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  1. T Thank you for the info and links, appreciated. Do you happen to have a pic of the Optima with the wing? I would love to see the finished product.
  2. How can I mount the wing after cutting the rear louvered panel?
  3. Is there a way to add a rear wing on the Optima?
  4. Do I need to change to the pro trans when using a Reedy Radon 17 turn(brushed) on the XLS and Top Cat?
  5. Does the Javelin and the Optima share the same chassis?
  6. What's there FB page? Ill message them also. wouldn't hurt...
  7. I second, who do you think you are to say a fool and his money are soon parted... Maybe for you its expensive, but for me its not. To you its not worth it, to me, it is!
  8. If there is no response, i do not order from the seller. Chances are the seller is not doing business at this times. IMO
  9. I'm not into after market upgrading on re re's for the reason I like it to be authentic Tamiya as possible.(except ESC, Servo and Rx). For the money to upgrade it, I would just pick up another kit. IMHO I've seen allot of Hot Shots that are upgraded and the only upgrade I like and considered is the Factory Works Chassis.
  10. And include blue oil filled shocks instead of the blue friction shocks.
  11. I missed out on the re re of the Boomerang And Thunder Shot. Hope they re re re it again. Wishing for a Falcon, Super Sabre and Mad Cap.
  12. I would pick that up in a heartbeat! Great piece of history together with the Cat XLS Misami
  13. I'm not much on the licensing issues with Chevrolet and Tamiya. Like the Blackfoot, I just want a brand new, re re red Clod buster... since its not gonna happen, Ill have to settle with the blue Super Clod
  14. Did Tamiya ever re release the red Clod? what year?
  15. What ps color did you use on the manta and terra?
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