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  1. Managed to get the truggy working, stripped the back end down to get to the motor, it was very hard to turn but once it done a full rotation it was fine, reassembled now. Still very impressed for the money.
  2. Picked these up from antics £54 each, well impressed until the motor stopped turning on the truggy within 10 minutes.
  3. Unfortunately not I'm afraid, they were "rehomed" in November.
  4. My first tamiya was a mad bull 21 years ago, my kids found it about a year ago in the attic and I managed to pick up another 2 on ebay for £27! So the 3 of us have them now, been a while since we've used them, my daughter is 4, my son is 6 and they absolutely love them and also absolutely ruin them but luckily they're quite sturdy, cheap and easy to repair.
  5. All my stuff has now been sent to new homes, again, such a good idea & glad I could finally contribute. Bravo everyone involved.
  6. No one else has shown interest, I have no problem with you having it all, it was literally going in the bin, it may take me a while to sort packaging out and I'd need you to pay for postage as I've been out of work for a while.
  7. I thought these would have been snapped up by now, are they not old enough to be desirable for display and too old to be useful?
  8. I meant to warn you to get a knife ready 😂
  9. @sansoora @ploots pm me your addresses and I'll have a look for suitable packaging.
  10. *Disclaimer* the ansmann sets came with a pair of mad bulls I picked up on ebay but I swapped to flysky FS-GT3Bs so I'm not sure if they work, the acoms sets are obviously years old and haven't been used in many years, if any of it is any good all I ask is you pay postage due to me being off work and you give me some time to find suitable packaging.
  11. I've been dying to put something on here as I was the first member to benefit from it, been off work for 4 months after an accident so decided to have a clear out, my collection only consists of 7 cars so I don't have much to offer.
  12. @Hobgoblin has 2 3D printers and I only charge a small finders fee for this information!
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