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  1. Yup, I got re-addicted about one year ago with my Thundershot. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/92059-my-vintage-thunder-shot/&tab=comments#comment-780459
  2. For my Thundershot I bought a hardened steel pinion (8714) from Robinson Racing and their reducer sleeve (1200) and haven’t looked back. Stock is 15T but I went with a 14T since I upgraded the motor from the silver can 540 to a Superstock BZ. The Thundershot uses a 0.8mm (32dp) pitch not 0.6 (48dp) pitch. My original aluminium pinion was looking quite worn.
  3. Interesting find and the fact you got it in your hands must make it quite rewarding. The fact there’s still some secrecy over the country means there are probably some other finds he’s after and doesn’t want competition.
  4. Post up some pictures of it! Is it similar to the Chris Craft runabouts?
  5. You’ll have a blast in the widebody Challenger Hellcats. The Vipers are gone; they left in Fall 2017.
  6. DO IT!! And seriously consider adding a couple of days on when you book your free day for owning a Hellcat. You’ll likely wish you did once your down there on the first day. I’ve been down there a few times with the first one being just before FCA killed the Viper. Putting a couple hundred miles on a 2017 Viper was A LOT of fun.
  7. Nice ride! I put over 400 miles on a Hellcat Challenger widebody 6spd on a track over several days. Considering how heavy the cars are, Dodge did a pretty good job with the suspension tuning. With all the electronic nannies turned off, coming out of a sweeping left hand corner, it was a smoke show every time when I got greedy on the gas pedal on the track. A LOT of fun!
  8. If you went to a car dealership to the parts counter and bought all the pieces for any car individually, it would cost more than walking over to the sales floor and buying that car already together.
  9. Like most entry level R/C cars, that one has been driven hard and put away wet many times early in its life.
  10. So the box that had the now misplaced cars in it is in your possession but it’s empty? Having moved a few times, those stickers on each box are valuable for tracking to ensure every box that was packed in the old place is in your new place. Also ensuring the boxes are unpacked by the company is important to track for damage or missing items. That totally sounds like an inside job. Once the box was on their truck or in their wharehouse if it sat for a bit before going to your new place, they opened it and took what they liked. Was there anything els in the box they left?
  11. I’ve got that Tamiya catelog with the Hotshot on it. 1985 I recall. Also have the one with the BigWig which is 1988?
  12. New Lunchbox kits go for between $95 to $128USD and those are in super mint condition. That’s with ESC too. If you can get $100 or more, I’d be flipping that too!
  13. I wouldn’t call it near mint given the damage described. If you think you can sell it for $50, do so! You clearly have a value in mind as to what it’s worth since you think you scored a deal at $30. What do you think it’s worth?
  14. Nice to see another TS being dusted off after long term storage. I did the same with my Thundershot a couple of months ago after almost 30 years of being in a box. Keep us posted on the rebuild. I’ve made a few more upgrades to my Thundershot over the past month or two. It’s addictive.
  15. Took it out for a spin last night and got a decent photo or two. That gravel gets everywhere and the dust boot on the BZ is almost useless as it needed to be disassembled too.
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