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  1. I got totally carried away with mine and built it to highest spec (I think) possible. All CR plastics/all the blue bits/double cardans/aeration dampers/titanium screws/carbon towers etc etc... even managed to track down an alloy front bulkhead from TRF 502. It turned out really nice but a deep money pit to get into. I never add up these projects as I probably wouldn't do them anymore but you're probably looking around £500
  2. needle in a haystack there mate! I saw one pop up on eBay that sold for around £750 if I remember correctly. I also really wanted one so decided to build from parts which was a nice project. Good luck!
  3. shame i'm not in the market for anything at the moment- this car looks great!
  4. (Another stupid) idea that I just had for a build.... Is it possible to change shiny blue bits to shiny black bits?! Any ideas what’s involved and even where/who could do it (UK based ideally) Thanks Greg
  5. tamico has L parts in stock mate
  6. I also have one to offer... Its a built, box art re re never been run (or even had electrics in it) Box/instructions etc etc I live in Switzerland so postage could be punchy but could meet halfway (financially not geographically) Feel free to discuss via PM Greg
  7. Can’t really say I’m excited about this unfortunately
  8. Heres my M07 R project I’m working on (slowly) at the moment. Few hop ups on the chassis in addition to the kit parts. waiting for the servo to arrive to move the chassis on further... Yaris body which I’m going to paint in ps44 translucent green backed in silver when time and weather permits.
  9. These all look nice! What are the good Japanese auction sites and are they easy to use ?
  10. great tutorial thanks! I'm going to give it a go with PS44 green
  11. Pre tapped thread, rolled up post-it note and pliers has always worked for me
  12. Thanks! We moved house in January and the new place has a basement which I've kind of taken over with RC space/home office and cinema. Wasn't too hard to convince the mrs as I used to have everything on the dining table... Theres also some built in cupboards to put all the boxes and parts etc. so keeps it tidy
  13. raining all day here so spent some time in the man corner this morning. Replaced the body posts on M07R project after I cut them too short .
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