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  1. Yep, these ones. I bought them for a rally TT-02 and they are indeed the softest ones Tamiya makes for these CVA. Well, as far as I know 😅
  2. OMG this is amazing! Only Tamiya 😆
  3. Sounds good, I think your 19808011 are the short version of 19804206. All of these brass and coatet.
  4. Interesting @Insane_jim_69 these look greyish while the ones that came with my hop-ups look brownish. But these 8 digit numbers look promising. I forgot to mention these also come with the TT-02 CVA dampers (funnily enough 6 studs and 2 nuts with no explanation, I have my own theory about why but that's a different subject). When I accidentally scratched one I saw it was brass.
  5. Hi all, I am searching for the part numbers for 5mm ball nuts and studs that are made out of brass, NOT aluminium and have a black finish. I do not know if they are even available separately; I got a few of these with certain hop-ups such as: TT-02 Carbon Shock Tower Ver.2: Or the TT-02 Steering Upgrade Set: After too much time spent researching Tamiya parts I only found aluminium ball studs and ball nuts, also the older plain brass ones and even the new ones found on the TRF5420 that are black steel (53968?). But I never found anything similar to these black coated brass ones.
  6. This is a question I have asked myself in the past. You might get a bit more answers if you provide some details about what you are trying to achieve, i.e. how much wider do you need to go, wich body and which chassis etc. For example wider/thicker wheel hex's might suffice to widen your stance. Regarding Tamiya TC wheels, I can offer a very small bit of help with width and offset as follows (you kind of have to discuss width as well... As it will affect how wide your stance ends up); I'm assuming you're not intending to race and the car is not a M chassis: - 24mm width for racing, probably not what you are looking for (just guessing) - 26mm width: you have a lot of choice in 26mm that are I believe almost always 2mm offset with Tamiya for one piece models (see below for 2-piece). - Then there are "wide" wheels at 32mm. These are almost limited in availability nowadays to the 2-piece wheels which can be reconfigured in 2mm or 10mm offset, quite a smart design. Note that there's always a matching 26mm 2-piece model available, with again adjustable offset this time 2mm or 4mm. This way you can make a matching narrow/wide front/rear set. One more note regarding 32mm wheels: tires are getting very difficult to come by, save for the terrible "racing slick". Ok for running in circles in a parking lot but not much else. Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks for the pictures. Looks good and I will assume the '99 1:1 cars had the same as the earlier liveries above ('07 is it?). I think the key is to get enough PS-16 coats to obtain full color "saturation"/opacity and then it looks perfect. I will back in black mainly to hide what might be visible of the body through the wheel arches. I will use TS-21 Gold for the wheel, best scale match in my own humble opinion.
  8. I only have the 911 RSR not the 934. But I think the scale would be a bit off if you tried to fit the 934 rear wing to the RSR. RSR is about 1:9 true scale. It's big.
  9. Is the FM radio in the back a Traxxas too? 😜
  10. Grasshopper Group C M02 I of course don't own any of these
  11. Well here it *seems* like off-road is the big trendy thing and on-road (my only interest...) is a bit more difficult. There's a group of very experienced racers putting together and stripping a track same day once a week, but that's strictly for racing with no practice and of course you have to pay, which is normal and spend all day there which is probably normal given how they operate. The only beginner friendly racing class is VTA which doesn't do it for me. Just not the kind of dream cars I grew up with, at all. They say Dodge Charger and I say Golf VR6 😆 With the kids now I have to limit myself to running the cars when I can, sometimes late at night etc. This month for instance it didn't work. I miss a permanent track that I could just go practice at for an hour or so then go home, like I had back in Japan. That was fun! I hope I can join Postal next month. I'll try real hard 😠
  12. Now that's something different! I like it! So... Did you use PS as primer then TS over it?
  13. I saw you're in Montreal in another post! Some pictures you posted gave me hints too I lived there for almost 15 years myself. Back then I was into RC helicopters and other 1:1 scale activities. Now I'm the US U have been wondering what it would have been like to run RC cars back in QC. Are there any on-road racing clubs there? Cheers!
  14. This wheelset came installed on an F104 that I bought off eBay a few month back. It is of Sweep Racing brand. I don't know what sort of hardness it might be but it is brand new judging from the seam lines that haven't worn off. I would venture that this set came pre-glued with wheels, foams and tires from Sweep? I will be using Tamiya "scale" wheels and tires for my project and have no intention of racing the F104 anyway (there is no F1 racing class where I live) so these can go. Please pm me if interested.
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