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  1. @svenb Oh, so sorry, please try again here: https://imgur.com/a/mFMo7HH The silver nut is the one that slowly gets unscrewed. Yes, my set is 51000
  2. Thanks for answering @svenb. How can I install a tapping screw with that setup? Kind of lost :/
  3. Hi! I finally go around the replacement last week, this is how I installed it: Unfortunately after 15 mins more or less the screw that is attach just falls out, I already tried tightened it but still the issue happens the next time. I guess what is happening is that the servo arm movement slowly unscrew it. How else can I install it so it doesn't fall over? Thanks!
  4. It is going to be great! Lot of upgrades! Does anybody knows if the Mountain Rider is better than the Tundra? I don't quite like how the Tundra looks, for me the wheels are too small for the body, but in the Mountain Rider it looks just good. Also, It is ok to make small jumps, say 10 cms with the Tundra or the Mountain Rider?
  5. @TurnipJF Thanks a lot, ordering right now! I wanted to go with the alloy arm, but have no experience with them, not sure which one to buy that fits with the servo or the other parts. I think 51000 would be good enough for now.
  6. Part 51000 says it is compatible with Tamiya TA04, TB01, TB EVO, TGX, TG10, TRF414, it is ok for a DF01?
  7. @Jonathon Gillham Thanks a lot for answering! Are these parts compatible with this servo https://tamico.de/Amewi-Digital-Servo-5508MG-82kg-schwarz ? I am inclined for a decent servo and an alloy arm (just learned they exists).
  8. Oh, so that's its name, thanks! I actually can't handle the car now, if I steer right then left, it stays left, after checking the servo itself it seems that the ring that is connected to the servo is not rotating with it, it stays in place while the servo rotates :/ Maybe it broke too, but for that I need to unmount the entire servo.
  9. Hi! I just broke the my servo clamp that comes with the 50554 parts (https://www.tamiya.de/en/accessories/tamiya-accessories/rc-spare-option-parts/spare-option-parts/ta0102ff01-c-parts-rear-upright-310005377/), its number is C3, it looks like a C, I hit a wall too fast and it broke. Is there an aluminium alternative or at least something stronger? Or maybe there is servos that come with the part itself? It is for a Porsche Cayenne https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Porsche-Cayenne-S-Transsyberia-Bausatz-58406, number 58406. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi! I bought and assemble this kit: https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Porsche-Cayenne-S-Transsyberia-Bausatz-58406, it includes a very basic Type 540 motor and this ESC: https://tamico.de/Tamiya-45029-Electronic-Speed-Controller-ESC-TEU-101BK, also bought this servo: https://tamico.de/Amewi-Digital-Servo-5508MG-82kg-schwarz. From the ESC manual it recommends a receiver with BEC. Could anyone recommend a good Transmitter + waterproof receiver combo with BEC? Thanks in advance!
  11. @Busdriver @Big Jon Thanks a lot for the recommendations!
  12. Can somebody recommend a brushless ESC that can fit inside the XV01 electronics box? Thanks!
  13. How did you modify your ESC box? I am having the same problem with me, I have a water/dust proof brushless setup and it doesn't fit in the box. It is my second car, not sure what to do.
  14. I understand, a lot to think about, for this car I just want to run it on very small jumps, like a real rally car, nothing more. Do you know a brushless motor that can fit on it? Or if this is not possible, do you any recommendation for a good brushed 12T Motor that fits?
  15. @GazzaleneThanks a lot for answering, Do you have a link for your parts? I guess I will have to go that way, I really wanted to have brushless power. Will learn about what unsensored motor means
  16. Hi! I bought this combo: https://www.modellbau-berlinski.de/rc-fahrzeuge-und-zubehoer/autos-und-zubehoer/berlinskis-tamiya-brushless-edition/subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-team-arai-xv-01-brushless-komplettset unfortunately at the end of the build I realized that the brushless ESC doesn't fit inside the covers of the XV01 chassis, there is simply not enough space to put the cover on top and screw it correctly, the ESC is too tall for it. It is ok to run this setup without the cover? The ESC is water and dust proof, the ON/OFF switch also has a plastic cover. What I am worried about is the receiver, it is a very simple receiver https://tamico.de/Carson-FS-Reflex-X1-2-channel-24G which is not water or dust proof. What are my options? Is there other brushless alternatives that can fit inside the XV01 electronics cover? Or buy a water-dust proof receiver to make sure it won't break after the first run? Thanks in advance!
  17. @Apexape Would you mind sharing your part numbers? I plan to do the same, thanks a lot!
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