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  1. Like most entry level R/C cars, that one has been driven hard and put away wet many times early in its life.
  2. So the box that had the now misplaced cars in it is in your possession but it’s empty? Having moved a few times, those stickers on each box are valuable for tracking to ensure every box that was packed in the old place is in your new place. Also ensuring the boxes are unpacked by the company is important to track for damage or missing items. That totally sounds like an inside job. Once the box was on their truck or in their wharehouse if it sat for a bit before going to your new place, they opened it and took what they liked. Was there anything els in the box they left?
  3. I’ve got that Tamiya catelog with the Hotshot on it. 1985 I recall. Also have the one with the BigWig which is 1988?
  4. New Lunchbox kits go for between $95 to $128USD and those are in super mint condition. That’s with ESC too. If you can get $100 or more, I’d be flipping that too!
  5. I wouldn’t call it near mint given the damage described. If you think you can sell it for $50, do so! You clearly have a value in mind as to what it’s worth since you think you scored a deal at $30. What do you think it’s worth?
  6. Nice to see another TS being dusted off after long term storage. I did the same with my Thundershot a couple of months ago after almost 30 years of being in a box. Keep us posted on the rebuild. I’ve made a few more upgrades to my Thundershot over the past month or two. It’s addictive.
  7. Took it out for a spin last night and got a decent photo or two. That gravel gets everywhere and the dust boot on the BZ is almost useless as it needed to be disassembled too.
  8. Ahhh, the 2020 version for the Terra Scorcher!!! Cool. What are the differences between the rere and the original TS?
  9. The mailman delivered these the other day. Less than 2 weeks to arrive from Japan (free shipping) which is pretty good considering the pandemic we’re all dealing with. Took it out for a couple of runs (3kmah and 5kmah batteries) last night and nothing broke! I figure I should get another 53791 kit on order soon for the rear so the shafts are all new.
  10. Ah this brings back memories of when I stripped down my Thundershot 3 months ago after a 30 year rest. Keep us up to date with the progress. Once you start with the upgrades, it will be hard to stop!
  11. Yeah, if something will break then it will with my TS. And I was ripping around on short grass when the dogbone broke.
  12. With an item that hasn’t been in production for decade or two it could be worth $25 or $350. It really depends on how many other buyers are looking for that item at the same time you are. If there’s not many and the seller doesn’t have a minimum price he thinks it’s worth, then you could get it for less. Similar to a classic car auction. If there’s no reserve on a specific car your interested and no one else is bidding on it, then you will get it for a great price.
  13. Had it out for another run when 33 year old metal decided it had enough. I didn’t realise what exactly happened until a few minutes later but I instantly knew something happened as it ran like crap. My 4wd car was suddenly a fwd car! Went back the next day and found the dogbone but not the outdrive. I thought the outdrive broke (see pics further above) so I was surprised to see it was the dogbone that broke instead. I’ve already got a df02 universal shaft (and hardened outdrives) on order which should arrive some time this week. I was going to replace the front dogbones since they had a slight wobble in them. Of course it had to be a straight rear dog bone that broke so i’ll still be running with wobbly dog bones. I guess I need to order another df02 shaft set now,
  14. Post a picture of the “first world” problem you’re dealing with.
  15. I agree, that’s a good deal considering it was in stock.
  16. Sounds like a score as there are not many places that stock anything. What’s a good price in TO for a rere Frog?
  17. I’ve got a soft spot for the Hornet as it was my first 1/10 RC car back in 1988. PS22 appears to be dark enough for the yellow/orange stickers to still pop. I’m interested in seeing how it turns out!
  18. Another few runs this weekend without issues. Only breakage was shearing off one of the two clip pin holders for the body after it rolled a few times on the asphalt. I ordered new shapeways pins a while ago and will install them now. The outdrives sure get chewed up with the higher torque BZ motor which the hardened ones will cure. Took a few pictures on one of the runs with one showing the rear end squat under acceleration.
  19. My next purchase will be the hardened diff joints. Thanks for the kit #. Took it out for a spin tonight with a new set of shoes!
  20. Thanks and I think you’re right. The extra torque of the BZ is causing additional stress on the outdrives. Is there such a thing as hardened outdrives? And ThunderDragonCy your reason as to why totally makes sense!
  21. Had a few good rips around the neighbourhood today. I noticed it was a little noisy at some points but it wasn’t a constant noise so didn’t think much of it. After washing it down and looking closer at things I noticed unusual wear (?) on the rear gear box joints, very noticeable on the right (motor) side. I plugged in the battery and ran it noticing quite a clatter from the drive train. It was coming from the rear end and when I compressed the rear suspension a little, the noise disappeared and it ran smothly. So it only makes the noise when the rear suspension is at the bottom of its travel. Before I take apart the entire rear end, any advice on why it’s jamming which is causing the dog bones to chew away at the gear box joints?
  22. Thanks for the tip on the 3mm spacers. I’ll do that.
  23. I don’t have any suggestions for a model but I’m digging the ‘68 Charger cornering. Can’t say I’m a fan of plum crazy purple, especially when it didnt come out until 1970. It reminds me of the 400+ miles I put on a Hellcat at a race track except it didn’t have the same body roll as it’s older cousin!
  24. I’ve had several more runs without breaking anything. I also pulled the trigger on a 5,000nmh battery so I’m not as limited on run times each day. With the BZ motor I can’t help but notice how much more wear the tires have, especially the front ones. The extra torque and speed of the BZ sure has the suspension squatting much more under load. I’ll check if I’m running hard or soft oil in the shocks but would that really help reduce the squat or should I get stiffer springs? Or upgrade the 3 shocks?
  25. Nice MG’s! My brother is in the process of restoring our Dad’s TD.
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