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  1. I’ve not run it outside yet.. wet weather and not finished the shell yet. But I presume you can cover the vents if needed.
  2. No sorry. Had the same issue myself. Only realised once the slipper arrived.
  3. Yeah. So Tamiya list them on the hop up guide but they do not fit the wing mounts. So unless you can get different mounts for the racing wing this seems the place to put them
  4. Last few hop ups arrived. Rear stabiliser and rear suspension mount… Front stabiliser… Alu rocker arms… Just waiting in the shell to come back from being painted now and she’s ready to rock.
  5. It’s yours. Everything gone now.
  6. All yours. Only the TD4 rear stabiliser mount left now.
  7. Hi everyone. A mistake on ordering and I ended up with two adjuster wrenches and two TD4 rear suspension mount. I’ve also got a reamer but I don’t believe it’s a genuine Tamiya part. In any case they are all free to a good home! All I ask is that it’s one per person. I’ll post to the first three members that put their name down for each in early January. Just PM me your address details. Merry Christmas all.
  8. Ah good. Was just about to suggest to check the foam.
  9. Loving all the different colour schemes! What’s that in his head? Have I missed a step?
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