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  1. How about the TEU 104 esc?
  2. Hi, does anyone know the sizes of bearings needed to be used in Tamiya re re kits? Planning to buy bulk on Ebay. Thanks
  3. Would anyone know if the ESC that come packaged with the re re handle 2c Li Po batteries? Also what is the motor limit?
  4. Does the re re TF come with adjustable turnbuckles or just the straight bar?
  5. Cool!!! I plan on going pearl white on my Egress. What do you think?
  6. Change the chassis to carbon fiber. I'm not sure if the Tamiya FRP will hold up. Also get a set of turnbuckles-titanium or alloy.
  7. when was the super clod buster released?
  8. Got it. Yup that's what I did, I bought bulk from an online store
  9. When was this black edition released? how about the other clod variants?
  10. Got it. Anyone know how many bearings the re re needs? I found 3 options on Ebay; 10pcs, 12pcs and 16pcs? Know any other important upgrades to add/buy for this re re?
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