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  1. If we get another lockdown, you may need more than that, unless you're a key worker.
  2. Tap the threads, it's very therapeutic, and satisfying once finished and everything bolts together so nicely. Gonna do it to all my builds from now on. You'll struggle tapping pre screwed holes, but fresh holes just need a 3mm 0.5 tap.
  3. The 2nd wave of covid seems to be ramping up, especially in the Far East, sure it won't be long til it hits us again, with that in mind I've accelerated my DT02+ schedule, and orderd a new kit. There will definitely be no rush building it (the kit is from a UK retailer, so that shouldn't take too long), I'm waiting on parts from Hong Kong and Japan, so build will go ahead when those parts make their merry way to Cheshire. DN01 gear diff update: still waiting for the diff and motor plate, 😪
  4. You still after shocks? I have the DT02 set (which I'm sure are the same as DT03?) The set is used, a little scuffed, nothing to worry about though, can let you have a full bottle of soft (300) oil, £15 posted, as long as you're UK mainland based.
  5. Sounds a reasonable way to proceed, not that they have much choice, but at least their customers know where they stand. This second wave of covid has made me rethink my build schedule, just ordered another kit, UK based, so delivery should be rather painless (famous last words).
  6. In the Tamiya Club search bar, not Google!
  7. Put it in the search bar. It's a way of thinking, an almost Zen like state, it allows you to take your buggy out, thrash it around, put it away, take it out, thrash it around, again and again and again (without having to ever touch the diff). TLDR: Ball Diffs Are Dead
  8. BDAD! It's all you need concern yourself with. If you're racing I can kinda get the use of them, if not racing, what's the point.
  9. I appear to be on a mission to hoover (other floor cleaners are available) up hop up parts that fit the DT02 chassis at the moment. Another set of shocks inbound. 54028: TRF Aeration dampers.
  10. A small adjustment to the length of the ball joint ends, front turnbuckles done.
  11. Tony's Tamiya Parts never lets you down, very prompt service.
  12. I stand corrected! Thought they were both side mounted at the rear. My bad.
  13. Should fit right on there, no extras needed.
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