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  1. RIT dye, make some colourful necklaces?
  2. Tis done. And if they don't work, my Sand Viper has a bit of bling.
  3. Would these work? https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/1452620296
  4. Anyone know where I can get hold of n parts (servo mounting type bits). Or does anybody have a shelf queen or loft dweller that they could let me have the parts off (to be returned) just to get some 3d printed. The parts I'm searching for are n7 and n8, 2 of each, the posts that attach the servo to the chassis. Alternatively, do parts (that are available) from another model fit the bill. Part number is 19114075. Help please!
  5. Looking for n parts for tamiya trf201, specifically n7 (x2) and n8 (x2). Think part number is 19114075. The parts I'm after are the post/mounts to attach the servo to the chassis. Alternatively, any other parts that will do the job? Cheers. Jon
  6. That would mean either she was "slack", or you have a rather tiny willy (the anatomically correct word gets ****** out). Best not to dwell on it.
  7. Well done! Just checked, and the coloured bits are plugs. Thank you very much. Must be spares.
  8. Cheers. I'll get practising my soldering then.
  9. They came with the motor. Pic of what I've got.
  10. Gonna put everything in place (dry run- no sticky tape), then solder esc wires direct to the motor. Bout time I reassessed my soldering skills anyway.
  11. I kinda enjoy the little prep jobs, they give a satisfying look to every part of the finished article. I say Sharpie the edges, but that's just my OCD kicking in!
  12. Wiggle send sweets when you buy bike components, presume to give energy while you build.
  13. Am I right in assuming that these are mini bullet connectors? Solder to a/b/c leads from esc, plug into brass caps a/b/c on end bell of motor.
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