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  1. A general mechanical "rule" is to have at least 1 time the diameter of threads engaged (in metal at least) so in the case of RC hardware, 3mm. In practice I always try to have the longest possible screw without the screw being so long that it extends out of the ball nut, just to make it look better. Hope this helps.
  2. I went the TT-02 route and it's great, but even keeping the upgrades to the absolute minimum you will always end up spending more than for an XV-01. That is even more true now that the XV-02 came out and the XV-01's are considerably cheaper than a year ago or so.
  3. Sadly we don't have that here, instead some invited seller (I'm not part of the club so must be large volume sellers I suppose) can get an email with a 20$ fee cap for 200$+ items. Not exactly helpful of them.
  4. The 600$ rule took effect on January 1st this year. You didn't know? That's because they forgot to tell you . You will know when it's too late, after you just stepped on the landmine. I'm making it a bit dramatic 🤣 but it's basically as you said: it will hurt the second hand market.
  5. EIEFBS - Enough Is Enough FeeBay Syndrome I thought I would come to TC to share a recent experience and perhaps seek the wisdom of modelers with a similar passion to mine. I will try to keep it positive and respectful - not vent - and see what everyone else's thoughts and experiences might be. There are many sides to our hobby but it usually comes down to driving or building or collecting model cars. These objects often remind us of "the good old days". And we all have one thing in common: our kits, parts and tools need to be purchased at some point. I can't speak for other countries but if like me you live in the US, in 2022 you don't exactly walk in your "local hobby shop" because it will hardly stock any Tamiya products. So I source my Tamiya goods from one good online store that does good business with decent shipping cost and whenever they don't have what I want - quite often actually - or if I must buy it used, I head to eBay. Along the way I got "into the system" and before I knew it I was re-selling 1 in every 4 or 5 items that I had bought! Things continued like this for a few years but recently a few unpleasant things happened in close succession: - I noticed that I was paying selling fees on the shipping even when it was a calculated shipping, not my own extravagant invention; - I sold a very small parts bag from a Tamiya kit. It contained screws and nuts and things. Well the buyer decided he could get it for free if he only claimed it was "open and not what he ordered" and be a quite rude about it. In this day and age everybody expects the "amazon treatment": free shipping and free return no questions asked. - The following week as I was selling one of my vintage airplane nitro engines I was advised that I had unknowingly hit the magic number of 600$ worth of sale for the year. I would now have to pay income tax on my eBay activities which will then exceed the value of the engine in question. It is important to note that out of this **600$** I would be stunned if 400 actually made it to my pockets: that number seems to include shipping, eBay fees, eBay fees on shipping (per my first point above) and possibly sales tax... I am not even sure. I am an engineer, not an accountant That night I did the only thing that made sense: I charged a battery and prepared my trusty TT-02/Porsche 911 RSR, the kit that sparked my comeback to RC a few years ago. I went out into the night and walked to the local tennis courts. They are lit so I setup my usual "test track" and drove it in anger for an hour. I live at the edge of the Sonoran desert and you sometimes have to be careful at night: I had forgotten my flashlight and on the walk back home I encountered 3 dingos that were crossing the road in front of me. They gave me a good scare but I the RC smile came back quickly as I reflected over what the hobby was all about for me. Drive, modify your car, test it and have fun doing it. Now these are tough times for every hobbyist I am sure and so I realized that I would need to shrink my already small collection of RC vehicles in order to get the ones that remain to the level that I want. I will keep one on-road car and one rally car. And so other models, the ones I often think are "too TRF for me" will need to get sold. I promise that will take place here on TC, to fellow Tamiya enthusiasts and with a surprise goodie added right before closing the box! That is all for now perhaps others here have felt like me before. We live in a world that depends on us consuming; that is understood. Some of today's most successful businesses like Uber and eBay are based on a large number of small people doing the leg work while they enforce the rule that the customer is king. That too is understood. But I am glad the few hurdles above helped me remember that the hobby is about building and driving cars more that shopping for them. English is not my mother tongue, so if you made it to the bottom of the post: congratulations! And happy RC-ing everyone.
  6. I am really with you on getting a body to fit correctly. This is really annoying indeed.
  7. Also @Juhuniodo you have any means to reduce the wheelbase by a few mm? Isn't there a spacer you can move from in front of the rear arms to behind them?
  8. I really like the Scirocco personally and it's available for cheap.
  9. Pylon80


    Thank you sir! I see you did have to gear it pretty tall as expected. So which would be your best pick for rally driving (and the taller rally block tires) between a 17.5 and a 21.5? I wish to stay with the 06 module for now.
  10. Pylon80


    @Nicadraus resurrecting this awesome thread. I thought I would ask you about how you ended up gearing the car with a 21.5. Thank you Now don't open the gear box just for me
  11. Looking for a JAS Motorsport Civic Type-R R3 body, any condition. I don't believe any repro was ever made but if you happen to know about one I would also be interested. Thank you!
  12. A Fuchs with "faux" tire to make the real tires look higher profile and the rim smaller, would be nice. The Porsche 911 RSR wheels from Tamiya are nice but the diameter/tire profile are grossly anachronistic.
  13. I haven't either but you often need 3 of one kind and one of the other. This to set the front parallel but give toe in to the rear. Again I haven't seen the manual yet.
  14. Why two sets of XH and A's? 🧐
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