Rs7 keep the single belt design and the variable motor mount but I guess rigidity and torsional effects of RS7 is similar to TRF419XR... Of course it was cheaper to purchase since the beginning TA07 MS rather than TA07 pro full of hop up... but what to do now?
  2. They look nice but the main difference is that they cannot fit ball bearings for the sway bar (instead with Exotek is with ball bearing) But regardless the brand, does it worth as an uprade or not? And what about the carbon chassis of Jazrider?
  3. Hi Folks, as per the title I'm wondering if it worths to purchase Exotek 1885 bulkheads and Jazrider carbon chassis JR-TA7CK. I basically already have all the possible Tamiya Hop-Up for TA07 pro and with the above two upgrade it will come similar to TA07 MS. As long as you know, is Tamiya planning to release any official upgrade kit to bring TA07 pro to TA07 MS?
  4. Congratulations, it looks a very nice rig! You have been very lucky because it's plenty of hop-up, especially the metal axles that as of today are difficult to find. To complete the project suggest you to add the following: - aluminum servo mount (like tamiya 54104) - aluminum side frame 54087 - carbon mechanism deck 54111 - Aluminum skid plate 54105 (I'm not sure but maybe from the pictures is already installed) If you add the above, you will have a dream CR01
  5. Currently I'm using two servo saver tamiya 51000 with two savox SW1210SG... but I'm planning to remove the saver and to use just alloy horns. I guess the saver are more useful in case of high speed cars where impact at high velocity can damage the servo. In case of crawling, the servo can be just locked and current will go up to the stall current. Here the damage would be on the ESC if the integrated BEC is not rated for enough current. This issue can be fixed by using external BEC.
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