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  1. Yeah unfortunately the plastic does get very brittle over time but still........impressive smash 👍😉
  2. That works really well 👍. Regarding the front wheel axles. You could use the original grasshopper/hornet steering parts to help clear the small wheel. The longer madbull axles will fit. Just push the shorter axles out and longer ones in. Then make up adjustable steering rods to suit. Could you show in a bit of detail how the front bearings fit please? And lastly do the rear wheels fit on the standard rear axle hex drive? I’d really like to fit that style wheel and tyre to my regular frog 🙂
  3. I’ve never tried to dye plastic so can’t help with that unfortunately. Yellow cva parts are available though. The comical wheels will be interesting to see. I was after a set for a regular frog but was simply told wont fit as axles are too short.
  4. Yeah I had noticed that too. Maybe it gives the axle a metal part to wear against rather than the nylon diff gear?! Maybe after 100k miles it might be noticeable lol ☺️
  5. Super G is looking good! Although if ok to say the black cva dampers take a little away from it. Perhaps fit a set of original white grasshopper 2 wheels to this one and save the yellow wheels for when you have a set of complete yellow cva dampers? The picture below is one of mine mid build wondering about the original grasshopper 2 wheels. I didn’t have black cva dampers but was fitted with the super hornet rear extended axle mounts. Together with the axle brace it lowers the rear nicely and would look good as a plain white finish body with no decals. Kinda like a sleeper grasshopper 2.
  6. Another good looking model 👍. You should have a try with the original mad bull type chassis as it works really well as a buggy. The mad bull body is in essence a slightly modified to fit grasshopper 2 body. Just thinking how difficult would it be to fit it with a rising fighter body? The wing should fit using the adapter given with the rising fighter. Then perhaps give it a super hornet look using blitzer beetle orange wheels? 🤔
  7. The decals were off eBay. I think it’s the same seller which has a dark green sand scorcher body and super g yellow wheels with his version of blitzer stickers on it. 🤔
  8. Thank you 👍. Yes my axle brace is aluminium. I used to make the little parts I needed whilst at work. So technically a Ford part lol. The rising fighter I also made but different dimensions to suit the hex drive rear axle and the shock mounts also. Clear Perspex as it was available in the right thickness at the time. Motor is a vintage ea motorsports 27 turn stock motor. That has had the bronze bearings replaced with ball raced versions. It moves quite nicely now 😊 Only regret is using aftermarket stickers. The versions I bought are printed on white vinyl and fairly thick compared to tamiya originals. The other grasshopper 2’s Ive rebuilt I used original Tamiya decal stickers.
  9. The rising fighter you built looks fab. I haven’t seen many on here. Those ampro rear mounts give it a more natural stance. Interesting with the damper mods. I didn’t think about modifications to the internal piston 👍. The rising fighter ive also built one about 3 years ago now. I made my own modified rear mounts and the little bracket to stop the axle slap. It’s never been used other than a quick test run. I fitted a set of cva dampers from a super hornet chassis. That chassis I’ve never found a replacement body at reasonable cost so that uses a grasshopper 2 body also with aftermarket shocks. Looks quite nice tbh. I didn’t apply the grasshopper 2 rear spoiler decal as technically it was a super hornet before. A few pictures of it below. I’ll dust the rising fighter down later and post a few pictures of it later 🙂
  10. I’ve found when you use original springs with the oil filled dampers the spring hasn’t enough strength to push back. That’s using very light machine oil. With stronger springs the suspension is too solid and starts flexing the chassis. A couple of pictures below of the ones I have rebuilt 😊
  11. I’ve brought a couple of these back to life. The wheels with the lighter colour stress marks can be removed if you carefully heat the areas with a decorators hot air paint stripper gun. Be careful as it’s a fine line removing the stress marks and burning the plastic. Original super G shocks were never oil filled. It was a separate hop up after the kit purchase.
  12. Just adding about the motors, people forget about the actual diameter of the wire on the armature. To compare turn counts you need to work out the cross sectional area of the copper wire first then the amount of turns. The old vintage Parma cyclone motors used to quote the wire diameter together with the turns. Then once you have worked that out you have variations in the magnet strength and the clearance between the rotating armature and magnet, then the timing, then soft carbon or hard carbon brushes and the difference of tension on the springs pushing against the brush on the armature commutator. As mentioned above, 27 turn vintage roar motors are deceptively quick. I have a couple with the little printouts showing 28000rpm at 7volts. Getting the pinion size correct for the final drive ratio is key though. The hornet and lunchbox use exactly the same size gearbox internals. The lunchbox 10 tooth pinion is the same as that used on a 380 grasshopper motor and same ratio except the lunchbox has a bigger diameter tyre to compensate. Pi x d will calculate the circumference of a circle. Use that to determine how many wheel revolutions per metre or yard depending your preference. Then work out that ratio compared to the final drive of each gearbox using either the 18 tooth or 10 tooth pinion. That will show which gearbox and wheel diameter is lower or higher geared to then compare speed according to a specific motor. Hope that makes sense 😕
  13. That’s the problem with social media, people saying they are educated shouting at peoples personal perspectives. People do die every day, but to want to be part of a statistic because one disease kills less than others but on paper more people lose money isn’t fair sounds a bit selfish. People don’t like change, people like routines. Sometimes **** happens and it’s about pulling together rather than saying it’s all unfair. I’m happy to help those in need, but I wouldn’t help those that refuse to do a simple thing like wear a mask. I don’t want to be a statistic because I knew better.......and failed 🙄
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