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  1. @TonyH - still piecing it together; it's a slow process and have had better luck finding the pieces on eBay as opposed to going straight to Tamiya. Congrats on the thorp; if I had a couple hundred lying around I'd do the same.
  2. Thank you; I'll check that option out and see how it works out. Appreciate your help!
  3. Thanks for the info on the Rere Super Astute TTC; did you buy a whole kit and then just extract the transmission or were you able to buy just the transmission from a local hobby shop? Thanks again.
  4. I'm in the midst of restoring a King Cab and have seen the numerous options for vintage transmissions off ebay (thorp, rc10 stealth). In lieu of buying one of these off ebay has anyone had any luck with putting a modern transmission from any current RC models into the KC successfully? I see a lot of rc10 stealth transmissions on ebay for $60 or less but has anyone bought one of these used and had issues with it? Looking for some options from anyone who's successfully restored their KC. Everything else on it is in great shop but unless I have a functional transmission I'm not sure it will ever see the dirt again. Thanks for any advice, tips, etc.. Jason
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