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  1. FS-GT3B, bearings for my midnight pumpkin & batteries.
  2. Took the pumpkin for a run... Makes the mad bull look a bit shabby 😂
  3. This arrived today from jadlam, just finished putting it together.
  4. I got it from jadlam for £99.75! Couldn't believe it tbh but they went back up in price within 15 minutes of me ordering.
  5. My first new kit in probably 20 years! I've only ever bought 2 cars new, mad bull & wild willy 2 (which I regret selling), looking forward to this!
  6. Received these yesterday for my mad bull, the plan was to go lipo & brushless but after trying my lipo 2s in my daughters mad bull with an old motor I had I think brushless is a bad idea 😂
  7. It's your car I'm putting back together, I didn't even know they done them in black before you sent them to me 😂 so I've put my original mad bull into the black parts, I'll check length tomorrow, cheers!
  8. Hello everyone, I need a few parts to make my mad bull all black but I'm not even sure if they made all these parts in black! I need... Battery stay Steering arms Rear body / aerial mount Cheers!
  9. Charged my new lipo, put it in my FF02/B/BULL (name is a work in progress) and didn't get very far 😂, what should I set my lipo alarm to? I'm using a 2s 3300mAh.
  10. Put radio gear in my FF02 / TL01B / MAD BULL mashup and it actually moved!
  11. Where's the best place in the UK to pick up a flysky? I can only seem to find them on ebay.
  12. This is my plan, whether or not it actually happens is another question mind.
  13. About £40, mainly to get into lipo, dying to buy a new kit, I've just got back into the hobby after my kids discovered my old cars, would love a lunchbox, racing fighter or aqroshot as I've only ever built 2 kits from new, mad bull & wild willy 2 (which I regret selling).
  14. I'm looking at buying either this or an aqroshot next, where did you get it for £90?
  15. Last piece of my lipo puzzle, I'll read up even more on how to charge / store this later before plugging my lipo in, safe to say I'm slightly concerned 😂
  16. Decided I threw in the towel too early on my FF02 / TL01B / MAD BULL mashup so had a tinker with it, will put radio gear in later and see what happens.
  17. Just need to put some spacers between the chassis and battery retainer to relieve stress on the clip.
  18. Fitted a lipo in my mad bull, only took minor modifications, I know it would've been better to drill a hole in the battery retainer clip to feed the balance lead through but I only have 2 retainers for 3 cars but a lot of spares for the fixed side.
  19. Hello everyone, my kids have 2.4ghz radio sets but I'm still using a 20 year old acoms set, looking to upgrade to 2.4ghz, don't need anything fancy, I found a Goolrc tg3 but can't find spare receivers or any information on how many receivers I can bind to it. Stupid question, can I bind a 2.4ghz transmitter to any 2.4ghz receiver?
  20. I have one... Well 6, are you in the UK?
  21. Big rc delivery today (for me at least 😂) 3300mAh lipo (will fit mad bull with very minor modifications due to where the wires are, dimensions are fine) 5 x lipo alarms 3mm threaded bar Double sided tape M4 lock nuts Loads of mad bull bits from @Nobbi1977
  22. I think I may have one, I'll check after work for you.
  23. Ordered a lipo, arriving tomorrow (hopefully it fits), lipo alarm & charging / storage bag, just looking for a l brushless combo now.
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