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  1. It doesn't matter about the servo is only for steering on high speed car being built for speedruns
  2. Thanks for the advice on the tires I've seen some radials that supposed to be going to high speed with the motor I think bigger is better as you say and why why not go the whole hog I will only spend the money again and again on it.so here's goes V5R 13.5T!
  3. I think I'll go that way it sounds like a good plan with the V5R. Was as wondering about does anybody know about tyres for speedruns as in radial or whatever else is available go to suit?
  4. Should my as-12 servo have a servo saver in it?
  5. What about a surpass v5r 13.5t motor I don't know what ESC to run with that but any ideas? would that be better?
  6. I used to run 12th scale nitro car in in the late 90s and smashed it to bits a lot of times lots of fun though. I don't know a lot about electric is it more Windings more torque hence higher gearing? I used to do a lot of motorcycle drag racing and have access to their Fields so brakes are not critical. Would like to do 60 mph maybe 70mph if not more if I Can? I'm not going all out for the all singing and dancing alloy stuff except for steering and tansmison mods..
  7. I was thinking of using a Hobby rocket 4.5t v2 motor with a 120amp each or does any one have a better idea for a motor/Esc for speed runs?
  8. This will be an ongoing Project I want to do everything step by step and see what improvements to speed and reliability I can get I am motor vehicle engineer by trade so I can use my knowledge to good use I think 2s will be quick but I like to go 3S under control if you know what I mean top speed runs on my aim
  9. New to RC cars just bought a tt02 two first day out today day 13 miles per hour slight damage to front end but enjoyed it need advice and guidance for my rs1800 rally car. I would like to do speedruns and develop this car thinking of going brushless Steel gears and alloy everything else.
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