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  1. closest cross streets to me are lake and new york. theres only one jpl.
  2. i saw a guy online that custom fabbed an interior for his tamiya crv. cut holes in the window/body and glued light buckets to have working rear lights. didnt make a tiny picnic table for the rear hatch though.
  3. it gets better gas mileage than my 1/1.
  4. took a drive to the jpl trailhead.
  5. the expedit and the slightly less burly kallax are the best particleboard furniture one can buy for the money. unfortunately for me, my honda crv is too long so it stays on the top shelf like the king of the mountain that it is.
  6. i used a heaping dollop of phil wood waterproof grease in my crv gears. i love the smell of this stuff.
  7. i will never have an actual vanity plate with my username though.
  8. all the 1/10 scale bike racks arent the style im looking for. they are either ones for the roof or ones for the spare tire but not any tray styled racks. so i modeled a 1up rack from some erector set pieces. its fairly functional.
  9. not china, but i also had a girlschool lp get fedexed from a shop in japan arrive at my front door in two days.
  10. @Carmine A it took about three weeks to get my kamtec body from the uk to los angeles via ebay.
  11. i ordered that hearse body because i am goth and i want to stay on brand.
  12. what do you use for the windows once you cut them out?
  13. are they just 3d printed bodies? are they really mostly 1/12? i was just going off wheelbase specs. seems like the hearse would fit a tt02.
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