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  1. Brilliant, thanks so much for your help. I'll do a follow up post when I've done all this.
  2. Wow, spot on. I'm in Australia and where I am is very very dusty, super fine. So, that explains it. Thanks for your detailed reply I'll give this a go. The motor is just the one that came stock.
  3. Newbie question, how to apply silicone please?
  4. Hi, here's a photo. As you can see, it doesn't come all the way off. thanks
  5. Hello all, so i replaced the tyres on my Hornet. They were a tight fit going on, but now seem to come off the rim after just a few minutes. I purchased these from a respected RC shop. Any tips, ideas on what's happening with the tyres/rims and a fix maybe? thanks in advance. Chuck.
  6. I'm not sure, good idea to test though, will do. thank you!
  7. Thank you, very informative. really appreciate it.
  8. Hmm, not sure. will check that out though. thank you
  9. Hiya. So I had problems with our Hotshot and replaced the stock motor with TAMIYA Super Stock Motor Type-Rz. It has been amazing. So fast and way better than we expected. However, from time to time it just stops. Sometimes after just a minute. The steering still operates, but no forward and back motion. We then switch the car on and off and it works again for a while and stops. The engine is not hot, so unsure what's going on. New to the sport, so sorry if this is a silly question, but what to do?
  10. Hi Saito2, that's really good advice. I'll check that out. Cheers
  11. Thank's Doc, I will check this out. much appreciated
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