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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Airbrush-Compressor-Deal-AB602-Dual-Action-Expo-Tools/2256010549 These are fine for beginners. The brush itself is a cheap asian knock-off but can be improved with some simple mods. It will teach you what you need to know about using an airbrush, cleaning an airbrush, and thinning paint so that it will spray predictably. It's double action so that you can adjust the size of the spray dynamically, and it's gravity fed so as above, it's easier to troubleshoot. The compressor has a small tank. As well as driving the airbrush It will just about drive an hvlp gun for few seconds, enough to apply a coat of liquid mask or flat colour to a body. SMC sell them: https://www.sussex-model-centre.co.uk/expo-complete-airbrush-deal
  2. Lay the white down reasonably thick then back with gunmetal or silver or bright silver. Then black. Try blending in a pearl white for an extra dimension.
  3. Those cheapy sensorless brushless motors get very hot even if you gear them right.
  4. Excellent! That gear diff looks like the TCC diff innards with a 3d printed gear to match the astute transmission. NICE.
  5. If anyone is wondering if the VQS Hi-Cap dampers fit out of the box the answer is yes. For the fronts you either swap the shaft to the kit CVA shaft or fit a longer ball end connector to get the proper eye to eye. The stroke is long enough.
  6. Every time I look at those alloy servo mounts I wince a bit. I reckon they'll snap unless you brace them as per ^^
  7. I used these. https://rc-schrauben.de/Schrauben-Set-fuer-den-Tamiya-Durga-DB-01 There are other vendors in different countries if import from Germany is no good for you.
  8. You can buy complete kits for the DB01 and DN01. More expensive but way easier than buying them piecemeal. Advantage of hex is that you can use a ball head driver.
  9. I wondered if fitting a chassis protector plate would solve that. Looks like it needs one anyway. Thick piece of polycarbonate would close the mm gap between the chassis and the ground. Alternately tweak the geometry so it bottoms out on the chassis before the shocks should be straight forward.
  10. Xv01 can take it no probs.
  11. I wonder what is wrong that is making the front dog bones pop under acceleration. That really shouldn’t happen with a correctly assembled kit. I looked at using DB01/TRF buggy UJs. They are close. Haven’t tried fitting them, when I do I’ll report back. They will go in but it might mean using rear pin drive or the slimline TRF hex drives.
  12. If anyone else is having issues with the plastic kit diff nut, after experimenting with DN01 N parts plastic nut and Durga DB01 K parts plastic / metal nut, both work, the later needs the tabs thinning down before it will fit the outdrive.
  13. Yeah. Hopefully they’ll do another run of them or a TD4 specific set.
  14. IIRC the DB02 metal bevel gears are a direct replacement.
  15. FWIW I thread formed the diff nut before assembly but both still croaked. Just going to use the XV01 gear diffs for now - I had a Lancia kit unbuilt so just chucked them together and the dropped straight in. Will order the alloy diff nuts or fit the plastic/metal DB01 diff nut if I have any in my spares.
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