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  1. There are two screws, right? one to hold the parts of the head together and the other to attach it to the body. When the screw attaching it to the body was tightened, it applied some kind of pressure to the head, which made the two halves of the head flex, and then your join reappears.
  2. Laudable goal, but by the time you've bought all those bits with the money you could have bought a proper racing buggy Better just to get some decent shocks, new bearings, couple of pinions, nice hot motor If you have any change left get someone to paint a shell for you in the MS/TRF colourway. note: this logic didn't stop me from taking a stock DB01 to DB01RRR spec...but there you go.
  3. The standard buggy aeration dampers come up on eBay reasonably frequently. They suit the aesthetics of the buggy well, better than the DF03 set. All except the DF03 are discontinued I believe, could be wrong.
  4. I did an Astute shell for someone on here. Was somewhat horrified at the trauma of getting it on to the chassis. I had one of these BITD and I can't remember it being such a hassle to get the shell on and off....
  5. It's like 2019 all over again!
  6. What was the thinking in a two piece rear but a one piece front?
  7. I guess they are hoping the collector - who has every other kit unopened other than this one and just has to have it, whatever the cost - just rocks up. Does look pretty poor value when you can get a Zahaak for peanuts.
  8. Had the same thing. Ordered two things. One thing turned up. The other didn't. Got on to them and they said they'd post another thing. They did not. I got on to them again and they said they would definitely post the thing. Later I asked them again where the thing was, and they replied telling me to be patient in a kind of 'yes yes we are writing it all down' kind of way. The thing never arrived. So that's an 'avoid' from me.
  9. Maybe with smaller pinions and hot motors (!) it's less of an issue as the motor is positioned further inboard. If I had mine with me at the moment I might try to drop a Tamiya brushless in it and see if it fits.
  10. Sure? The top deck assumes the barrel of the motor is tapered - with a straight barrel the control arm mount looks like it will foul the motor.
  11. These can take quite hot motors if built right. I’ve got a 10.5 sensored in mine but it can go much quicker. Just make sure the diffs are tighter than the slipper
  12. yes - the use of tape makes it all the more impressive
  13. Remember watching this and thinking OMG HE USES TAPE Whats that all about then?
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