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  1. They only fit the SA chassis (front and rear)if you build the shocks with spacers under the piston to limit the amount of travel. It’s not ideal for running in realty... I didn’t try with a dynastorm tower as I think it ruins the looks of the SA but I believe it works.
  2. Nice! I’m looking forward to getting started but could be a while as I’ve got parts coming from all over... I think I’ve ordered everything now apart from all the spacers-how many are there??!! 😣 I went for the belt tensioners couldn’t justify the stabilisers! Is the kit diff and suspension oil as per this pic?
  3. Thanks for responses guys The diff units arrived yesterday with clear oil included-even after a search not sure what weight that corresponds to? 900 from what I can see...
  4. I'm building a DB-01 to RR spec from parts and have a few questions if anyone can help me out? 1. Can K Parts #51278 from TRF501 be used along with the standard DB-01 A parts for belt adjusters? 2.As i'm going with gear diffs I've ordered a double slipper clutch set #54061,spur and and centre pulleys #53989. Other than the bearings do i need anything else to assemble/install the gear and clutch unit? 3. Is it possible to use #54254 rear uprights from TRF 201? I cant find the (correct) TRF501x #53962 ones anywhere... 4. Am i best off going for hex fitting wheels from the off? 5.Whats the standard gear diff oil? Or can i use anti-wear grease? I don't have any of the standard kit parts as i'm building from scratch. Any help or advice would be much appreciated Thanks Greg
  5. I managed to find the last DB-01RR kit in stock at tamiya store in HK. I begged but they are not able to post outside of china. Directions from tamiya HQ apparently... So i pulled the trigger on chassis tub/diffs/motor mount/heatsink/susp mounts/belts and a few other bits Committed now
  6. Yeh I’ve been doing quick maths and google. Way over and haven’t even got to BB shocks/out drives etc Totally unrealistic
  7. Has anyone/Is it viable to build a no longer available kit purely from parts buying? After a 20 year break from RC, at the start of lockdown i impulse bought a rere super astute kit. I found the build enjoyable but soon realised the older/rere stuff isn't for me. Then i stumbled across a DN-01 Zahhak in my local hobby shop, did some research discovered its relation to the TRF201 so went back and bought it for a deal. Now i basically have a 201 spec, a load of the original kit left over and a lighter bank balance. I should have found and purchased a 201 kit from the off !! I feel like i missed the party for the Tamiya kits that interest me. However, what i have learned from this is i enjoy the learning/building/modding and parts hunting. With project DN-01/TRF201 virtually finished i'm looking to acquire a DB-01RR but they're not available anywhere. So rather than buying a standard DB-01 kit and modding it to RR standard, is sourcing all the parts separately a cheaper/viable option?? Kits and parts seem to be getting more scarce by the day now.... Any thoughts/experience/DB-01RR kits much appreciated! Also assuming this could be relevant to most kits. Thanks Greg
  8. ok so i would have to solder in new +/- batttery leads with(balance leads already connected) to my esc or splice in the smaller +/- wires for balance Thanks very much for the help
  9. sorry could you post a pic so i know what im looking for?! am i being dumb?!
  10. Thanks for replies 👍🏽 this my battery which I have charge balance lead for. But all the lipo alarms I have seem require a balance lead from battery with jst plug for connection
  11. how do you run a lipo alarm on a battery without a balance lead? As in shorty pack with bullet connectors.. Thanks Greg
  12. Thanks! The shocks are Tamiya big bore aeration dampers 54504/54505. The servo mounts are 54397 👍🏽
  13. Great thread and great cars- any pics updates on the DB-01? thanks Greg
  14. These are a great tool to finish off after cutting out. Just attach to a cordless drill or dremel etc.
  15. I know it’s very unlikely but I’m looking for a NIB OR built and never run DB01RR if anyone has or knows of. Preferably with box etc. No electrics. Would also consider RRR... Thanks Greg
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