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  1. I'm not sure it's consumption, but I'll keep that in mind. Are there any other things I can do?
  2. So I bought a Savox SH-0255MG digital micro servo just over a year ago and only just got around to properly using it. It's worked fine for whenever I would randomly take it out, but now something's wrong with it. It makes that clicking / overcorrecting noise that digital servos do, which is fine, but if I don't touch it, it seems to stall (Won't respond to any inputs). If I lightly tap it, it starts correcting again, and it corrects for 5 or so seconds, then just stops. If it's being constantly controlled, it doesn't have the issue. I replaced it with a cheaper servo, and that has none of the issues I just described, although it is a MG90S servo, which isn't nearly strong enough for my needs. I disassembled it and took a look at the gears, there are no foreign objects. It seems to not stall for a bit longer if it's disassembled, but it does still stall. When it does, even if I touch the gear connected directly to the motor as lightly as possible, it starts back up again, but then stalls again, albeit after 7 or so seconds, rather than 5.
  3. If you've "only" printed that much, you might want to look into the Linden Aero Edition. I only found out about that... too late. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2912703 Something I found out while doing this, however, is the front snaps - a lot. What perimeter did you print the front at (Not the nose)?
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