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  1. Imagine the tooling for them is long gone now.
  2. Ah, looks great... 2.5 hrs from my London gaff though
  3. Amazing level of commitment here! Where are you going to race it?
  4. Some of the belt driven TRF buggies used the 39t IIRC, and possibly the DB01RRR. I think they even mixed the 39 and the 37 so that the front was overdriven. edit: just checked the manual - the DB01RRR used the 39t gear diffs with a slightly longer belt to accommodate it.
  5. There's a 'no one, I mean absolutely no-one...' meme gag in here somewhere.
  6. I'm fairly certain they are currently producing at least some of the hop-ups - the aluminium suspension mounts seem readily available. The more exotic race stuff like the dual slipper / spool less so. I wouldn't be surprised if they were turning out small numbers of the Durga kit because it pays for itself.
  7. Good reason to move on to brushless right there.
  8. If you buy a VQS you'll be stuck with it. You could buy an Egress, build it, sell it on, be down maybe £100 or so. Egress is the best build experience of all I think. It's like it's from outa space or something.
  9. Yeah. They are so different, absolutely room for both in a collection.
  10. ^ this. The top one can be grabbed and turned with screw removal pliers. The lower one can have a slot cut in to its face with a Dremel cutting disc or small multi-tool blade.
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