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  1. Delivered today from Tower Hobbies. It was in “Order Pending” for a while and wasn’t sure when it show up. A welcome surprise!
  2. I didn't know about that, thanks! All the kits I've purchased so far from Tower Hobbies were sealed.
  3. Well that was quick. After a long stay in Hong Kong, this went from Alaska, to Indiana, and over to Illinois in one day. FedEx doesn't mess around. The Top Force box didn't have the clear seal on it. I got a bit nervous until I opened it to see that RCMart must have done that to stuff more bubble padding inside the loose areas of the box. That was pretty nice! This was my first order from them so I'm not sure if they always do this. I also didn't specify FedEx when I placed the order. Maybe RCMart is upgrading people to FedEx to get these packages out faster?
  4. I purchased a Top Force from them on April 1 and on April 17 it finally received a tracking number. It stayed on Lantau Island for a few days and as of today, it's in Anchorage, Alaska. I wasn't sure it would ever show up but glad to see something happening.
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