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  1. fold a papertowel 6 times over, make it extremely thick and padded, and then you can hold it with a pair of pliers as tight as you need to.
  2. yes I have read through that multiple times. It's an awesome blog. Lots of good information, but figured it would be good to open up communication and share setups and tips from other racers as well.
  3. I found out that the black ones are the alloy ones right? I am in the process of running all brass but are you saying that the steel ones are that much better? What are the part numbers for them?
  4. I just wanted to start up a thread for general tips and setups for racing. I know its all over the place in terms of setup. I know a few different setup sheets that exists, but wanted to do a thread of sharing different information. I do have a quick question though, where are you guys measuring your front and rear ride heights. I have my ride height somewhere around 6mm but then I am measuring from the lowest point of my front and rear bumpers.
  5. I have been working on slowly getting my tt02b competitive here as well. there are a few tweaks that needs to be made for sure. I might create a build thread for it. The one issue that I am running into is the fact that I put on the aluminum steering kit. What Im finding is that there isnt enough flex in the steering so instead of my turnbuckles actually detaching, the ball ends would physically break. This is even with a servo saver. I am probably going to convert back to my stock plastic pieces for my steering and see how that goes.
  6. with real cars we would figure out the cross weight balance to keep the car steering correctly. I calculated your corner weights and they are literally spot on. So your car is perfect. If it were off, we would adjust the ride height on each corner, so in actuality your ride height on each corner would be slightly different. but your car is good to go, if the adjustments are anything like a real racecar.
  7. yeah just noticed that its on sale at RCMART. Does anyone in the US stock it yet?
  8. are there other brand springs that might fit these dampers, I heard losi springs might fit the DF03 shocks. The springs seem to be about 14mm ID.
  9. @Juls1 this thread is awesome. Thanks for taking the time in doing this. so here is a question for you. Do you know what the spring diameters are for these shocks and what are other brands that can be used with them? I’m mostly referring to the df03 threaded, aeration, and big bore. The issue with Tamiya is that they really only make a soft medium hard. Other companies would have many different rates. anyways thanks again for this amazing thread.
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