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  1. I miss my third buggy, from my initial dip in the rc waters, a Schumacher Cat, that I made 2wd, god it was quick at my local races, I wasn't the best driver, but I loved that car.
  2. Yeah, TRF mounts with the ball facing the servo, opposite way to yours. Another of those Tamiya quirks. Guess they did it as there's not a lot of room between battery and servo, and servo and front bulkhead. It'll be fine as it is, if I encounter problems down the line, I'll get Tony's Tamiya parts to special order the correct parts tree, but I can't see there being a problem with how I've got it now though. Cheers again for the kind offer. Jon
  3. It's a Savox servo, 25t, the horn should be 15mm c-c, but also offset, the core one seems fine for now. Very kind of you, if it'll fit, I'll take you up on the offer.
  4. Finally, a day without the sky crying! Grounds still very wet, so stuck to tarmac and concrete (local skatepark). Steering is very sharp, servo horn bodge seems to be working fine, may take some practice to get used to the responsiveness of the Savox servo, very quick. Next job, glueing the tyres on, threw a rear off the wheel. Not far off my Easter holiday now, looking forward to the complete strip down and rebuild. When I rebuilt the shocks I used 700 oil, don't now how anyone uses softer shock oil, unless it's just a particularly heavy buggy, takes off and lands very smoothly now.
  5. Finally got the servo horn sorted (ish), butchered a Core offset one to fit. After removing 72gr under servo weight to get servo/servo horn to fit, I purchased some sticky lead weights, managed to get 60grs on and around the servo. After messing about with the front ride height, found a puddle on my work top, while adjusting the shock I managed to undo the cap and leaked some shock oil, so tomorrow's job is replacing shock oil, may as well do em all. Sunday's job will be first outdoor test drive.
  6. Wonderful project, and we'll documented. Looking forward to seeing it completed (not that they ever are, just in a state of evolution).
  7. I do that, flu season or not, because, you know, people.
  8. Frustratingly enjoyable, but yeah, I do have a sense of satisfaction now I've sorted it out.
  9. It does. One set done (new whites), another in the pot (used acid yellows).
  10. Electrics fitted, servo in some form of working order (steering turnbuckles need adjusting). Off to buy a charity shop pan so I can dye the wheels and fit the tyres, then a play with the esc program card.
  11. Postie has had a busy couple of days. In no particular order RIT dye (black), new wheels (white), servo horn, Hobbywing esc program card, bodyshell velcro tape, and tyre glue (+ non rc related stuff). All that's needed now is a charity shop pan, and the new white wheels and the RIT dye will get acquainted.
  12. Temporary fix. Having realised that the ball on tother side of the horn was about the same as the offset of the TRF horn, I went digging, hadn't realised the weight in the front end (under the servo) was quite so thick (a whole 3mm). Weight plate out, servo bolted down, need to shave couple of mm off the top of the Answer servo horn, should work til I find an offset short (15mm or less) servo horn.
  13. I'm seriously going to break something soon! I know, let's build off road racing machines, but make every component different to any other, come on Tamiya use some standard components. So TRF servo horn has right distance from spline, but horn is too long (catches on chassis), Answer servo horn is right length using lower hole for ball connector, but not enough distance from spline (ball connector hits servo). Could someone with a TRF 201 please let me know what after market servo horn they're using, possibly with an in situ pic?
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