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  1. Done. Love it. Is it worth buying the Ampro front and rear strut braces?
  2. 6 hours in and got this far. She runs. The shock height on the front is way too high so it’s causing positive camber. When I get the CVA they really need to be around 77mm to sort out the camber issues.
  3. Thanks Terry. I've ordered a pair of 50520 shocks for the rear. I'll leave the front stock for now and see how we go. I've also ordered an axle brace so should be all set now. Cheers Richard
  4. Thank you - have you used 80mm? And do you need 2 sets? I.e a set per axel?
  5. Hi all I am looking for the best option to replace stock friction shocks on my LB. I've seen 75 and 85 mm oil dampers on Modelsport. Is it best to go 75 all round 85 all round 75f and 85r Thinking of using 500CtS oil too. Any advise greatly appreciated Thank you Rich
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