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  1. I too bought the buggy champ, I think both side by side would look awsome.
  2. That looks so much better with the short hose. Can you post pics of the body removed so I can see the whole hose connection?
  3. love to see a Mad Cap, King Cab, Bear Hawk, Top Force Evo
  4. IMO, 2 people are giving advise, one has the unit and one doesn't. I would hear both but only believe the one who has. PEACE peeps!
  5. Are this damper sets much better in performance than the plastic ones included in the kit? Or they just look prettier?
  6. Thank you, was worried may be the height is different in the VQS. Can you post some pics of the steering installed if you got time?
  7. Has anyone have any info if the Avante race steering set #47388 will work perfectly with the VQS?
  8. save your 25 bucks. just run it and enjoy. IMO
  9. Agree, dog bones are too angled. Run it on the ground arms a bit compressed.
  10. Do you have full bearings on those?
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