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  1. Thanks a lot for the tips. I have the same view on the front upper fixed arm. I'll give a try to the servo saver before upgrading if still necessary and get a pair of schumacher tires as well. Will go for bigger wheel later in the year when grass will be more high
  2. A bit of news from my side. First: I really enjoy this dt03, it's just fun. I finally set damper fixation back to their "original" settings and for the rear, I set the "spring plate" above the travel reductor added a midsize spacer and I feel it's now ok for the suspension part. Was already feeling it was a bit slow so I gave it a bit of muscle upgrade with this: As I'm still running NiMh battery I'm not enjoying the full potential of the motor but it's already way better and fun and enough for my driving skills. Once I'll get used to this I'll upgrade to LiPo. Next potentials upgrades are probably stronger/faster servo with full turnbuckle set (but probably keep the double suspension arm and just use the bottom par of the set for easy tuning) tires and even wondering to get some biggest wheel just for fun in grass
  3. First quick run this morning with iced road and compact snow. It confirms that my first tuning will be about shocks and probably front tires. Due to the cold and hard ground, the car is quite jumping all around and I find that the steering radius is really long (maybe also because I'm used to the behaviour of my FW FF01). I'll start by following advices related to springs and probably setup some toe-in for the front wheels. Today was just a flat grass field so the car seemed quite "slow", I'll try more funny places or look faster than I thought to a new motor kit. Few pictures in the sun, tried taking a video but impossible without a third hand
  4. There is snow right now, if I have time while still daylight I'll inaugurate it in few hours then. As I wanted to set max ground clearance, I've currently setup the fix of the bottom of the damper in the most "inside" position and I've increased the preload for the rear damper as it seemed a bit "lazy" in static conditions, will see how it behaves in real.
  5. I'm planning to take some more pics outside once the level of water will be acceptable as it"s not a boat Just kidding but seriously I'm currently wondering if I can make it go in really wet mud with the default ESC/motor. My road chassis is really collecting water when running, I don't know how the DT03 chassis will behave and if it will be like a filled bathtub or not. A buggy is made to go in the mud for me but I would have preferred to try it with more dry conditions and I'm sure some mud will make it even more beautiful I would like to run it as it is to learn it's behaviour before upgrading to a waterproof brushless motor/ESC. Any feedback from people from other rainy countries like mine (Belgium) ?
  6. Seems a very very interesting topic regarding DT03 mods, will take time to go through it. Thanks a lot for all the information here and like how you tried all these different bodies
  7. Hi All, Came back to RC few weeks by restoring a 20 years old FF01 chassis. It was fun, I like it but unfortunately quickly broke one of the front pieces. While waiting for a spare part (quite hard to find) I was thinking that a buggy would probably better fit with my idea of RC fun. After few hesitations, I finally ordered a basic Neo Fighter as it seems quite fun, easy to find and cheap replacement parts while open to some tuning. It's a standard one (EU model with oil damper kit) and just added the ball bearing kit. I unfortunately didn't took picture as I was building it but here is the final result. It was my first in a long time trial for body paint and I wanted to customize it a bit. Result is not as I expected but kids love the result so it's ok. I wished the body to be more red (guess its because of the green applied on top of it, should have applied a kind of white intermediate? As well as the wheels, I tried to color the white plastic in red but failed at selection of the good product Now waiting to run it but it dosn't stop to rain since it's finished...
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