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  1. Thank you so much Juggular!!!!!! So I should use a 15t pinion with the Mabuchi RS 540SH or is that with a Sport Tuned? Thanks. I am so glad that you guys took the time and work to respond to me, and even use pictures and diagrams! Hope to get more responses from people who own Hotshots! I could not be more indebted more to all of you for making my life easier! Thanks everyone for contributing what you know and going so into detail that I am starting to get an understanding about motors and gear pinions and ratios. Thanks! Keep up the awesome work!
  2. Also, I am very indebted to Juggular, who made my life even easier. Thanks everyone! You guys are great.
  3. Thank you so much everyone, especially Superluminal, who made a drawing to make my motor knowledge increase! I really appreciate your time and effort! Anyone else have any Hotshot tips and tricks? Thanks! P.S. I am really thankful that you all explained and even added pictures to help me process this motor topic. Very thankful.
  4. I will check online. What is a spur again? Sorry for pestering you so much! Thanks!
  5. I will eventually upgrade to a brushless, GT Tuned, or a Sport Tuned motor. Thanks for all of your help everyone! I am looking forward to suggestions from people who built a Hotshot and could recommend me an upgrade that improves performance! Very much with thanks!
  6. Thanks! But how do you find a gear ratio? Thanks. I am extremely sorry for so many nonstop questions it's just I'm trying to further my knowledge with RC models.
  7. Yes. Thank you for that! So a pinion is the actual pointy yellow thing, and the actual pointy parts are teeth? Just to be sure.
  8. Hmmmmm..... that's also what I thought...
  9. Can you clarify that in human language please? I have built a whole bunch of cars but the motor parts always baffle me. How many pinions does the Mabuchi 540SH have? Thanks! Hopefully you can clarify what you said but if not that's okay because not many people are can translate into basic 6 year old language.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply! It is in the manual, but it does NOT specify the amount of teeth in a Mabuchi RS 540SH. But thanks for the teeth/turn specification! Yes, the amount of teeth is only 14T, 15T, 16T, and 17T. No specification whatsoever. Installed on 15T. Looking forward to you and others - all of this is helping me very much! -Tamiya_Cars_4_Life
  11. Thanks everyone! If you have anything to add with your knowledge it would be appreciated! Also, I would like someone who owns a Hotshot to give me a suggestion: Can you please tell me which paint (acrylic or spray paint) I should use for the figurine in the Hotshot. Also, do you recommend a brush? And if I do, will a regular paint brush suite it fine? Thanks again and sorry for asking so much Sorry for my broken English.
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