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  1. question! do you apply a finisher after painting the driver? could you please give me some PNs? I'm trying to gather all I need and I'm a bit confused with paints for the shell vs paint for the figure thanks!
  2. Hey all, just wanted to share how I fixed the camber on the cw01 with not much effort and $ I used the plastic tubing (any kind of plastic tube or spacer) inside the shock body method, in order to limit the shock extension. It's a short piece of plastic that goes inside the shock body before the piston, then you put everything back together. Simple as that Nothing can be seen from the outside, and can be done with any oil shock. jm2c
  3. That's beautiful! please keep the photos coming! I might get back to you with questions , I'm also looking to build this one soon!
  4. Hello guys! I'm also looking to build this kit and I have a few questions. 1- servo: standard size? 2-paint (never painted anything before) I guess there are 2 kind of paints to be used here, for the body and for the figure, right? 3-hop ups: in general, where do you look for original hop up parts? like compatibility list model by model. And aftermarket alloy parts what do you suggest? PS: I'm in Europe This would be my second Tamiya kit!
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