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  1. Why have you shown me/us this. Now I’ll have to buy and upgrade mine 😂
  2. I’m sorry but we def need a photo of this! Sounds awesome. My wife isn’t isn’t into anything like this and likes the house looking like a house, but luckily I do get a garage with the 1/1 in and a small office which is mostly mine 😀
  3. Did the same thing! And I think so… at least I hear less comments about the small area I’m using at the moment 😂
  4. Fitted the ball diff to the front gearbox and finished off my driver figure. I’m not 100% happy with the eyes but if I try and donor again I’ll make a bigger mess! And I don’t think it’s too bad, especially considering once it’s under the roll cage you’ll probably never see them! Painted the seat belts rather than use decals as I think paint will last longer.
  5. is it to much to hope for a new 4WD buggy?
  6. You can use black o rings under the piston head inside the shock to limit the travel to make them shorter. Depending on your use case you may need weaker springs after though.
  7. Been using cocktail sticks to stir my paint and I did wonder about tiny splinters but figured these would be ok as you eat food off them right?
  8. The only thing I'd say about the S3004 is that is it not digital, so you cannot use high speed telemetry with it. For that reason I've been using the Futaba SU-300 for general use instead.
  9. Tool the rear gearbox out with as little work as possible and fitted the ball diff. My first ball diff build! Built the second diff up ready but not taken the front gearbox out yet. Apologise for lack of photos !
  10. I got mine for £36 from RCJAZ. They’re in stock.
  11. Yeah the rest of the parts you need are included with the Lunchbox kit. They sit unused after the build if you build it stock.
  12. I picked up some of the newer DF03 tyres and was going to give painting the lettering a try. However now that I’ve seen them in the flesh the lettering is very small, not like the super groomers for instance, so O was wondering if I should bother or not. Does anyone have an example of their’s where they have painted the lettering that I could see? Thanks.
  13. I’ve a set of 4 short DF03 dampers not being used.
  14. I really should have waited for everything to arrive before assembling the car..
  15. From what I’ve read to use an airbrush you also need to then thin the paint down first? It all seems very complicated
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