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  1. Thanks for all the input already fellas. And of course, now that I've spent a little time on it, I have some observations/questions: 1) Is it always hard to find replacement tyres? Am I looking for the wrong parts or something? Thought standard Tamiya front/rear tyres wouldn't be much of a challenge... 2) Appears as though the front and rear diffs are brand new. The car is quite dirty, but the innards are spotless. That said, as you can see from the pics, parts of the chassis quite discolored - any thoughts what that might be and whether it's, mechanically/structurally speaking, an issue? 3) It appears as though the previous owner has the standard ball diff in the rear, but replaced the front diff with a Manta Ray gear diff - any idea why they might have done that and what effect it would have on the handling? 4) lastly, I've not had much luck with the search function on this, but I'm looking to get an appropriate ESC and servos to get this thing up and running, how do I go about finding out which one is the right one? Cheers guys!
  2. Yeah, now that you mention it, the chassis does look to as though it might be delaminating. That's kind of why I was originally thinking to make this my runner, as swapping in new parts doesn't feel to me like "restoring", more like replacing. We'll see...
  3. Yeah, that is totally my future! Lol What do you think of the car though, not a bad deal for £100? Maybe you're right, maybe the re-re will be the runner, we'll see
  4. Hey Folks, Just joined the forum this week, was a huge Tamiya fan back in the early 90s when as a kid I bought and built a Manta Ray. Getting back into it now with two sons of my own as well, and like a lot of Tamiya fanboys have an over-developed affinity for the Top Force . Was browsing eBay the other day and came across one that looks the worse for wear, but a perfect project car to get back into the swing of things. Before I really knew what I was doing, I bought the **** thing, not sure if I just got ripped off or if it was an okay deal, lol (it was less than £100). Now comes the hard part of waiting for it get all the way to the UK from Japan. Plan to restore this one to its former glory then use as a runner, and buy the re-re to be a shelf queen. Thoughts/comments/roasts welcome Mike
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