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  1. If bought with the Zahhak/DN01 I'll sell the CTE gear diff conversion gearbox, TA06 steel gear diff, DN01 slipper clutch conversion, and TRF201 motor plate, for an extra £40. I will not sell the conversion kit separately for that amount, so please don't ask me to.
  2. DT02 Sand Viper sales thread now up.
  3. Battle scars, aka the underneath.
  4. Selling my first Sand Viper, it has been used, quite a bit, the front bumper and rear underside wear some battle scars (just cosmetic though, everything still intact, no cracks). This will make an excellent thrasher/basher. Included in the sale: DT02 Sand Viper chassis DT02 dish and astral wheels (RIT dyed black) used, new unused dish wheels (silver) Original tyres, one used set, one brand new set, front Schumacher spikes Screw bags A,B,C and D (some opened, plenty of spare screws to go at) Brand new (still in bags) DT02 dampers (hence why there's none on the car) Blingy blue Tamiya DT02 servo mounts Tamiya adjustable turn buckles Silver can 540 motor Brand new Sand Viper body and wing (untouched) and complete decal sheet Instruction manual and box (may be important to someone) Think that's everything. £75 posted UK and including PayPal fees.
  5. They are. 100% complete, in what way?
  6. Stuff now in Sales thread. So far DN01 and Aeration Dampers.
  7. Full set of Aeration Dampers (not big bore), built but not used, come with spare bits. Price including PayPal fees and postage UK £35.
  8. Couple more, slight scratches to motor guard, otherwise, spotless.
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