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  1. Hi I am building the Monster Beetle TRail and would like a servo suggestion please. I usually use a $20 high torque Futaba for my 2WD Tamils kits which works great, I just didn’t know for 4WD if I needed to spend more to get something better and more powerful. Thank you.
  2. Just for the car, not electronics. Or around that range, not $350+ like some of the ones I see for sale on line.
  3. No, just to mess around with in the park or on some level hiking trails in the woods.
  4. Not for electronics, just for the base car, although the link you sent looks really nice and comes with an ESC! Thanks!
  5. Yes looking for under $200/$185 euro
  6. What are your suggestions for a 4-wheel drive car or truck? I am looking to drive around on grass, pebbles, rocks, branches... off road. Not to race, but just have fun. Durable and won’t break easily. Thank you. Cc-01? Cr-01? Something else?
  7. What are your suggestions for a 4-wheel drive car or truck? I am looking to drive around on grass, pebbles, rocks, branches... off road. Not to race, but just have fun. Durable and won’t break easily. Thank you.
  8. Thanks that looks like a good one. The vintage TA01 I was looking at was the hummer. Any other suggestions you might have? I don’t want frustrating, just a similar time/difficulty building. There are soooo many choices not sure where to go from here. I wasn’t sure if People just pick something they like, or if there was a learning curve and there are some to avoid. I’ve only ever done the comical grasshopper, and would enjoy a new chassis rather than another body with the same chassis. The one you suggested looks good. Thanks
  9. I just made the comical grasshopper and enjoyed it very much, took me about 2-3 hours taking my time, not including painting. . I am looking for my next build. The same difficulty. Lunchbox/midnight pumpkin has been suggested but seems too easy and quick. Looking to do A different chassis. I like to paint and put on the decals/stickers and if there is a driver in it I like that too to paint. 1/10 or smaller and if it is vintage but on eBay that is OK too. Thank you. Saw the ta-01 looks like it could be good?
  10. Hi, I wanted to get a crawler for my 3rd build and like some of the old TA-01 I have seen online (I like the hummer) They don’t look very difficult. If I get one new in the box they are many years old - will they still work OK or do I need any special pieces besides servo, esc, transmitter? How do they compare to the CC-01 and CR-01 hat are new and available online? Thank you. I did the comical grasshopper and found the difficulty and build time great - took me a while but not too long, was not very difficult. If that helps.
  11. I see a lot of the cars have the same chassis (TT-02 for example). Does this mean they are all the same build instructions for the majority of the car? Do you enjoy building different cars with the same chassis or is it not interesting once you have done it once?
  12. To use in the MidNight Pumpkin? or the mini lunchbox? I was trying to find all the parts separately online (transmitter, servo, receiver...), it LOOKS like this has everything? thank you
  13. I have some toy grade RC cars I wanted to add led lights to. I am not sure if they will have an areA to plug the wires directly in.
  14. Hi, I want to put some LEDs on my car but don’t want to attach it to the car hardware. I see they have 3 or 4x AA battery packs that can power the little LED strips. These are pretty bulky for a tiny car. Is there a small rechargeable battery I can use that is safe to plug right Into this that I can then tape to the car? I think most LED kits are 5 volt. It can be a small battery I am just running lights off of it. something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/GTPOWER-WHITE-LED-LIGHT-STRIP-WITH-12-FLASHING-MODES-REMOTE-CAR-TRUCK-QUAD-RC/273347556886 thank you!
  15. Hi I am looking for the name or link to a battery pack that uses a 9 volt, AA or AAA batteries that I can plug headlight or other LEDs into if I don’t want to plug directly into my car. Thank you
  16. Wow thank you so much for the detailed reply I really appreciate it!
  17. Picked the comical hornet for my first ever build. Besides what the kit requires and an extra battery, what else do I need to start my RC build? A metric hardware kit? Oil? Glue? Thanks!
  18. Thanks I will check those out. Is there any website you can suggest (sponsors?) that is trustworthy and has all of the tools, extrA batteries, servo, controller etc that I need for the mini lunchbox so I can one-stop shop?
  19. Hi, I have never built an RC car but have been looking at the Tamiyas. I Am looking for something smallish and does not have to go too fast - something that will be good indoors. The comical hornet/grasshopper and the lunchbox both look good, however they are a lot of pieces and I think they might be even more difficult for a first build since they are smaller in size. Does anyone have any suggestions for an easier kit (fewer pieces) that is smaller in size that might be good for a first build... also something that is available online. Or, do you think the Comical hornet and/or the lunchbox are the best I am going to find, and will be OK if I follow along with some YouTube build videos? Thanks
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