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  1. FS-GT3B, bearings for my midnight pumpkin & batteries.
  2. Took the pumpkin for a run... Makes the mad bull look a bit shabby 😂
  3. This arrived today from jadlam, just finished putting it together.
  4. I got it from jadlam for £99.75! Couldn't believe it tbh but they went back up in price within 15 minutes of me ordering.
  5. My first new kit in probably 20 years! I've only ever bought 2 cars new, mad bull & wild willy 2 (which I regret selling), looking forward to this!
  6. Received these yesterday for my mad bull, the plan was to go lipo & brushless but after trying my lipo 2s in my daughters mad bull with an old motor I had I think brushless is a bad idea 😂
  7. It's your car I'm putting back together, I didn't even know they done them in black before you sent them to me 😂 so I've put my original mad bull into the black parts, I'll check length tomorrow, cheers!
  8. Hello everyone, I need a few parts to make my mad bull all black but I'm not even sure if they made all these parts in black! I need... Battery stay Steering arms Rear body / aerial mount Cheers!
  9. Charged my new lipo, put it in my FF02/B/BULL (name is a work in progress) and didn't get very far 😂, what should I set my lipo alarm to? I'm using a 2s 3300mAh.
  10. Put radio gear in my FF02 / TL01B / MAD BULL mashup and it actually moved!
  11. Where's the best place in the UK to pick up a flysky? I can only seem to find them on ebay.
  12. This is my plan, whether or not it actually happens is another question mind.
  13. About £40, mainly to get into lipo, dying to buy a new kit, I've just got back into the hobby after my kids discovered my old cars, would love a lunchbox, racing fighter or aqroshot as I've only ever built 2 kits from new, mad bull & wild willy 2 (which I regret selling).
  14. I'm looking at buying either this or an aqroshot next, where did you get it for £90?
  15. Last piece of my lipo puzzle, I'll read up even more on how to charge / store this later before plugging my lipo in, safe to say I'm slightly concerned 😂
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