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  1. As title. ESC is XR10 Justock. Motor is Justock 10.5t G2.1 fixed timing. Instruction leaflets included. Great condition, little use, comes with short sensor cable (longer ones can be had for £2-3). Currently has 3.5mm bullet connectors (for battery) which I'll remove, and leave wires bare so you can fit your connector of choice. Motor to ESC wires are connectorless, if wanted I can solder 3.5mm bullets on? £50 posted UK including PayPal fees Cheers Jon
  2. As title. Savox digital, titanium gear, coreless servo, model 1258tg 12kg, 0.08sec, 25t spline. In great condition. £30 posted UK (including PayPal fees).
  3. As title, built, no box, instructions included and all the parts in the pic, also a fresh bottle of soft damper oil. These were fitted, have only seen very light use (one, maybe two outdoor runs, and a couple of circuits of a very small dining room). £45 posted UK (including PayPal fees).
  4. Without the Schumacher wheels now. £85 posted and including PayPal fees..
  5. I'll be happy when I've halved my collection. Currently have 2, a Sand Viper and a Dark impact (looking to offload the latter, keep the former).
  6. Do you want more details and some pics sending?
  7. Just checked Tamiyabase, .8 mod, but modelsport have a 32dp as frog spec, but close enough as not to worry.
  8. Down to a single buggy now, but a goody. Today's little task was to tidy up the wiring, ordered some new wire ages ago, today realising that I'd bought a thicker gauge than standard (12AWG as apposed to 14AWG), but thought I'd give it a go, so broke out the soldering iron, rather pleased with the results.
  9. Forgot to say, you'll probably want to put some sticky weights in the front end, because depending how brutal you go, the front end will certainly spend a lot of time in the air!
  10. Have brushless in DT02 Sand Viper, same gearbox, it's brilliant. 10.5t with 19t steel pinion gear, tough as old leather. And if you fancy, I have an esc/motor combo ( Hobbywing Justock 10.5) available?
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