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  1. My last two runs haven’t resulted in any parts breaking. Aside from tearing it down after sleeping for 28 years, upgrading to full bearings, installing a couple of Shapeways parts (after breaking orignal parts), an ESC and a nimh battery everything else is original. When I opened the dampers last month the oil was clean so its running with vintage oil. Future upgrades I’m thinking about are proper universal joints for the front, maybe for the rear too along with an upgraded motor and steel pinion. Its aged well since I built it back in 1990.
  2. Thanks for the tips and advice as I got this car rolling again. What are the major differences between the 17 turn black and gold motors you refer to compared to a 23 turn super stock bz/tz? When I upgrade the pinion with a steel one should I stick with a 15t or go with a 13t or 14t?
  3. Took it out to the track this afternoon and had a full run without breaking anything. It tracks straight without needing to adjust the trim tabs too. Thinking I might need to upgrade the stock 540 with something a little more exciting now....
  4. Except for a full bearing kit (24 bearings instead of 24 plastic washers) my stock 1988 Thundershot weighs in at 1287g. Replacing the MSC with an ESC drops it down to 1216g.
  5. Installed the Shapeways A5 and B8 parts along with the 53301 shaft set so there’s less stress on both A5 and B8 pieces. Also installed the ESC which shed 71 grams from the car. Drove it around the house to test and it will get a top speed run outside tomorrow. With these upgrades, my stock 1988 Thundershot isn’t so stock anymore. I think I’ve got the upgrade disease.....
  6. In addition to getting a new Shapeways A5 piece, I also ordered a quicrun 1060 ESC to replace my MSC. Not surprisingly, the quicrun ESC instructions don’t provide much guidance on connections for a 30 year old setup. So, should the ESC lead to the receiver plug into the Ch2 or Batt plug on my receiver? My guess would be Ch2 since the ESC is replacing my MSC servo. Also, for the motor leads, I presume yellow goes to yellow and blue goes to green for my stock 540?
  7. The Shapeways A5 and B8 parts arrived along with the shaft set which i’ll use instead of the screws. Even though my Thundershot chassis isn’t broken, for $12 I couldn’t resist a new chassis in case something does happen to mine.
  8. A package from Japan arrived today for my Thundershot. I’ve got a Shapeways A5 arriving too which I’ll use instead of the OEM one on the A sheet.
  9. Those 58.5mm shafts are longer than what comes in the 53301 Pack? I’ve got that pack arriving next week and will use that (instead of the stock screws). I got the regular nylon A5 part coming too but if that nylon A5 breaks I’ll spring for the alloy A5 part and reuse the 53301 shafts.
  10. Interesting. I just ordered the plastic version which should arrive next week. I was thinking about ordering the alloy version but decided on the plastic.
  11. I took my Thundershot out for a test run for the first time in 28 years. Grazed the base of the kids slide in the back yard and broke the famously weak A5 part. I got about 10 minutes in before it broke but it was great to see it running again after so many years in storage. Already ordered a new A5 part before taking it out thinking the original one would break pretty quickly.
  12. I took it out for a spin in my backyard and got a 10 minute spin in before the A5 part broke. I grazed the bottom of the kids slide which broke it. I can’t say I was shocked given it’s the weak point on the car and many said it was bound to happen. The good news is I ordered a Shapeways A5 (and B8 part) part the other day figuring the 30 year old part wouldn’t last long. The bad news is it won’t be here for a few days.
  13. To the OP, you explain your opinion very well! We’re all different which means we’re likely not all going to be chasing or striving for the same thing(s). You outline how much time and effort you put into acquiring the original parts, and generally, the more time and effort involved, the better the outcome or chances of reaching your goal, especially when it’s not done in a shady way. When you purchased the NIB Frog last year, you said it was done sneakily, even though you were in the right place at the right time. What was sneaky about the purchase??
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