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  1. What did you go for in the end? I noticed you had a couple of sets for sale
  2. Having recently got back into Tamiya RC I wanted a collection of 4 cars. Off and on on road covering all drivetrains Rwd buggy Dn01 4wd belt driven buggy db01 4wd shaft driven touring car TB04r Fwd touring car FF04 These are my ultimate builds
  3. Thanks for responses Its mad they don’t include alloy suspension mounts. Obviously they know everyone’s going to buy them anyway... im using the standard ones for now until I decide on which to go for (I might widen the track slightly) I have a few spare sets of steel gears kicking about but I’m going with the kit items as seems they last well. Can always replace at a later date... And will try 300k oil also 👍🏻👍🏻 Greg
  4. Been away from the forum and RC for a little while as life and mainly work (which has gone mental) getting in the way... Did find time to bag myself an FF04 kit though as a winter project. Probably should finish the lockdown and summer projects first really 🤪 Can anyone advise on areas I should be aware of on the build? Diff/gearbox shimming, wheelbase etc etc Greg
  5. @jonboy1 thanks for the dedication-I will be following, learning and helping if necessary this build as my DB-01 brother 👍🏽 It’s possible to add the belt tensioners to the standard motor mount as far as I’m aware. As a hopup I thought a little bit slack from Tamiya as they don’t supply the 950 bearings or any of the required fixings for installation.. also worth noting that they’re not really Belt tensioners but more of a ‘belt stay’ to stop the belt jumping off the centre pulley when using a high powered motor. What shocks/positions are you using? The rear dogbones would drop out on mine until I fitted the shocks
  6. Haha no worries! Still planning on doing a build thread-as I’m sure they’ll be different anyway 👍🏻 Motor wise it’s a 10.5. I’ve got one in my DN-01 also and it’s quick enough for me... The DN-01 currently has tble 02s with fan So I went for tble03s for DB. I do like to try and keep as much Tamiya as possible but if I have problems with them I’ll change to Hobbywings or something.. First dibs on paint scheme 😜 I’m going custom colours TRF to match my DN201
  7. If a DB-01 RR kit was available I would have gone that route 100% I ‘only’ have 3 cars and planning a collection of 4 maximum (possibly) thats justification for making them a bit special in my eyes
  8. Yeh I’m going to do a build thread soon (ish) 👌🏻
  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 mate I was planning to do a build thread-logged on here yesterday when the chassis arrived and you’d beaten me to it! Was well gutted-even complained to the mrs that you’d stolen my thunder 🤣 I had shocks/diffs/turnbuckles/arm assemblies all built up already so went together fairly quick
  10. Went from this obscene amount of individually sourced parts
  11. 11 weeks for delivery from HK! These hard to find DB-01 parts are the last peices I was waiting for to start my ultimate DB-01 build. Managed to get spares also 👍🏻
  12. This only applies on the front end if using 501 aluminium castor blocks 👍🏽
  13. Yes exactly 👍🏻 Nice looking mounts and they work with a lot of chassis
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