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  1. So yea forget the paint stripping , it's like pulling teeth .. gonna order new body ... rear tires coming , and old Futaba receiver .. just need some older Futaba servos now got my retro decals ...
  2. Maybe yes ... although there's so much on that site .. liking the Toyota land cruisers too ! Lol ... the currency on that site is Euros ..
  3. How's the shipping there ?worth it to ship to Toronto ?
  4. So was the hotshot re released years back ? And is the hotshot 2 the newer release ?
  5. Yea I'd have to google on that ... hear you need a brush release tool or something .. I was gonna take apart but decided to leave it till I do some more research .. or just sell it on the bay ..
  6. Was googling wasn't sure if that was the re re 👍
  7. The Fox ... always liked the look of that car .. never had one ...
  8. But then she's little less vintage .. gotta give it a shot .. if I pooch the body and have to get re re then so be it .. if I can repaint old body .. the only thing non vintage on it will be 1 antenna and back tires .. and decals ... those are on the way .. re released vintage ones ...
  9. Nice .... well I kept messing around and got both servos to go ... giddy up ... 2 frogs in one week or a frog and a Subaru brat hybrid ..like I'm in heaven ... Shelfie in progress and a runner that my kids can take for a boot this week ..and smash up
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