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  1. I've done some googling online, but there dosen't seem to be a definitive answer over wether I can put Spraymax 2k Clear (Lacquer Urethane) over normal Tamiya TS paint. I'm doing a 10th scale build from a 3d printed body, and my paints go: 1. Rustoleum filler primer, heavily sanded 2. Tamiya surface primer 3. Tamiya TS30 Silver Leaf 4. Spraymax 2k clear I've heard of people putting a clear coat between the basecoat and 2k clear, but I don't want to make the paint layers too thick and end up losing detail. Are the paints compatible or do I need to rethink my plan? Thanks!
  2. Can someone provide shock measurements for the Long Damper shocks for the long damper edition of the Xv01? I am looking to use 70mm shocks from RC4WD for a more scale look. I only really need the hole to hole uncompressed length, but the following measurements would be also be incredibly helpful: -Hole to Hole fully compressed length -Length from top hole to end of shock body length. Thanks!
  3. A bit late for the party, but here is the STL file for the NN2 part, in case anybody has a printer and needs it. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4595355
  4. Hi, does anybody know the dimensions of the Sand scorcher rear tires, especially the width? I'm trying to model them in 3D. \ Front dimensions would be helpful too, but not as important.
  5. I've been driving my XV01, and I have found that the stock shocks are too short. What is the shock length of the XV01 long damper version? I can't seem to find it. Would 60mm shocks work? Thanks!
  6. Do I need a servo saver to run my xv01? I have a very similar servo in my slash without a servo saver.
  7. None of the gears are stripped, it could just be the servo saver I guess.
  8. So after driving around my XV01, I noticed that I could just move the front wheels with my hands a bit, and the steering points would be messed up, and I would have to bend it back. I thought the servo horn was stripped, but it was intact. Is this because of my servo?, or did I do something wrong? I'm using a Savox 1257TG super speed servo, which really shouldn't strip because of the metal titanium gears inside. Can someone help? Thanks!
  9. Ohhh the explains a lot, thanks. Time to order another part :/ Was looking forwards to running it today, but welp.
  10. Ok, it's still pretty darn loud. When there is no pinion and spur contact, everything is silky smooth. Am I supposed to grease the pinion and spur gears?, or is the car just somewhat loud in general?
  11. I repositioned the pinion/spur contact a bit, seems to have made it a bit quieter. I've been running my brushless TRX6 most of the time for the past few weeks, and that thing does not make a sound at all, on high gear low speed, the only thing you hear is the servo. It seems to be normal now, but I still suspect somethings a bit off. I am using a 77t spur that came with the slipper clutch set, and everything else is stock. Barely any noise is made with the motor off. Also is the car pretty frictioned?, as in it dosen't really want to roll with no throttle, and just kinda stops.
  12. I just finished assembling my XV-01 Kit, and the pinion and spur contact seems to be making a lot of noise, louder than my other cars. Is it supposed to be this way?, this is my first Tamiya kit, so I'm not very familiar with their kits. All of my other cars are quieter than this (the electric ones at least). There seems to be a "sweet spot" at around mid throttle stock on 2s that it quiets down a bit. Is the sound normal, and if not how do I fix it? Thanks!
  13. Does anybody know what the stock pinion and spur gear teeth count are? Thanks!
  14. Im using a Hobbywing Max10 brushless sensorless ESC, It says is 60A ESC, and is rated for less than or equal to 4000kv, is 4000 cutting it too close?
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