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  1. all the 1/10 scale bike racks arent the style im looking for. they are either ones for the roof or ones for the spare tire but not any tray styled racks. so i modeled a 1up rack from some erector set pieces. its fairly functional.
  2. not china, but i also had a girlschool lp get fedexed from a shop in japan arrive at my front door in two days.
  3. @Carmine A it took about three weeks to get my kamtec body from the uk to los angeles via ebay.
  4. i ordered that hearse body because i am goth and i want to stay on brand.
  5. what do you use for the windows once you cut them out?
  6. are they just 3d printed bodies? are they really mostly 1/12? i was just going off wheelbase specs. seems like the hearse would fit a tt02.
  7. has anyone purchased an abs rc body made by kamtec? i saw they made a hearse model, and i think it looks cool.
  8. i wish i could ask all these questions to an actual human face to face but hobby stores near me are still closed due to the pandemic and i just want to make sure what i buy online is what im actually looking for. im trying to mate a vaterra c10 chevy body to my tt02 with using the predrilled holes in the chevy. its hard to tell if the body posts that come with the tamiya 19005471 parts bag are threaded to accept a screw from the underside? or are yall just using your own hardware and tapping them yourself. i am not nearly as diy in regards to some of this rc stuff as i am with my other hobbies.
  9. apologies for bumping such an old thread, but if i wanted to install those “thru the bumper” body mounts for my tt02, what tamiya part am i specifically looking for?
  10. haha no it started off like this https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000354319305.html
  11. made a 1/10 scale version of my bicycle to go with my 1/10 scale crv. im not even gonna attempt to paint the white squiggle logos on the frame i think its good enough as is. none of the bike racks that are available match the tray rack i own so my friend is gonna try to fabricate one with a 3d printer.
  12. theres a datsun 240z rally body that looks pretty cool that i know will fit. theres also a cool old datsun pickup body ive seen that will fit with a bunch of diy modifications but im not sure i want to go that route.
  13. i want a new bodyshell for my tt02.
  14. the antenna envy im basing this all off of is from the length thats shown in this stock amazon photo.
  15. i dont know, the 2.4 i have installed in my honda crv is muxh longer. its also a spektrum and not a traxxas but i dont think one brand is longer than the other.
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