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  1. I need this Tree Believe it's P Parts.. Its number is listed same as the Monster Beetle Original Red. There is no special number being a Black Edition. (9115431) New Only please if you know of any or one's for-sale. I'm Building a ground up Black Edition MB My next project I have.. Black MB Bodyshell Black Edition Decals Black Edition Chassis Black Edition Box & Black Edition Manual Driver Tree includes nose Glass set Standard 540 Motor Rest is Re Re Monster Beetle 2015 kit stuff il buy as i go along.. This is a 3-6 months Shelf Queen Build Thanks in advance DM if you have Part Needed Please.. I have Purchased The Standard Re Re P parts tree in Red and will prime & paint the nose Black if needs be , but would rather the Black part to start with. Blitzer Beetle Tree Purchased for the other Black parts so its really just the Nose i'm needing .. There is a company in the USA that has the set of parts but he won't split them!! There must be a set somewhere surely ???
  2. Cheeky ******* shot Sunlight makes this paint pop great.
  3. Some tidying up to do but not bad This is a difficult one to follow the original paint scheme.
  4. Darker than Box art but brings my spin onto it which is a Candy pop colour!
  5. I have tried to get the Blue in the light i'm using .. not quite Box Art but my spin on it .. Metallic Sparkly Blue! junkmunki I've yet to turn the wheels around
  6. A little update .. Shell Plastic Prime'd & 3 coats of Gloss White I am building this up as a Shelf Queen due to the cost of it and breaking parts, i made a decision to buy another model to run around the park. Well my partner bought it for me a Tamiya AQROSHOT DT03T Chassis But i will continue slowly to put the Scorcher together
  7. Shiny Shiny .. Please don't tell me they are back to front? Tried them the other way and they wouldn't turn ...
  8. The 1:1 Sand Scorcher (Built by THE BUG BOX) love this pic
  9. Been busy this last few days as i'm off work! Paint is ordered - Gloss White & decided this one will be Blue Candy metallic flip sparkle .. Really enjoying this build
  10. Hi Chris , yes used to be in most Saturdays!! Stayed friends with Neil to this day .. He supplied this kit They are expensive , but look at the components over the new generation kits.
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