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    Following this as I wish to do the same on my buggy. Using the short CVA shocks did you use a longer piston shaft? Is the shock any longer than stock? What did you change? Thanks!
  2. Awesome job on the TA04 TRF transformation! I have a TA04 PRO that I bought new back in the day 20 odd years ago and have recently purchased a few new parts to upgrade it: SSG damper stays F & R and SSG upper deck and a carbon reinforced tub . Will be getting TRF shocks and some other racing parts . . . if I can find them. My plan is to race this car as I should have 20 years ago. Again, great write. Your ever changing plans for this TA04 from page 1 to 19 have given me a lot of ideas. Cheers.
  3. No worries, I am going to do some of the mods that you did even though they are not TCS legal and try running this chassis in non-Tamiya races. But, I still want you to work on this TC01 chassis. You inspired me with all the work on the TT02 chassis, that I hope something similar happens to this one. Cheers.
  4. Hopefully your motivation has come back and that you have been secretly working on the TC01 and are at the final stages of a carbon deck and . . . (wake up!) . Just wondering if you have gotten any further on this cool project. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for spotting that "futureworks" I ended up getting them. I will now have a spare rear SSG damper stay!
  6. t3garrett No worries! I will say I enjoy your collection of NSX bodies on the TA04 chassis. I only have the RAYBRIG NSX that came with the TB-01. Still using it!
  7. Thanks for finding that for me! I contacted the seller as I only need the front.
  8. I am rebuilding a TA04 PRO and thanks to TRFgizmo and this forum I will be getting my broken steering arm replaced and my TA04 will be up and running soon! Now I want to upgrade it a little. Does anyone have the front (53460) and/or rear (53461) carbon fiber damper supports for the TA04? I am also looking for ONLY the FRONT SSG carbon fiber/aluminum damper support (53607). I already have the rear SSG damper support. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks Tamiya Club and TRFgizmo for finding a rare part and getting my car up and running again!
  10. I just pulled my old TA04 PRO out of mothballs during COVID. My son and I are having a blast with it, but we crashed into a wall at our local track and broke both of the stock steering arms. Does anyone have the the Tamiya OP-478 (53478)? Right now I have superglue and zipties holding it together, but it really is not a good solution. I will even buy your plastic stock set of steering arms if you have them. Let me know. I will pay via PayPal and for shipping, even if it is overseas. I am in California (USA) Thanks everyone! Cy
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