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  1. If you buy a VQS you'll be stuck with it. You could buy an Egress, build it, sell it on, be down maybe £100 or so. Egress is the best build experience of all I think. It's like it's from outa space or something.
  2. Yeah I need that Azarashi shell.
  3. Yeah. They are so different, absolutely room for both in a collection.
  4. ^ this. The top one can be grabbed and turned with screw removal pliers. The lower one can have a slot cut in to its face with a Dremel cutting disc or small multi-tool blade.
  5. Yep. A plastic part glued in may be more resistant to changing shape and abrasion through cleaning, but whatever stops the hole, stops it.
  6. Paid £115 for my DN01 - imported from Japan in 2019.
  7. don't forget the spur gear, pinion, belts. Oh and velcro. At least 4% of the componentry! Maybe 4.5% GO FOR IT
  8. TF Evo: + looks good + mmm carbon + retro vibes - - made of cheese - - no spare parts TD4 / SA + viable runner / basher / racer + not made of cheese + spares + hop-ups + alternate body/s available + lots of hacks / mods to work around some of the quirks - doesn't look that good unless you go nuts on the paint job and do alternate masking etc - needs allow diff nuts or a hack to get durable diffs - battery thing annoys some people If I wanted something to look good on a shelf, Evo. If I wanted something to bash, TD4.
  9. DB01 is in another league compared to the TF. If you buy the base model - which is the only one easily found new - you will need 501x steel diff outdrives alloy suspension mounts carbon reinforced suspension balls or the metal / ceramic balls You can live without a slipper unless you are racing modified class and on a high grip surface. It’s a great car (not surprising as it’s basically a Losi clone).
  10. If you stand up like a nail then you will be knocked down How ironic
  11. Number in the show room probably isn't the best metric for gauging success (DB01s / Durga have pretty limited presence given it's been available for 15 years!) That said I would be interested in sales figures and what people are doing with theirs.
  12. The carbon reinforced stuff mostly makes the chassis perform worse than with the stock plastics. 501 diff outdrives and metal suspension mounts are the only must have upgrades for the stock chassis I think. it behaves and cools better with the baldre shell if you can find one.
  13. Interesting. Presume moving the rods inboard on the wishbone didn’t have the desired effect?
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