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  1. Sorry edited this post numerous times! computer illiterate carpenter Finally subscribed and applied for tcphotos recently, still working out how to use it so pic heavy post Random DB02 build updates as guinea pigs. Im still waiting for some rear parts delivery to finish the rolling chassis but always stuff to tinker with..... Rear cardans assembled ready to go Exchanging more black O rings for TRF Urethane bushings Undecided on the wheels/colours for this buggy so had a play around with standard and hex fit buggy wheels on the front. Interesting size differences Also did the first cut on body. Needs modifications from standard because of upper arm mount hop ups. Didn't win the Euro Millions (again) in case you were wondering Greg
  2. Must be Wild Wendy-I'd expect hairy legs detail if one of the guys wearing shorts
  3. Technically last night but cracked on with the DB02 (and a few beers). Just waiting for rear uprights and turnbuckles to arrive to finish off the chassis. It really is a great build
  4. 2x DB02 Leonis bodies all the way from the USA. I searched everywhere for these and none available in Europe BUT Tamiya USA had them. They don't deliver outside the US so special thanks to my forum friend @Finnsllc who ordered then forwarded them to me in Switzerland. Absolute top man.
  5. Hi guys @BeattiesBuilder70 just wondering if you have received your tools/parts? I ordered three weeks ago and not had a confirmation of dispatch/tracking info yet.... I’ve emailed them twice and got replies that are very vague.... I’m not concerned about money as paid with PayPal etc. I just want the parts! Thanks Greg
  6. Don’t know if it’s already been suggested but DB03 (preferably with RRs)
  7. Hi Stephen Thanks for your reply. Funnily enough they responded to my email this morning saying they were ‘guessing they could ship the order today...’ So hopefully all good 👍🏻 Greg
  8. Hi sorry to hijack but did these items arrive ok? I placed a parts order from this supplier 7 days ago and had nothing back from them... thanks Greg
  9. Looking for DB02 parts 19115343 T parts trees 1825718 unpainted body Long shot I know..... Tahnks Greg
  10. Looking for a set of these if anyone has some they’re willing to part with 👍🏽 Thanks Greg
  11. Hi guys Wondering if anyone has a DB02 they would consider parting with? NIB or shelfer condition preferred... Thanks Greg
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