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  1. Hi all, I'm restoring a vintage Thunder Shot and I am missing rear suspension mounting spacers B1 and D3. Is there any goodfellow that can measure them for me (external diameter and thickness should be enough). I will 3D print them...
  2. There are three AFAIK, all should be ok: 5299, 50299, 4135017. thanks for checking!
  3. Dear all, i'm restoring an original Bigwig and I have to replace a bent dogbone. Seems pretty rare to find so I'm guessing if somebody has one to sell me. Looking at some good topics it seems they are the same dogbones of the original Boomerang... I need the original one as I'm mounting all stock items. Thanks!
  4. Really? Where? I usually look at eBay...
  5. Bought a set here: https://www.rc-shop.ch/983_36880/tamiya-rc-modellbau-boomerang-08-plated-wheels-f-r/ cheers
  6. Hi, I can try to design and 3D print this part if this makes sense to you and if you can provide me some measurements.
  7. Nice models, did not know them! However I do not like the bare switch so I would put anyway the case I designed on them.... thanks for sharing!
  8. That's how I solved the issue. As there are no commercial available switches with one bipolar wire, as the one we use in TEU Tamiya ESCs, I designed and 3D printed it. Seems to work OK and, as previuosly mentioned, I'm able to replace the ESC without removing the switch. It uses standard DPDT 6 slide switch with M2 mounting holes with a wheelbase of 19mm.
  9. You are right, will consider this thanks!
  10. LoL... Incredible! Makes no sense to me.. thanks for sharing
  11. Don't find it... What do you mean gold chrome?
  12. I have a 2011 Avante to build and was looking for that special edition body unsuccessful... How is that color compared to your PS59?
  13. No, very nice suggestion did not know it exhisted, thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm in the process of building a 2011 Avante and I would like to recreate the chrome--plated effect of the limited edition you see in the attached picture. I see that Tamiya has made some translucent paints - PS39 - is this probably the right one to recreate the chrome effect?
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