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  1. Nice! I love that look and colour scheme. Refreshing change from the box art. Back in the day I painted my RR like the Marlboro McLaren f1 cars, white with day-glo orange chevrons...I’ve had a few years to grow up since then 😂
  2. Stumbled upon this link in a classic car forum. 1978 MINT400 tv footage... https://youtu.be/A3KBfSudM7w the 1st 11 mins are driver interviews, race footage starts after that, but hey if you remember these vintage RC cars, even the vintage fashion and journalist style will be pure nostalgia. Im ashamed to say that as a kid with a Rough Rider, the nearest I came to the baja500 or mint400 was the video running in Beatties model shop! I had no idea they faithfully copied real race cars, the alternative ‘box art’ car is in this movie clip. Even the sticker sheets make sense now, and if you’re looking for paint job ideas.... of course no you tube or google back in the day... enjoy!
  3. Sorry guys been busy playing with full sized cars... heres the link: https://www.shapeways.com/product/YSJAACY4E/sand-scorcher-louvered-rear-sun-shade?optionId=60360038&li=marketplace yes it’s pricey but someone has put the hours into designing it, tuning the first prototypes and 3D printing it for you. There’s some fab stuff on this site but it gets expensive quickly. It’s pretty much bespoke stuff that developers then offer out to us lesser mortals without CAD ability or a 3D printer
  4. Im stuck for ideas for the rear bumper. I have a plastic ‘Porsche’ engine and stinger exhaust to fit but in the mock up it just hangs off the motor/bumper so it would be very vulnerable to damage and just looks unfinished a dude on shapeways has a nice sand scorcher Rear cage bumper and a chassis conversion part but nothing for the blitzer welcome any suggestions
  5. Thanks fellas. Thought I should take some pics before it gets trashed! 1 good roll over and they don’t look quite the same...But that’s all part of the fun.
  6. Like many others, COVID has given me the time for me and my son to build a budget basher. what started out as an abused eBay Stadium Blitzer has emerged as a Beetle with a re re Scorcher shell and a few custom goodies to personalize it. The colour scheme was chosen and painted by my son and it’s all come together quite nicely. With hindsight I probably could have just bought a new kit for the cost of all the replacement parts, but sometimes the chase is half the fun and It certainly helps the learning! This site has certainly provided some hot tips (like how to do the rear lights) help and support (like how to get a scorcher body on a blitzer) and inspiration (shapeways, who knew!) all great stuff so thanks! hope you like it!
  7. Eureka! It fits! I located the body using the rear 2 mounts as suggested by toolmaker and marked the nose cone foul with a sharpie, and trimmed little by little with a dremel. The more material I removed from the SS nose the better the front end fitted until the shell dropped in place perfectly onto the front mounting post (after drilling out the dimple) so the key is the unique nose piece as advised by Kev the Rev, which just needs a good few mm clearance adding. and Tamiyas parts fitted right after all.... thanks to all for your input.👍 will post some pics as the build slowly progresses 😀
  8. sorry toolmaker72 i didn’t read your reply correctly yes using the existing 2 rear mounts and tuning the bonnet is definitely a nicer solution thanks 👍
  9. Thanks for the replies. Ref nose cone, Ok that’s clear, time for the dremel to add some clearance. I had already drilled out the bonnet mounting hole, so sorry but that doesn’t really help. i guess it’s a case of marking up where the body wants to fit and drilling another hole in the side. as long as the body sits nicely I guess it doesn’t really matter where the mounts are. Better that than forcing it to sit stressed. i was under the impression that the basic mould is the same for Scorcher, Blitzer and Monster beetle, just inserts added/removed for each variant. Hence my surprise at the mods needed cheers
  10. Hello all Im back to RCs after a long break and wanted to introduce my kids to the hobby I picked up a cheap used Stadium Thunder and want to convert to a Blitzer Beetle I fitted new Blitzer front and rear (side) body mountings I bought a re re Scorcher body shell and drilled out the mounting points in the pre marked dimples in the shell But when I offer up the shell to the chassis, it can only fit on 2 mounts. The other mounting hole is a good few mm away from fitting. if forced, one of the other mounts will pop out (not secured with the clips but it should just drop on) the nose cone also is also marginally fouling the front springs. Anyone else experienced issues with the re re scorcher she’ll fitment onto a Thunder/blitzer chassis? I'm surprised as Tamiya builds are usually really nice quality Appreciate any comments
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