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  1. Strange then. But I always used to recharge them after use so maybe that’s why? Last time I would have used it would be around 12 years ago (until last weekend) but no doubt it’d have been charged after I last used it. It’s done the last two weekends with me and my lad & it’s been decent enough. The new one lasts a bit longer obviously but not by a load.
  2. Strange they’re dead so young. When I got my lad a neo scorcher recently I bought a new nimh but also dug out my old nimh that must be getting on for 15 years old. To my amazement the old nimh charged up and has been running alongside the new battery with good results. I expected it to last about 5 mins but it happily runs for ages.
  3. Nice job. I can even remember the stickers being a nightmare back in the 80’s. They were very brittle and hard to shape (as you’ve found out) even when new. The gold especially seemed to be hard work.
  4. Gent above is perfect to answer that (well, he has really). My point was they’re probably way over priced currently for the performance and the ‘value’ is only really worth it if for a must have ornament currently. It’s not something I’d be looking at as a driver just based on the over inflated price given you could have a much better car for half the money. I love the look of them and kick myself for not getting one when they were on eBay in the late £200’s only a few months ago.
  5. It’s an interesting buggy to be looking at for a driver with their current ‘value’ Dont get me wrong, would love one myself but the last couple have been circa £500 for the kit on eBay as they’re sought after shelf queens. Prob better off spending half that on a cat XLS if you’re concerned about handling maybe.
  6. What do you think? First build with my son, his choice of silver. He did the majority of the build and I painted and cut out the stickers (and fitted the bigger ones) but did the smaller ones & his choice to do the neo scorcher on the wing and the little Tamiya ones on the blue on the side which I really like. I didn’t want to use the white stickers over the cab so cut out the side vent stickers. All stickers cut along the colour with minimal clear left.
  7. Can only be down to the diff if it’s during braking like that surely? Sounds like it’s locking more one side. Try the brake position and spin each wheel and see if one is notably different? Sounds to me like the left side will be tighter
  8. I’d imagine a ‘joke’ way to get traffic, seen it on a few occasions since the toilet roll fiasco. No chance it was legit act to sell for that!
  9. Thing that doesn’t work for me is the FWD chassis when the car should be RWD. The rear wheels look really bad as standard but guess you could at least get hex spacers.
  10. I’m wondering whether the kits are going to make it to the dealers next week. Noticed a lot of ‘due in stock 5th May’ I tried to order a neo scorcher from a seller who showed it in stock online and when I called was told they’d actually sold out but would be happy to take payment as they’d have a delivery next week. I’d heard Tamiya had shut down for C19 so wasn’t going to be in any rush to pay for a model when it wasn’t in stock and the news Id heard about Tamiya!
  11. I’ve been watching running vids of this chassis with the Integrale, comparing to the tt02 integrale. Have you seen the vids? Mark Bryan on YT. Very impressive handling car, notably better than the tto2 the way it handles, looks very rally authentic and got me looking for one!
  12. I’d say you’re over thinking it honestly (and that’s coming from someone who does the same) If she wants an Amorak then I’d go with it. We see it as an odd choice being enthusiasts but she just sees a pickup truck. Can’t imagine a subaru brat would have wowed our fathers? IYSWIM Maybe try and do something creative with the body finish? Like a homage to an older truck? Bruiser (hog heaven) etc so it makes you feel better about it haha. Or maybe find an alternative website with stock and try again if it’s a definite non starter.
  13. Can’t imagine there will be a lot better/different in that era for a rere of a 4wd Tamiya buggy? I’d imagine you want to be either going for Kyosho or Schumacher rere (optima/cat xls) for a notable better drive in similar era. Bigwig came similar time to boomerang and was dual front shocks but it won’t be different enough to warrant as far as drive goes. I’d either go rere Kyosho/Schumacher or if you want to stick Tamiya go for a more modern 4wd buggy maybe (but even then it’s hard to think notably better) Even if you went neo scorcher (TT0B) you’d have a lot more plastic parts I’d imagine. Dark impact seems flawed with the motor tucked away for heat and few other things I’ve read. Pretty sure boomerang will be more solid than most new budget Tamiya. I had a hotshot and it had a lot of metal drive parts so I’d imagine the boomerang does too. If it was me, I’d go Schumacher cat XLS
  14. I’d say it’s a Tamiya thing rather than an RC thing regards the age. I’d imagine kids today are more in to the instant gratification of a pre built Traxxas or something. Younger people seem more into ‘bashing’ which is new to me after recently discovering it even existed! Blows my mind seeing people smashing 5/6/7/£800’s worth of RC into walls and ramping them to smash up. Also, kids today have modern tech to keep them busy. In our day an RC car was more impressive than early video games.
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