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  1. Hi, I was literally asking the same question last week. I ended up with a (as yet unbuilt) Comical Grasshopper. The chassis for the comicals is is a slightly modified WR02 that underpins the Wild Willy (WR02CB). Ticked my boxes as being fun, and robust. If pink is the colour, the Comical Frog is the obvious way to go - I got the Comical Grasshopper as it was on heavy discount.
  2. Right, I think I've ordered everything - battery, charger, servo all on the way. I fell down what seemed like a pretty deep internet hole on servos, but managed to claw myself out. Thanks again for everyone's help, I'll be back around the forum with questions as soon as I remember how much I've forgotten about the building process
  3. That was the conclusion I was reaching on servos, so glad I'm not alone! Sticking with NiMH for now, so thanks for the recommendation. Am I right that you put lights on your Comical? Is it straightforward?
  4. Right, I've been busy. The following are on their way: Comical Grasshopper kit inc ESC Bearing set from rcbearings FlySky GT3C and receiver - in Orange! So I still need: Servo, battery and charger (I plan to add lights but probably not at first). Any advice on servos? I see there are digital and analogue. @Juggular kindly suggested one above for the Kong Head, but I'm assuming (perhaps wrongly) I would need something less beefy for the CG? The B6 is suggested as the go-to charger above - anyone got a recommended place to buy one? there seems to be a lot of clones / fakes around. Finally, any battery recommendations - I'm all about the VfM! Thanks again everyone - your response has been fantastic.
  5. @JuggularThanks for your post - some great advice there. I've ordered the comical Grasshopper now, but the Kong Head (and that mad school bus) did catch my eye. @moffmanThanks. I think cheap controller with cheap receivers is looking the way to go. That Absima CR3P looks interesting.
  6. Ahh, I love a good non-standard standard! So, it seems like this Dx5c at £69 is a good buy BUT would possibly lock me into buying more expensive Spektrum brand receivers. Are there any cheap receivers compatible with the DX5C that people know of?
  7. Thanks everyone for all the advice - i'm really grateful for so many of you taking the time to offer your thoughts. I think I'm leaning towards ordering this as my first build Comical Grasshopper £84.99. Seems to fit the bill for my purposes and looks a good deal (the vintage 4wd buggies can wait for daddy's birthday.) I may pull the trigger later today if I can't resist. In terms of other kit, any views on good transmitters? Back in the day I had a trusty Techniplus stick controller. Pistol controllers seems so exotic then, but seem much more common now. Whatever I buy would need to have EPA (I think that's what you call speed adjustment) and fit small and large hands - which I guess suggests some sort of pistol. I'm assuming batteries, servos, bearings etc are much of a muchness and I should just buy on spec and price?
  8. @Baddon just checked out your 4wd collection thread. That thundershot takes me back to Christmas morning, 1989(?). I tore the corner of the present off at about 3 in the morning and seeing the 'er' thought I had a grasshopper. I couldn't believe it when I realised my dad had pushed the boat out for a 4wd. God bless Beatties salesmen.
  9. Worked out the bearings - get proper metal ones to replace the plastic ones in the kit. I'll get there...
  10. Thanks for all the great advice here. I'd not thought about the comical cars. I see you can get a comical grasshopper or hornet kit for £85 - which looks a hefty discount. Will these run ok on mud / grass? And when you say add bearings, any more clues (I'm learning!)
  11. Thanks @Mad Ax Really useful stuff there. Good to know about being able to limit the speed - that was something I'd been thinking about. I actually saw a Clod on gumtree over Christmas that looked great - that was one of the things that got me thinking.
  12. Having just registered, I thought a quick post to introduce myself would be in order (Not sure of board etiquette, so delete if not the done thing). Like I guess many of you, I had a Tamiya RC car as a child (Thunder Shot that I quickly upgraded to a Terra Scorcher). Now I have kids of my own (aged 4 and 7) I am feeling a strong nostalgic pull, and plan to dip my toe back into the wonderful world of Tamiya with them (or at least that's my story!). I don't have any set plans, but would like to start with some sort of monster truck - Lunch Box, Monster Beetle, Midnight Pumpkin or even (gulp) Clod Buster. I plan to put whatever I build / buy second hand to mess about in the garden with the kids (ramp building, bashing into stuff - the usual) so they will very much be work horses rather than show ponies. I'm thinking cheap and cheerful rather than rare and exotic, but I've said that before and lived to tell the tale. I don't have a lot of experience building, so will likely need a lot of advice along the way. Any ideas what my first build / buy should be and tips for someone in my position gratefully received, and I look forward to picking your brains as I progress.
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