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  1. Yeah definitely! I was quite confused why those were listed as a hop up with no way to use them before.
  2. The carbon stay is not keyed to the bulk head. What you see in the official part photos of the stay that look like it’s keyed is in fact recesses for the screws. It’s a bit too fast with this motor to be honest! But it sure is a blast! The stock gears were holding up remarkably well but I was always worried.
  3. Swapped out the stock rear damper stay for the carbon stay today, along with swapping out the ball diff for geared diffs and metal bevel gears. The geared diff is much smoother in my opinion and works very well.
  4. I’ve some other hop ups spare if you need any.
  5. Love it! One thing I found was that mounting the ESC behind the driver meant I could not attach the plastic part that attaches to the shell that sits behind the driver as there was just not enough room. This solution looks ideal.
  6. Running big bores front and back on mine. They are included in the official hop up list and also in the manual at the back.
  7. Still finishing off the shell for mine so I’ve only run ‘er on a stand for testing, you’re all making me nervous for a real world run. Best try locate some gearing spares ahead of time.
  8. I’ve not run it outside yet.. wet weather and not finished the shell yet. But I presume you can cover the vents if needed.
  9. No sorry. Had the same issue myself. Only realised once the slipper arrived.
  10. Yeah. So Tamiya list them on the hop up guide but they do not fit the wing mounts. So unless you can get different mounts for the racing wing this seems the place to put them
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