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  1. That looks right. The LED’s fit exactly ****** that is going to have to go at the bottom of a very long to do list.
  2. I’ve had some tamiya paint craze but I did not know if it was the paint or the two pack clear coat. It can be seen in the roof of the 1:24 and there is a touch of it in the rear fenders of the tamiya as well. Finished today. I didn’t want it to end but the wife is glad to get the table back
  3. Thanks, I did in the end remove the side window but kept the quarter windows and got the cab on and then passed the steering wheel back through the window and glued it to his hands. It was a ******* to do. I’ve loved building this truck but it has been so hard. Putting the rear differential on upside down was the worst bit. Not much further to go, the wife has not had a dining room table since Christmas Day. Nice paint job you have there.
  4. No, he came with the grand hauler. “Driver Included!”
  5. I can’t get the cab onto the chassis. The drivers hands are blocking the steering wheel. The wheel need to go under his hands but there is not enough wiggle room to sort this. Somebody else must have worked this out. It’s a bit crowded in there as there is an MFC in the sleeper and the speaker is hot glued to the roof of the sleeper The only thing I can think of is to take the glass out of the driver door, pop the steering wheel off, and once assembled, glue the steering wheel back on through the window
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