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  1. Thanks. Watching the video it seems they used red springs in the rear and green in the front. The green seem to be the front 2WD ones from what I can see. The spring sets seem really hard to find.
  2. They definitely look like they hold the spring in place.
  3. I don’t understand why you’d need 3 sets of springs. Surely only 2 sets? Or is this because it’s unsure which of the 2/3 are the right ones?
  4. I think I’m going to drill out the body mount hole in the carbon fibre piece on mine. The fastenings should still hold when tightened and then I can use my already cut body shell. Plus saves a bit more weight haha.
  5. Started collecting bits ready for the TD4… though might try the ESC & 5.5T in my HS2 runner when I switch over to the carbon chassis…
  6. I was going to use a HS2 body mine with the hole already cut. Darn. Oh well. Tou cars looking great. Really need to start taking mine apart and rebuilding with this chassis.
  7. I meant we should stop using the word metric and imperial interchangeably. Saying you can use a Mod 0.4 with a 64p gear is perfectly fine in my opinion. What isn’t is saying metric 48dp, as it’s not metric. Just as we shouldn’t use mb when talking about a file size or broadband speed. MB and Mb denote different things. As do metric and imperial measurements. It just leads to confusion.
  8. Sorry but no… close is not exact. Whilst you could use it in a pinch it shouldn’t be labeled a metric size unless it is 100% and whilst it may be annoying to some, personally I feel we should actively clamp down on the misuse.
  9. Looks like some more hops ups coming: Alu Crank Arm Alu Rear SuspensionMount Alu Rocker Arms Alu Steering Arms Alu Steering Bridge Alu Stabiliser Set
  10. Thanks! PM sent. That car looks sweet.
  11. Never heard of this hop up before.. at least not an official Tamiya one. I was only aware of: - bearings - Technigold motor - 8.4v racing pack - two front shocks (as seen on the SHS)
  12. It’s the metal plate that the threads gone in. I think using the next screw up size is a good idea but thank you. That might save me another day
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