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  1. Also, you guys have fancy forum code, I just need to copy and paste the link and it embeds itself?!
  2. More great suggestions. But they are discontinued and out of stock as well. The more I think about it the rally car is the way to go. I'm not going to be driving on grass much as we have a dog and I don't want any smelly accidents. I just want less bobble from the body. This video shows the lack of body movement on the TT-02 WRC Yaris: This one shows the body roll a Slash has :
  3. Thanks for the responses all. Some really good ideas. From what I'm seeing the TT-02 and XV-01 don't really have the body roll that an SCT has. But the TT-02 is so much cheaper I will probably go with that and try and do the mods that will get as much body roll as possible. I know, seems backwards, most are trying to get rid of body roll. I'm not going for performance though, just want that fun hooligan look.
  4. The Asterion has been discontinued and I can't find it sold at any online retailers in the US
  5. Thanks! I watched a couple videos with it and found it on tower hobby for $230. About the same price as the XV-01. Pros to the DT-02 are it seems like it would handle larger things like grass or gravel better. Pros fo rthe XV-01 are more realistic bodies, and realistic handling. The appeal of the TT-01 is that I can get one for only about $116, and maybe I can find some softer springs, plus fluid filled dampers (CVA?), something to increase suspension travel and ride height? And still be much less than the XV-01. On the other hand the XV-01 is more sealed off from dirt/debris.
  6. First of all, my name is Rich, I am not wealthy! Second of all, thank you for having me here, this is my first post. Bottom line: I would like to find a Tamiya RC that has a kind of SCT dynamic, spending as little as possible. Background: I have gotten into plastic modeling over the last few months, and have found Tamiya models to be fantastic. The building has gotten me wanting to make something that functions and I've been wishy-washy on getting a large 1/12 scale Honda F1 with working suspension and steering, or just getting a working RC for not a whole lot more. Now onto what I'd like in an RC car. I would like something that has large suspension movement, but a full body/full fender vehicle without the open/exposed tires. In my ideal world I'd like something that can do powerslides, and have the body movement like an old muscle car. In my ideal world, I would get something like a Traxxas Slash with a car body on it (I know it's not possible because the track and wheelbase will not fit an RC sedan body). However, the slash does not come as an unassembled kit. Speed is not a concern at all. I have a Miata, so I really enjoy the slow and slidey style of driving. I've looked at the Traxxas Stampede, because it's the cheapest unassembled kit they offer. I like it because I'd get to build the shocks and put the grease in the diffs and all that. And everything I need except a battery is in the kit. For the Tamiya cars, I'd be afraid of getting the wrong speed control or other electronics that would come separate. I would mainly be bashing it on my driveway at home which has a little bit of broken concrete and sometimes wet from an overnight rain. I would like some suspension travel since it's not perfectly flat (and because I'd like that 'realistic' body roll). There's a gravel/dirt alley behind the house that's usually moist and it would be nice to drive it there, too. I was hoping for advice on what to do. I've read the TT-02 vs XV-01 comparisons. I've looked hard at the Tamiya '99 Impreza TT-02. Is there something else I should be looking at? Again, speed is not a big deal for me I'd just like to build something with all of the cool details and it be able to take on the broken concrete and hopefully get some realistic body roll. Thank you in advance, please let me know if I can clarify anything. Pictures are for enclosed fender body roll goodness reference
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