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  1. Also, another strange thing I noticed, and it has to do with the DT-03 wing. So, I was browsing the spare part catalog and every other item was marked as "In Stock" and had a price besides the wing. It was labeled as "Discontinued." But if they "re-released" it, how is it still discontinued? I'm quite baffled in this moment. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers, Max
  2. Here's something strange. I was browsing the Tamiya catalog, looking for a new RC car, and I come across the DT-03, now marked as "Temporarily Out of Stock" instead of "Discontinued." Here's a side-by-side comparison of the screenshot I took a few days ago and the one I took right now. That's pretty darn strange. Anyone have any ideas? Cheers, Max
  3. I added some new shocks and springs on my DT-03 and modified the steering. So, what have you done today?
  4. Thank you for the replies everyone! I’m looking for some spare parts that could be delivered to the US. Anyone have a good wing for a DT-03? @xzenonuk, I hope that is the case because all parts/spares for the DT03 are marked as discontinued and are no longer available on the Tamiya USA website. @rwordenjr, yes, it’s very popular. I’m extremely surprised that Tamiya would mark one of their most popular cars as “Discontinued.” @Jonathon Gillham, I am also pretty baffled as well as the DT02 is so much older but still Tamiya isn’t marking it as discontinued. Thanks for the replies. I am looking forward to seeing other types of evidence regarding the discontinuation of the DT03. Cheers, Max
  5. @xzenonuk, maybe. It's just the Racing Fighter model doesn't show up at all in the Tamiya USA catalog. Also, any good DT-03 wings? I really hope I am just overreacting. Cheers! Max
  6. Well, the Neo Fighter is the last one to stand. RIP Racing Fighter. You served well.
  7. Hi guys! Thanks for the replies! It's not just the Black Edition, it's all of the editions. Even the RTR. Here is a screenshot: I'm really sad. Anything to bring my hopes up? Max
  8. So, I was riding my beauty on tarmac with some friends, and one of them thought it would be funny if he brake checked my car, using the wheelie bar as a stunt ramp. I went up the "ramp" and my car cascaded down, hit the nose, and fell on its back, severely cracking/breaking the wing. I tried going onto the Tamiya USA website to find spare parts, and when I filtered my search to "buggies," I couldn't find it. I Googled it, and found the DT-03 Black Edition. This is what it said: DISCONTINUED. I went through the part catalog and they no longer make wings for this buggy. I am so flabbergasted. Many of my friends have this car, and it is popular worldwide. It would seem strange for Tamiya to discontinue a popular, easy to build, entry level car. Is it ACTUALLY discontinued?! Absolutely Flabbergasted, Max
  9. Well, maybe I'm just stupid, but I have a DT-03 not a DF-03. Are these the same? Also, I am looking for the original wing with the cutouts because cutting wings from scratch is NOT my specialty! Cheers, Max
  10. @Finnsllc, I purchased the wing last week directly from Tamiya, and it arrived today. It looks nothing like the DT-03 wing. Also, looking closer on the Tamiya website, it doesn't list the DT-03 as a compatible model. Any help? Flabbergasted, Max Here is a screenshot:
  11. So, I was gunning my beloved DT-03 around the street yesterday with some friends and some way or another my car flipped and my wing cracked. I don’t want to break it any further as I used my “shelf wing” that is painted and has stickers on it. I am looking for the original wing and I would like it to ship from the US. I borrowed my friend’s wing but it is overly large and I cannot control my car. However, I have found some “DT-03 Wings” on eBay but they don’t look like the original. I hope that someone here can find me the original wing. Thanks for any help! Cheers, Max
  12. Oh, and @bikerclubby, as of now I am not running truck tires, I am running Schumacher Carpet tires, but I am planning on upgrading to the Tamiya Blackfoot tires/wheels/spindles. I would like your recommendations whether or not I should purchase these. Cheers, Max
  13. What is the throttle endpoint? Is that where you do recallibrate the joysticks so they give full power and not less? Is "throttle range" the same thing as "throttle trim?" What do you mean "unhook the motor cables," does that mean detach them from the ESC cables? So I detach my motor cables from my ESC cables, turn on TX (transmitter) then holding full throttle and turning on ESC so it goes into "set mode," and then release full throttle, and do full throttle, release, full reverse, release? Well, the ESC/motor combo came with a "WARNING" booklet but that's about it. I bookmarked the ESC/motor combo from where I purchased in my browser, so I will try to find an online manual. Sorry for pestering you with so many questions, @bikerclubby, it's just I am still a newbie at RC. Cheers! Max
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