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  1. Lots of people on here building these up at the moment. Would be good to see them all in one place with the various hop-ups / mods. All variations of 201/211 welcome! I'll start Year: 2020 Body: Zahhak & OG TRF 201 Current Hop-ups: 201 metal diff halves 201 titanium turnbuckles Big Bore Aeration dampers and TRF spring set Pink wheels Alloy front suspension weight Alloy rear suspension mounts Heatsink gearbox plate 201 Slipper clutch Double Cardan drive shafts Alloy hubs rear Ballraced steering ESC: Absima Thrust Motor: Goolrc 9t 4700kv Battery: Overlander 2s 5000mah
  2. I think it's a sop to the fact that they make you buy the pink wheels separately! Cheeky ******s.
  3. Ten million different polycarbonate wings When I say Ten Million I mean 4.
  4. Try 23-22 as a starting point depending on where and how you are driving it. I'm on 23/75 with a 9t sensorless brushless and 2s Lipo. If you look at the set-up sheets on PetitRC you can see some wild gear ration choices, like 25/79 with an 6.5T modified motor. So plenty of scope to dick around. I did try running 18/19 but things were getting too hot from under gearing. Probably wouldn't go much higher with the 9t.
  5. Test it on a body off-cut then come back and tell us
  6. I got a bunch of front gearboxes from Tony earlier this year. You can get them.
  7. Best bit: opening then building, then painting a 2011 re re Avante Worst bit: Driving a 2011 Avante Don't meet your heroes, kids.
  8. Enjoy cursing at the devil plastic universal joint build
  9. Tamiya reckon max turn 25, stuperstock is 23 IIRC, but I know people run them with no problems. Probably fine on an on-road car.
  10. DB01 is objectively a better chassis than CAT XLS - and it should be, given it has another ten years of RC car development behind it. The CAT has the edge on durability out of the box, but then it is what it is - there isn't anything left to do with it. I'd get an XLS if you haven't had a Schumacher car before and want a bit of a nostalgia trip.
  11. Other option would be to chuck a 3s Lipo at it and cross your fingers.
  12. Brushed to around 23-25t depending on 'stuff' Sensored brushless to 10.5t with ESC fan. The problem with the TBLE02s in your situation is that (AFAIK) you can't chuck a brushless unsensored cheapie motor from Absima or Goolrc etc at it. So you are kinda stuck with mid range brushed stuff like Tamiya's GT tuned and Superstock (if brave) or sensored brushless which are always 'expensive'.
  13. I’d wait for a 502 to come up, there are few good things said about the DB02 in its stock form. They are a curiosity not a viable runner / racer unless you can get the essential hop ups.
  14. Same chassis - they just released two bodies for it. The Baldre body is taller and has more space for electrics and air flow over the motor.
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