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  1. Yep you are right, they are three packs of 2x 1/2AA. Will see what this project leads to....
  2. Ok, what is this place? Where are you located in the US? I must find an house next to yours! ....impressive caveman! congrats!
  3. Good morning all, I have made some "progress" in the weekend. I have decided to go to the hard route, a full rebuild of the pack. I first cut all the gray shrink tube (where the labels sits) so that I can do the removal process more easily. I then discovedered that batteries inside the pack were extremely bad, acid everywhere inside the green caps! I will then need to buy new NI-CD batteries (three 2.4v batteries), connect them together, remake the shrinking and then reapply labels. (original or reprinted, not sure yet). This will be a very fun project, I will post some pictures later on.... Note: I have decided to rebuild with a NI-CD battery as they are much more robust than the NI-MH ones, I have found only 400mah ones so they will last more than the original 270mah
  4. So far everything is "smooth"! I like the black rubber shielded bearings so that's also a reason for me to go there.... of course they have also the blue ones!
  5. Thanks guys for the suggestions! I will definately try the heat gun thing, at the same time I am making a picture, just in case something goes to the wrong direction...
  6. I bulk buy from Aliexpress, this is the store I use: Bearings store
  7. Hi all, I have a good Tampack battery that I want to restore. External case is damaged so I am going to replace it, however I would like to keep the original stickers which are in a great condition. What would be the best way to remove them??? what glue to use to restick them to the restored battery? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I'm restoring a vintage Thunder Shot and I am missing rear suspension mounting spacers B1 and D3. Is there any goodfellow that can measure them for me (external diameter and thickness should be enough). I will 3D print them...
  9. There are three AFAIK, all should be ok: 5299, 50299, 4135017. thanks for checking!
  10. Dear all, i'm restoring an original Bigwig and I have to replace a bent dogbone. Seems pretty rare to find so I'm guessing if somebody has one to sell me. Looking at some good topics it seems they are the same dogbones of the original Boomerang... I need the original one as I'm mounting all stock items. Thanks!
  11. Really? Where? I usually look at eBay...
  12. Bought a set here: https://www.rc-shop.ch/983_36880/tamiya-rc-modellbau-boomerang-08-plated-wheels-f-r/ cheers
  13. Hi, I can try to design and 3D print this part if this makes sense to you and if you can provide me some measurements.
  14. Nice models, did not know them! However I do not like the bare switch so I would put anyway the case I designed on them.... thanks for sharing!
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