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  1. Selling some metal gears that I pulled from locked axles made by Integy. See here for more information: Ebay Link for Clod Gears I wanted open differentials, so I remove these gears.
  2. Another problem: The truck drove around fine today. But then I would notice a clicking noise. Upon closer inspection, if I hold one of the tires, and spin the tire on the opposite side, sometimes the motor turns (as it should), or there is the clicking noise and the motor won't turn. Feels like something is stripped. This is happening on all three axles, with stock Clod gears. I opened the axles and can find NOTHING stripped! Gears look great, splines on the shafts (going from gears to wheels) look great. I can't see anything wrong, but clearly something is wrong. I just realized that I forgot to install the "counter gear spacer" that you see in the Clod manual. Maybe that is the problem? Something is fishy.
  3. I'm having a problem with the servos. The rear steering servo moves slowly. So, when the center wheels turn, they hit the rear wheels. I think I'm overloading the BEC. So, I think I need an External BEC. Any suggestions? I'm running three hi-torque steering servos on one channel, and two high torque steering servos for the snow plow.
  4. IMG_4956.mov Here it is with the stock Clod gears.
  5. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all the advice. I think I'm all set for now. I replaced the locked gears in the rear axle with stock-Clod-gears, along with the steel pinion. Only took me like 3 hours!!! Two more axles to go. Anyway, I think I got it all figured out now. By the way, here's a pic of my stock Clod.
  6. My current pinion gear is a steel pinion from Crawford. Do you think this will eat up the stock diff gears? Maybe I should go back to the stock pinion.
  7. I'm running three 540 brushed motors with 80T. Using one beefy ESC by Team Tekin. Right now I'm using three hi-torque steering servos by HiTec. But once I open the diffs, I might just go with front steering.
  8. Thanks. That's what I was wondering. I'm worried that with the axles currently locked, and the truck being soooooo heavy, that I run the risk of breaking stuff. So, I'm figuring if I open the diffs, that will take off some of the load. Plus, since the truck is still sooo heavy, I don't think I will lose much by way of traction.
  9. I'm building a 6WD, 6WS truck like a Clod.It weighs 30 lbs now. The axles are locked. But I want to open the diffs, and use steel gears for open differentials. But I can't find such gears anywhere. Any suggestions? Attached is a picture of my truck, which I will use to plow snow.
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