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  1. just finished. this was an expensive endeavor but it was so much fun. im already eyeing other tamiyas for my next one.
  2. so im assembling this kit and having a blast but im not quite finished with it yet. how sparingly should one use the little tube of ceramic grease that comes with the kit? use a lot? use a little? maybe this should be moved to another part of the forum, but its my thread and ill do what i like.
  3. oh wow that junfac website looks like it has everything. good looking out. thanks for that tip!
  4. for my 35th birthday i balled out and got a nib tamiya honda crv kit to build up and paint just like the one i own in real life. i plan on it being a runner, not a shelf queen, and a few other places ive poked around for info on the innernet say to replace the stock bearings immediately. ive done that, but what else should i replace before i start building the chassis and airbrushing the body. im an embroiderer by trade so i already have plans to sew a custom spare tire cover and ditch the hard plastic one. i cant wait to dive head first into this.
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