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  1. The wire is off the pcb rather than the switch itself otherwise I would've just bypassed the switch.
  2. I'll pm you now to arrange payment & postage.
  3. I'll do £22 posted, should be able to get it posted tomorrow.
  4. Yeah Cardiff mate, if my hand was steadier I'd just solder the switch back on and keep it.
  5. I'm shocked this hasn't sold! I was looking at getting a comical hornet, frog & grasshopper for me and my kids for Xmas but I had an accident at work in July so had to shelve those plans otherwise I would've bought this straight away! What are the green hop up parts? Good luck with the sale... Or should I say bad luck and hope you still got it when I'm back in work 😂
  6. Any offers? Postage is £4.10 so if you can collect £20.
  7. Hello everyone, bought this recently but realised it's way too fast for my needs but upon removing it from the car one of the on / off switch wires broke, I took it apart today to have a look but it's way beyond my skills to solder. It has been used but for the less than 1 2s 3300mah battery. Looking for £25 with second class recorded delivery. If I'm way out let me know!
  8. You need a bigger tool box.
  9. It's not majorly powerful but can be used as a normal screwdriver to slacken screws off.
  10. Wowstick for me... Kind of lost it's charm when someone said it'd looked like a "ladies bedroom toy" though 😂
  11. Thank you, if you can let me know when you've had time to look that'd be much appreciated.
  12. Or does anyone have any tricks on how to stop the king pins falling out?
  13. Hello everyone, I'm after a pair of these, just checking here before I order the whole b parts tree, picture attached in case they're not actually called steering knuckles 😂 UK based.
  14. Put the brushless set up & 2s lipo in my TL-01... Wheels coming off has lost it's charm now.
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