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  1. kid168

    Marui Samurai help...

    Both front are missing so I gave no exact dimensions.
  2. Hi, I was referred to you by a member. Anyway, do you have 2pcs Samurai front drive shafts{dog bones) available?

  3. Looking for 2 pcs front drive shafts(dog bones) for the Samurai? Is there another brand(Tamiya, Kyosho, etc) that will work with the Samurai?
  4. Hi, does the DF03 have a stab link kit? Part number? If there was none made, what stab link would work on the DF03?
  5. HI, is there a part I can buy to position the wing further back? I'm not sure about cutting the wing so the rear shocks will fit. If you have any wing mods, post some pics please.
  6. I too bought the buggy champ, I think both side by side would look awsome.
  7. That looks so much better with the short hose. Can you post pics of the body removed so I can see the whole hose connection?
  8. love to see a Mad Cap, King Cab, Bear Hawk, Top Force Evo
  9. IMO, 2 people are giving advise, one has the unit and one doesn't. I would hear both but only believe the one who has. PEACE peeps!
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